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February 18, 2014

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks!

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks is one of my mottos! If you are a white sock wearer, don’t worry, I still think you are AMAZING…this is just my personal opinion, not fact, so don’t stress. So, let me give you my low down on socks…my favorite kinds and when to wear them. 

1. NO SHOW SOCKS–these are my absolute favorite. You have to get a good kind though, otherwise they can slip off your heel, which in turn will rub your shoe. I don’t like for my socks to show AT ALL so for me these are a perfect fit. Both NIKE and Reebok have a good line of these. They remind me of those nylons you find at shoe stores to try shoes on with, but of course, they are a sock. 

2. Knee high socks–these are my second go to, obviously only when I wear shorts, and, when I am feeling like an extra bad A#$. They key to a good knee high sock is color and pattern. Something fun that really accentuates your mood. I always said fun socks made me train harder. I often find Target has a good selection of knee high socks with crazy patterns for under $5. 

3. Leg warmers–no its not flashdance days, but yes they are trendy and cute right now! Put them over your leggings or wear them with shorts, but wearing leg warmers always makes me feel slightly sassy..perfect for days involving dance! 


Listen, I am all for you wearing whatever it takes to get you MOVING…and so if that means high white crew socks, that is okay with me. But just wanted you to know a few of my favorites! Image

January 13, 2014

What shoes to wear



I am very passionate about shoes. Not just because they are cute, but because they are functional and can make all the difference in your training, your results, and more importantly your joint health. Running shoes are designed for FORWARD MOTION ONLY! They also have tons of cushioning and “support” that were designed to absorb the shock of impact when your foot hit the pavement after many consecutive miles. They were not intended for you to jump in, balance in, or move with quick feet in. Training shoes were meant and designed for LATERAL MOVEMENT. Stop and go, side shuffle, quick feet..agility and coordination. BALANCE and PLYOMETRICS. A good training shoe is flexible. You can bend and twist it into multiple directions. If gives your foot and your joints the ability to move multi-directionally. The traction on the bottom of a training shoe crosses and moves in many directions versus a running shoe where the soles of the shoe only point forward. The idea that you need a shoe with good support is FALSE! Your foot was perfectly designed to jump. You all know that I am an INSANITY master trainer and instructor. My favorite way to do all that jumping is as close to barefoot as possible. And guess what, that is what is healthiest for my joints. When I am closer to the ground I can land properly, toe-ball-heel and my foot can function as it was intended. If I am doing balance work my feet have grip to ground, and aren’t trying to get traction on cushion, which cause my  knees to buckle and ankles to waiver. When going to look for a training shoe, I don’t care what brand you get. Just go to the training section and look for the lightest, most flexible shoe. But for your convenience, here are a list of my absolute favorites for functionality of course combined with aesthetic appearance. 


Vivobarefoot Stealth
Vivobarefoot The One
Nike Free TR Fit 3
Merrell Vapor Glove
Nike Bionic
Vivobarefoot Evo Lite
Nike Studio Wrap Pack
March 5, 2013

My shoe addiction….

Most women have a shoe addiction….however, my shoe addiction isn’t in the form of that signature red sole….it comes in the form of that classic swoosh. You guessed it, HI MY NAME IS DANIELLE, AND I AM ADDICTED TO SNEAKERS. 

But let me be completely honest with you…your sneakers do have a shelf life. Think of it in terms of your car tires…would you ride around on the same tires year in and year out, never rotating them and expect to stay safe and accident free? Of course not! The tread wears out (or whatever happens to tires when they get worn out) and you have to replace them. Well, the same goes for your shoes. Yes, tell your husband, alert the media, I am giving you permission to buy shoes. Your shoe is good for typically about 3 months depending on how often you wear them. Or think about 500 to 700 miles of wear. So, out with the old in with the new. Its a safety issue. 

Another reason I have so many sneakers is for functional purposes. Running shoes are designed for forward motion only and have extra padding to safeguard your feet from the impact of the pavement. Training shoes, however, were designed for lateral movement, stop and go and have little to no cushioning to give your foot more grip to the ground which provides balance and stability through plyometric and core stabilization movements. Wear shoes for their intended purpose…i promise your knees and ankles will thank you. 

So what do you do with all these extra shoes? I take the ones that are no longer functional for training due to their shelf life and move them into the garage. These now become my outdoor sneakers. They are intended for hiking and other such outdoor activities that might involve dirt! I then organize my closet based on the function of the shoe so if I know I am doing INSANITY then I am going to grab a training shoe, where as if I am teaching hip hop, I will grab my high top old school sneakers that are fun for dancing. 

Bottom line….if you can only have one pair of sneakers, then ensure that they fit correctly. Don’t be afraid to walk around the store in them, ask questions, and test them out. I of course am a huge NIKE supporter, but all brands have their pros and cons. Find your fit, and kick it!