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March 3, 2014

No, I am not anorexic, but thank you for asking….




This picture stirred up quite the controversy on my Facebook page yesterday ( Some people were astonished I had a box of tampons on the counter. WHY? Is it a secret that women use those? It is 2014 right? Some people decided I was too skinny. Some people decided I was anorexic, which is absurd, seeing as how I weigh 145 pounds and that information was included in my post. Some people decided I was just plain ugly, which is rude, because while I may not be the most beautiful woman on the planet, I certainly won’t burn anyone’s retinas out from unattractiveness. So today I rebutted with a different pictures ,showing that I have muscle.



Well, this pictures stirred up even MORE controversy. Some people decided I was too muscular. Some decided I again, was ugly. Some decided that I looked like a man. I was gross. Someone even ventured to say my elbows were too pointy. So what is the moral of this story. Get to the point already Danielle…right?


First, I would like to thank the 85 percent of my fan base who supports me one hundred percent. They stick up for me publicly and privately. They message me telling me not to let the haters bother me, though truly they don’t. They post on the picture and defend me to the nasty people. They share my pictures saying I inspire them to do great things. And to those people I am forever and truly grateful. You make doing what I do worth doing. Fit and Funky fans are the best fans in the world. I love you! 


The point of this rant though is simply this: first of all, who are we to judge another’s appearance. We don’t live in that body. Maybe I am too muscular for you. No one is forcing you to have a six pack. I live in my skin and I am happy and comfortable with the way I look. I like being fit. Its coded in my DNA. I feel strong, beautiful, healthy and am a positive role model for my two beautiful daughters. My only goal is to motivate you and inspire you to move more, eat less crap, and be the best version of you that you can be. And if that involves me taking half naked bathroom selfies, so be it. And if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. You are not required to follow me. It’s a choice. 

To all of you out there who are struggling to find peace within yourself to love the person you see in the mirror, I challenge you not to hate on those who do. I challenge you to be the version of you that you can be and part of that is being a good, genuine, nice person who lives by the golden rule! 


So, no I am not anorexic, but thank you for asking! 


August 20, 2013

Social Media and Kids…

I have what you call a “tween”. She is 12 years old going on 35. She is a good kid who does well in school, sings , and plays volleyball. For her 12th birthday I finally caved and bought her a cell phone…and what is funny, is that she truly was one of her last classmates to get one. I allowed her to have an Instagram account, which I felt out of all the social media outlets was the one that a 12 year old truly could have the most age appropriate phone with only because she hounded me for months to get on Twitter or Facebook, like her friends. I informed her that I did not agree with her friends or their parents for allowing a 12 year old to have a Twitter or a Facebook account, and no matter how mad at me she got, she would not get one of those social media accounts until her father and I felt it were appropriate. 

Her IG account is monitored and private and pretty harmless. Her little friends post photo challenges with each other and post pics of their favorite One Direction member. She doesn’t have any boy friends on her IG account either making it easy to monitor for inappropriate behavior. 

My daughter however says to me the other day, “I am bored with IG, can I have a Twitter account.” I firmly said no, and just like any good Tween, she incessantly asked me for the rest of the day if she could get one, hoping I would at some point cave. But see, even though I may seem like the cool mom due to the way I dress, I still have very strong traditional values in the sense of what is age appropriate for a kid to do or not do , and I am sorry there is no reason for my 12 year old to tell the world in 140 characters or less what she is doing all day long. As a social media junkie myself I know that Twitter is harder to manage and keep private and while I trust her, I just don’t feel its necessary at her age. For me, I am like, you will have social media to join for the rest of your life…be a kid now and wait. Similiar idea to kids who want to dye their hair, or rush into a relationship…be a kid now, there is time for all of that later. 

For you moms out there, I am curious if you agree with me, or if you are one of those mothers who has allowed their pre-teen child to have a Facebook or Twitter account even though the rules of usage state that you must be 13 years of age to join. What is your reasoning? Your logic? No judgment, just curious. Image

August 15, 2013


fit five facebook profile


“So what’s happening with the Healthy Housewives?” I get asked repeatedly everyday. Don’t worry, I am not irritated by this question, I embrace it. To answer your question “ALOT!”  🙂

I am very grateful that you keep up with us and our updates. We work hard to inform you with our health and fitness expertise. You can keep up with us on our blogs and social media. Between the five of us, we sure do have a lot going on between career, family, fitness, and a social life, we manage to cram it all in. That is what life is all about right? 🙂

Another question I get  a lot is “Where is the next event I can meet you?” We love when our HH fans come up to us at events, take pics, and enjoy some fun conversation. You guys motivated us. So if you want to know what our calendar looks like, this is what we have on the books so far…

Sunday, Aug 25th at 7 pm: VIVA GLAM Magazine Party at the W Hotel in Dallas (we will post deets soon, we just found out.)

Saturday, Sept 14th at 7:30 am-5 pm: SHAUNTERVENTION at the Frisco Embassy Suites. Shaun T is coming too town for a HUGE fitness event. The HH will be a sponsor for this event and would love to meet you!

Healthy Housewives Ad Campaign Shoot: We will be shooting new ads for our brand soon and watch out because these will be bad ass!!!  Can’t wait for these ones!

Also, be sure to check out our individual FB pages for more updates, tips, and getting to know us!


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Thanks for your support and love!