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November 20, 2012

Giving thanks!

My daughter came home from school on Friday with a turkey place mat and some things she was thankful for on each of the feathers of the turkey. They read a story in class about the Pilgrims and Native Americans and the Thanksgiving feast. But…I got to thinking….do most kids really know what it means to be “thankful”? Do they get that they should be thankful for the blessings everyday, not just one day of the year? Do they understand that Thanksgiving goes beyond just a week off from school and eating a ton of food? If you were to ask your kids a simple question of,”what do you want to give thanks for?”…could they answer that with a little more meaning then their Xbox and Ipod?


In a world where so much is handed to our children, its hard for them to really grasp the meaning of being thankful for all they have. If you were to ask my 11 year old daughter, she would tell you she is so unlucky because I won’t allow her to have a cell phone yet. “But all the other kids have one mommy. This is so unfair.” In my personal opinion, she does not need, nor will she get a phone until she goes to middle school, and even then it will be for contacting me purposes only. My child is sweet and loving, don’t get me wrong…but I think its become a hard concept for the children of today to realize that there are people out there less fortunate then them and that we should really give thanks for all that we have in our life, not be sad for things we are missing.


Sit down with your children this Thanksgiving season and really have a conversation. Talk about all the wonderful things in your family life that they should be thankful for. Take the opportunity to really express gratitude for one another and the love and warmth your family possesses. Then, moving into the holiday season, choose something charitable that you can do together as a family. Go volunteer in a food kitchen, get an angel off a tree, buy the extra grocery bag at the grocery store that feeds a family, do a charitable fun run together, ¬†go to a clothing drive, toy drive, etc. Take the time to teach your children the meaning of giving…its a lesson that will last them a lifetime and will trickle forward through further generations.