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June 25, 2013

Focus T 25

ImageOne thing a lot of people say when it comes to working out is, ‘I don’t have time!”. And we have all heard the expression that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. But truthfully, for some, fitting working out into an already jam packed schedule can be tough. 

But what if I told you that you could get in a KILLER workout in only 25 minutes? At home! Yes, Shaun T, the creator of INSANITY has just released a new program called Focus T 25. So what does that mean? This program is 25 minutes, 5 days a week, for 50 days. What do you get done in that 25 minutes? Cardio, strength training, lower body focus, upper body focus, abs, and speed. The test group results are SICK! 

Don’t tell me you don’t have time. Give me 25 minutes, and we can give you a LIFE! The life that you deserve. The body you want, the health you can reclaim. 

For more information on Focus T 25, please reach out to me, Danielle, by visiting my Facebook page, and send me a message. 


November 24, 2012

Savor the Moment

Hi there! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. My holiday was joyful, slightly stressful, kind of relaxing, mildly active, and over too quickly. This description seems to fit a lot of my days lately, and I’m not sure I like it! I try my best each day to enjoy every moment, to savor tastes and experiences, to remember the details of things, the feel of loved ones’ hands and hugs, and my soul’s ebb and flow as these gathered pieces are documented inside my memory. I never know when I’m going to need these pieces again, but I continue to gather them and store them within reach. I’m a noticer of things and a writer. Often these identities are interchangeable. However, you don’t have to be a “writer” to be a noticer. You just have to pay attention.

Life moves so quickly, and as a productive member of society, you are expected to accomplish a ton of things—make a living, feed your family, pay your bills, maintain your relationships as well as your Facebook status, get enough exercise and adequate sleep, and—oh, nurture your inner life. Sometimes I get so busy with the grind of daily life that I look back at the week and I can’t even remember what happened! The very worst part is that I’ll be trying to survive day by day, thinking that I need to check in with my friends and see how so-and-so is doing, and suddenly there’s NEWS. A close friend is suddenly pregnant . . . or getting a divorce . . . or has just lost a parent . . . or is finally getting married. And I didn’t even notice. I feel like I’ve missed an important piece of their life, and I have! I try to avoid this terrible fix by slowing down and paying attention, checking in with my peeps and scanning their horizons for situations that I should be attentive to. This always involves stepping away from my life and breathing in air less manic than my own. One of my very favorite ways to gain some perspective is to crack open my well-loved copy of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.

I discovered this book when I was in college, and I fell immediately in love with the whole thing. First of all, it’s a pink book, for goodness sake—who wouldn’t love that? But the inside really got me. It’s organized into daily entries, each beginning with a quotation. And if you haven’t noticed yet, I love quotations. The book celebrates the sublime magic found in everyday life by encouraging the reader to notice even the smallest moments in her surroundings. It introduced me to the concept of a gratitude journal and invited me to write down five things I was grateful for each day. It gave me small doses of its message to savor the world and inspired my creativity. It’s no coincidence that this time in my life was happy, full of possibilities, with a gleam around the edges. I realized that by my noticing small wonders, time seemed to slow down and my friendships glowed.

So, when you find yourself getting super busy and start to wonder where the time has gone, be aware that you may be missing some monumental moments in your or your friends’ lives. If this bothers you, I hope you will stop and breathe deeply. Gaze around you and drink in the view. Be thankful for your blessings and the fact that you have this day to do just that.

XO, Brooke

November 13, 2012

Only TIME will tell…

We live in a very digital society…and these advancements in technology, for the most part, are an incredible thing. However, there is one area that it is slowing down the learning process for our children in a very basic math skill. Are you ready? TELLING TIME! I want you to think of all the clocks in your home. The microwave, the television, the computer, the cable box, the ipad, ipod, iphone, etc etc etc. Where or where is the ANALOG clock? Matter of fact, if you say they word analog, children, and even adults will look at you with a puzzled look on your face. ANALOG? What is that?



Telling time is a skill that all children learn in elementary school, but don’t often get to practice in real world settings due to our technological advancements. When I was teaching math, one of my suggestions to parents was to purchase their child an analog watch. The more familiar a child is with telling time this way, the more their math skills sharpen in other areas. It helps them learn their multiplication facts quicker. (ex: if they know that the 12 on the clock represents sixty minutes and that each number is a multiple of 5, they now know 12×5=60). Also, you will notice that a lot of children cannot express that “its a quarter past three” or its a “quarter til 5” because they are not familiar with the visual representation that a clock can also represent fractional parts. The thing with math is that its all building blocks…and many skills intertwine and build upon each other.


So as you are headed into the holiday seasons and trying to think of a gift to get your child, why not get them an analog watch! First of all, kids think watches are cool…they really do! Secondly, you will be promoting higher level thinking throughout the day. “Hey, can you tell me what time it is?” or ” How many more minutes until football practice?”. Math is everywhere, and the more you can show your children that its an integral part of their everyday life, the more important they will see it and take it seriously in school. Give it a shot…only TIME WILL TELL if it will work!