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March 8, 2013

Let’s Burn Some Calories

DSC00878One of the biggest frustrations that I hear from women is that they have been working out and eating better but they still aren’t seeing the results they want. You might even be asking yourself why you are spending all of this effort to make it into the gym if you aren’t noticing any changes in your body.  Maybe it’s time that you try something new and start incorporating some high intensity cardio workouts into your routine.  I often have people ask me what types of workouts I do to tone and lose body fat. There are tons of different workouts you can do.  However, I have found that getting back to the track for a few high intensity cardio sessions each week really helps me sculpt my body better than anything else.

 So many of us have had it drilled into our brains that in order to lose fat we need to have longer cardio sessions. However, studies show is that interval training may reduce visceral fat greater than steady state cardio.  And that calorie expenditure was also greater in the 24 hours following a high intensity workout.  So instead of doing more and longer steady state cardio sessions, try mixing in some high intensity workouts.  I don’t know about you, but I love burning more calories in a shorter amount of time. I also LOVE the feeling of fatigue after I’ve just pushed my body during a hard interval workout.  You may not ever love that feeling, but burning more calories might be reason enough to give intervals a try. You can still do your favorite cardio exercises, but try mixing in some high intensity cardio workouts a couple of times a week.

 Here are just a couple of my favorite high intensity track workouts.images


Run stadium steps 10x

-1st set run up every step, jog back down, then go to the next aisle, repeat on each aisle until you reach the end, then jog or walk back to the start

-2nd set run up every other step, jog back down, then go to the next aisle, repeat on each aisle until you reach the end, then walk or jog back

Repeat until you hit 10x.

*For a more advanced stadium workout you can add on two legged hops every step and then every other step

-Walk/ jog 2 laps around the track to cool down

 Track Workout

Jog the curves/ Sprint the straights for 2 miles (8 laps)

Warm up by jogging 2 laps around the track.

-Go to the starting line and sprint/ stride the straightaway to the finish line (100 meters).

-Depending on your fitness level jog/ walk the curve

Repeat for the entire lap.

-Walk/Jog 2 laps around the track to cool down

*Build into your speed. Start slower on your sprints and build up your straightaway intensity each lap. Your last lap around the track should be at full speed.

We all have different fitness levels and it’s ok to modify these workouts to tailor them to your needs. If you are a beginner, then ease your way into these workouts. Even if you have never stepped foot on a track, you can do this.  Now is the time. No matter what high intensity cardio workout you try, remember to keep changing up your workouts and challenge your body. This will help you achieve your best results.

Love yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

Loren Silas