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August 28, 2013

Healthy Traveling in a Zip (Lock)

As I travel around, eating healthfully and making good choices gets challenging at times. I have several travel buddies that make it easier. Check’em out:

1. Almonds: protein, good fats, convenient, no smell (for close quarters like airplanes). Also, you can add them to cups of oatmeal, yogurt, even an ice cream and/or frozen yogurt treat to offset the sugar a bit.

2. Freeze-dried Fruit: anti-oxidants, sweetness, vitamin C, adds flavor to oats, hot water/tea, mix with nuts for quick, pre-workout fuel

3. Chia Seed: Excellent for added crunchiness and fiber! It has no taste, so add to anything from chicken soup to eggs.

4. Oats/Steel Cut Oats: Great on-the-goal fuel. You can go to any restaurant vendor/coffee shop and ask for a cup of hot water. I haven’t been turned away yet. Put some of your cashews and dried cranberries inside for more vitamin punch.

5. Teavana Tea Bags: Soothing for the traveler’s soul. Calm anxiety or nervousness over potentially-delayed flights or long security lines with a cup of hot tea. Also, sip on a cup of tea to avoid excessive snacking on flights.

When traveling for more than three days at a time, I pack a baggy with the following: plastic spoon, fork, and knife; Stevia in the raw packets; Lavender essential oil (small tube); 100% lemon juice packets. Why?

I like to be prepared with my own utensils. Once, I settled into my seat with my freshly-made cup of steel cut oats, with crushed cashews and a sprinkle of stevia only to find myself without a spoon, or any access to a spoon. I won’t do that twice. If you want something sweet, there are way too many temptations around airports, so why not sprinkle some Stevia or dried fruit in something that needs a little bit of sweetness? I love the smell of Lavender and a little dollop comes in handy after a full day of traveling, or several hours in an airport. A few deep breaths, and I’m a new person. A drop goes a long way, which is why only packing a small tube is necessary. Finally, I’m confident that warm, lemon water will cure any digestive issue you encounter during travel.

A bonus beauty tip: I pack a separate baggie of emergency tools in my carryon with the following: blotting papers (let your personality shine; not your face–men and women!); three travel envelope-sized toothpaste for emergencies (chewing gum in public, especially within close quarters isn’t attractive); travel packets of sea salt (for food and lavender foot soaks in your hotel room). Sometimes I’ll pack anti-bacterial lotion (you can find these in travel sized envelopes too) as a refresher, if needed. Traveling dries your skin out!

Favorite Lunch/Dinner Tip:

Choose a restaurant that has spinach on the menu and order a large spinach (only) salad. Pull out your almonds, dried fruit, and chia seed and sprinkle each on your plate of spinach for a nourishing meal. If you choose to, order a chicken breast or fish filet to add into your salad, but go easy on the sauces.

If you ever see me in an airport or on your flight, you know what I’ll have with me! I’ll have extras to share too. Happy traveling! –Lacey


April 9, 2013

Sweat….everyone should do it.

I have never understood those women who don’t sweat. If you are one of those women, you are an enigma to  me. When I was a dancer in college I would come off of the court at halftime with my hair dripping wet while some of the other girls still had perfect curls, and I would think, how unfair. Or, I would go out dancing at a night club with friends and have to slow down (which for me is hard, I love dancing) because I would immediately start sweating…and again I would think…how do these women do it.

But then I realized, its a good thing that I sweat. Sweat is a natural cooling system for the body and a key indicator that you are properly hydrated. I always tell the participants in my class that if they are not sweating chances are they haven’t been drinking enough water. I get that our metabolisms all run differently, and so do our bodies, but unless you have some kind of medical condition, there is no reason for you to not have broken into some kind of sweat by the end of your workout.

So, let’s say you are a heavy sweater….EMBRACE IT! Just know how to manage it and deal with it. Here are a few of my tips:

1. by make-up wipes that are made for sensitive skin to wipe your face with post workout

2. use clinical strength anti-perspirant

3. always bring an extra change of clothes and a plastic bag to put your sweaty clothes in

4. have a hair plan…be ready to either quickly blow dry under the hand dryer in the bathroom, put on a hat, or brush it and make it look smooth again.

5. A little spray never hurt anyone…I always keep a Victoria’s secret body spray in my gym bag to make me feel a little fresher

6. In the feminine hygiene section there are great “sports wipes” to freshen things in other areas.