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February 24, 2012


When working with my clients the most common issue I see is dehydration. It shows up on all skin types of all ages. I usually start with questions like; “What are you using to cleanse your skin?, Are you exfoliating, what method and how often?, and What are you using to replenish moisture in your skin?” If they’re doing the basics on that front I’ll dig a little deeper. “How much water do you drink?, What about caffiene?” The answer is usually, ” I drink a ton of water, I don’t understand why I’m so dehydrated.” Ok, I understand the thinking that water= hydration. But really that’s only half the story.

As an esthetician, I see all sorts of skin types and conditions. I also recommend treatments and at home care to remedy them. The third item we discuss is diet. To the point where I’m asking,” what did you eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner?” The bottom line almost always is they are not eating enough fat!
It REALLY affects your skin! The issue isn’t how much water are you drinking, its how much are you holding on to? Here’s how:

Getting enough “good” fat is vital to the health of every cell in your body. It lowers cholesterol, supports brain and heart function and connective tissue. Since skin is my thing that’s what I’m addressing. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and as such it gets the last of every nutrient we put inside. Every cell has a lipid (fat) layer around it. Called the lipid-bilayer. Think water balloon. That layer needs to be replenished and kept strong. It’s the cells defense, and lets in nutrients and water, and keeps out attackers like free radicals. If the cells defenses are down and the lipid layer is comprimised, like an attack from a free radical, its like taking a pin and poking a water balloon. Flat and wrinkled, not plump and smooth. Picture raisins and grapes. What’s the only difference? Water. But they look entirely different, right?

So, how do we give our skin cells the healthy fats they need? Omega 3’s in the form of food and supplements. Try to get three servings of good fats every day and supplement. If you have skin that’s on the dry side you’ll need to add a bit more to your diet and supplement as well. For example a 3 oz serving of salmon would be considered a protein and a fat, ten to 15 almonds is one serving of fat. Other foods that contain omegas are (in the serving size) 3-5 walnuts, 2-3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds, or 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil, 1/4 c unsalted pumkin seeds, 1 egg yolk, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, and cod. To supplement get cold pressed oils and drizzle on veggies, they have a butter flavor, and mix in smoothies and oatmeal. I use Spectrum organic flax oil in my oatmeal every morning and I just saw they have cinnamon flavor now, cool! Cook with unrefined coconut oil and olive oil. So you get the idea! Now go eat some fat!
-Shelly Mac