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April 30, 2013

Be unique…

My youngest daughter Bianca is what one might call a free spirit. She is not into all the same things other kids her age are into. Her favorite movies are Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and Tremors. She loves playing with toy dinosaurs and paper clips. Her version of matching is not matching, and she loves collecting any random piece of anything she can get her hand on. There have been times where she has wore her bathrobe to the grocery store or wore winter boots with her bathing suit. And here is the kicker…I let her. 

As parents, its so easy for us to think that our children have to fit into a certain mold. That little girls like ballet and butterflies and should wear ribbons in their hair. But when I realized that was not who my Bianca wanted to be, I realized, there is no mold to fit in. Everyone is unique, everyone is special, and we should honor those differences and celebrate them. If everyone of us were the same, oh what a boring planet this would be. 

I want you to think about yourself for a second…are you different? Of course you are. Something makes you special and unique and different than everyone else. There is a quality about you that cannot be duplicated. YOU make the world a better place simply for being a part of it. 

We live in a society where you are supposed to want to fit in, look like everyone else, be like everyone else…but WHY? Be YOU! YOU are special, YOU are unique….you like plastic dinosaurs instead of Barbie dolls and that is okay.

Today, instead of wondering what you could do to look like someone else, be like someone else, act like someone else, I want you to celebrate your unique qualities that separate you from the pack. Dance in the rain, sing in the shower, live out loud, color outside the lines….because being YOU is the best thing that you can do. I like you for who you are…the question is, do you like you for who you are?Image

December 29, 2012

Sharing the Love

It’s Brooke here. Our Healthy Housewives mission is to inspire people to live healthier lives not only for their families but also for the world around them. A big part of healthy living is striving for wellness in all aspects of our lives. Not only do we want beautiful, strong bodies, positive personal relationships, and meaningful work, but also spirits that are open and hearts that are generous. In the coming months, the ladies of the Healthy Housewives (along with some friends) are going to be sharing the love with some groups around town who totally rock at making life better for both people and animals. To kick off our mission of kindness, we decided to visit the residents of Juliette Fowler Homes and do a little pampering.

Juliette Fowler Homes

To give you some background, Juliette Fowler Homes is a retirement community situated in beautiful old East Dallas. The community was founded by Juliette Peak Fowler 120 years ago to care for elderly widows and orphaned children, and over the years, many lives have been enriched by the care received at this special place. Today, Juliette Fowler Homes serves its senior residents through a range of facilities for independent and assisted living, apartment living, in-house rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and memory care. To learn more, visit

Marti Miller and a Resident

Marti Miller and a Resident

Visiting and Pampering

As you can imagine, getting 6 women together in one place in the middle of the Christmas holidays was interesting. So, we split up our volunteering, and we had fun both days! The first day, Kathy, Shelly, and I were warmly welcomed by Marti Miller, Director of Life Enrichment, and while we waited to see some residents, we had the pleasure of meeting another group of volunteers (seniors in high school!) whose class project for the semester was to volunteer every week at Juliette Fowler. You can imagine the friendships these young women were making with the residents and staff members as they all served together. I was very impressed! If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the terrible trouble and sadness reported by the news, you don’t have to look very far in your own neighborhood to find people who are quietly, diligently shining their light to the world. And that’s a really comforting thought.

My sweet friend, Marti, and I in front of a Blessing Tree

My Sweet Friend Marti and I in Front of a Blessing Tree

During our visit, Kathy gave one of the residents a beautiful manicure (and if you’ve seen Kathy’s nails, you know what I’m talking about!). Shelly and I gave several ladies hand massages while chatting with them, and they loved it! We really enjoyed visiting with the residents while pampering them, and when lunchtime came around and the room emptied, we all found ourselves wishing we could have done more.

Kathy working her manicure magic!

Kathy working her manicure magic!

Shelly giving a wonderful hand massage to a resident

Shelly giving a wonderful hand massage to a resident

Kathy, Susan (Activities Coordinator), and Shelly

Kathy, Susan (Activities Coordinator), and Shelly

For the next volunteer day, Marzia, Danielle, and Sandy joined in the holiday fun. Danielle brought her daughters, Adriana and Bianca, to help out, and they really helped make the day special. Marzia brought her friend Jeanie with her, and Sandy’s smiling face brightened up the day (as usual). After a small adventure involving Danielle and her girls, a locked door, frantic phone calls by me, and about 5 trips up and down the elevator, we finally found some sweet residents to join our group.

Marzia, Jeanie, Danielle and her daughters singing carols

Marzia, Jeanie, Danielle and her daughters singing carols together with a resident

Danielle and her girls visiting with a resident

Danielle and her girls with a resident, ready to do nails!

We all enjoyed visiting and singing carols together, and I even got a free manicure from Bianca! All the girls spread holiday cheer as they visited residents in their rooms. This time was really special because many of the people they stopped to say hello to were away from their families during the holidays. We also stopped by to see some dear friends, Bob and Rey Barton, who also live at Juliette Fowler and who welcomed the whole gang with open arms.

Share Your Story

We had a great time spreading some love during this special time of year, and we can’t wait to do it again next year! If you have had a chance to share the love with others recently, we want to hear about it! Drop me a line and tell me how you are making the world brighter and better:

Have a safe and Happy New Year!