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February 10, 2014

Are you bikini ready?



Now, being in a bikini may not be a goal of yours, but feeling comfortable in your own skin probably is. So, what are you doing to achieve these goals? I normally tell you to step away from the scale…it messes with your head, fluctuates daily, and can impede your progress if you focus solely on that. However, I have found a new scale that I am ADDICTED to and I have to share it with you. So, as you may remember from a previous blog, I have a FitBit, which I am also addicted to. It tracks my activity level as well as my sleep. Well on the app there is place to input your weight. So instead of adding it manually I now have a Withings Health Mate scale, which automatically syncs with my FitBit. It tells me my weight, my body fat percentage, my resting heart rate, and the quality of the air in the room it is in (they recommend you put your scale in your bedroom since air quality matters when getting quality sleep). The actual number on the scale is not what I care about..whether it says 142 or 146, I don’t care as I look good and feel good and know I trained hard. But I like the consistency of tracking the daily fluctuation as well as the body fat percentage and RHR. Put that in with my daily steps, activity level, and sleep and I feel like I am really getting to track my overall fitness and health to lead me to an optimal me. And, if I do just that, I am already on my way to that bikini body! To find out more about the Withings Health Mate , click the link below:


April 2, 2013

Sugar or Salad?

I often get asked how come I don’t compete in fitness competitions. And for me, I have a few set reasons, but one resonates a little stronger than the rest. There is nothing wrong with fitness competitions, at all, but for me, and my life, its just not something that fits in. Let me tell you one of the main reasons which directly relates to my children and to the purpose of this article.

I am raising two daughters. I want them to have a healthy view point on fitness. I worry that because I am so into fitness that I will do one of two things…either push them towards donuts and pizza or give them a false sense that they need to be perfect. Let me start by talking about the first option….they resent health and fitness.

I try to maintain balance. Yes, we eat healthy. But every Friday we do donut Friday. This is a tradition where I take them to the donut shoppe before school. Why? I don’t eat donuts, and they are so unhealthy. But I want my girls to know moderation. That yes, nine times out of ten we are eating whole foods that fuel our body, but that it is okay to enjoy a treat. I want them to know moderation and to be able to make good choices as they grow up. In turn, my youngest daughter orders salad every time we eat out and my oldest daughter drinks nothing but water. I don’t want to deprive them of fun foods because there is the risk that when left to their own choices they will eat unhealthy on purpose.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum. I work out because I love it. Truly. Its my hobby in addition to my career. I don’t scrapbook, or bake, or garden…I train. I don’t do it because I feel I need to look a certain way or weigh a certain weight. My body is merely a by product of my love for working out. But, I worry. I don’t want my girls to feel like they have to be perfect. I don’t want them checking calories or flipping out if they see a little baby fat on their bodies. I want them to love themselves, and love the way physical activity makes their body feel. In a day and age where the media does such a good job of showcasing the “perfect” female body there are so many body issues amongst young girls that I don’t need to paint that picture at home for them as well.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Your children are watching you. No matter what you say, they do what they see, and so its crucial that you provide balance and guidance in paving the path of a healthy lifestyle for them. Train because you enjoy it. Eat foods that fuel your body and enjoy treats within moderation. Image

March 12, 2013

Throw away your scale

Throw away your scale! You heard me, I am not even joking with you. Our obsession, especially females with seeing a specific number on the scale is alarming. The fact of the matter is I always weight the MOST when I am at my tiniest. I repeat…I weight the MOST when I am in the best shape. So what if that magic number appears on the scale if your clothes  fit tight and you are winded when you walk up a flight of stairs. 


So let’s start talking about non-scale victories and how you are going to gauge and measure your goals without stepping on the  scale. I know, you are thinking, but its what I do every morning naked after I go to the bathroom (I know all the tricks you try)…but trust me…this will be a liberating experience for you. 


1. Measurements….take your measurements. Get a good old fashioned measuring tape out and write out your measurements. Go back monthly and see the difference or the lack their of. 

2. Before and after photos….a photo is worth a thousand words right?! And often we can’t gauge change in ourself because we look in the mirror everyday. But when you see two pictures side by side you can see even the smallest and tiniest changes in your body. 

3. How do your clothes feel….seriously this is one of my favorites. I can immediately feel when I am a little out of whack by the way my jeans fit around my waist and butt. Clothes fitting looser…celebrate!


I don’t want you to be a prisoner to the scale. I am 140 lbs, and proud of it. Imagine if I felt like I needed to see that magic number on the scale…I would either be too skinny or lacking a whole lot of muscle. Why? Because for my height and my athletic build, 125 isn’t the right number. 


Does this make sense? Are you willing to do this?Can you do this? Hide the scale for 30 days if you can’t throw it away…liberate yourself and work on your results and celebrate those non scale victories!Image

February 20, 2013


11 months into my journey

11 months into my journey I changed my life

Hello there! I have been a Healthy Housewives follower for sometime now and want to share my story so that you know that you are not alone.

I have been through so much in 2012. There was a time in my life that I was unhappy, unhealthy and depressed. At the time I was working around the clock and raising two kids by myself. My life was a roller-coaster. I ate junk food everyday and ordered McDonald’s breakfast every morning on my way to work. After a long days work, I would come home and drink wine every night to relax and wind down! I was so depressed. I would conceal it with a smile, but deep down inside I was so ashamed of myself. How could I let myself go? I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I would take pictures of myself and crop out my body.. Humiliating, I was so embarrassed! I wouldn’t go anywhere for the fear of some on recognizing me and the weight I had put on. I had to do something, I had to change my life or I would die, I was already dying inside!

What got me started on my journey was seeing the results of a co-worker. She was on this crazy (Ideal Protein) diet. She lost a remarkable amount of weight in one month, I think it was like 20lbs or close to that number. I was blown away, needless to say I had to start the diet too! The diet restricted alot of GOOD food and number of calories. I think the limit was 500 calories a day. That is CRAZY! I was starving my body, no wonder I was losing the weight fast and (Unhealthy) might I add that too! The minute I would eat something that wasn’t on the diet menu, I would regain all the weight! It was terrible! All that hardwork and dedication all went down the drain! LOL! Then I started doing my research on what way is the best and healthiest way to lose weight. Eating clean (Food without and preservatives and additives) and  exercising!

I started walking 3 miles a day on my lunch break at work. It would take me a whole hour just to walk 3 miles. I was so out of shape, I remember thinking to myself, “I am only walking and I am so winded.” It was a terrible feeling. I didn’t let that stop me though, I wanted to beat my time every day. So everyday  I would walk a little bit faster and a little bit faster. During a session of my speed walking, Mother Nature decided to bestow her mighty winds and nasty storm weather upon me. I didn’t let that stop me either, I decided to join Anytime Fitness and I fell in love with the staff and facility! They made me feel so welcomed and the members that attended the gym were regulars. I turned myself into a regular. I would always workout on my lunch break and after work some days I would go back to the gym for another session of cardio, strength, or a class.

I was falling in-love with myself all over again. The praises, compliments and accomplishments was keeping me motivated. I was able to put on clothes that I couldn’t fit in before! WOWSERS, what an amazing feeling! I would wake up early in the morning an try on jeans that had been stashed in my closet for years. Tried the jeans on and it would fit, I would dance around the room like a MAD woman! “Giggles!” Did I fall off the wagon and cheat and eat unclean sometime? Yes, it happens. We are only human. “Dust yourself off and get back up again,” is what my Grandmother always told me.

If I can do it, so can you! You can follow me and check my progress at!/fitsquadNOLA

Thank you for reading my blog!