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November 13, 2013

Made to Crave


Yes, Made to Crave is a book by one of my favorite authors, Lysa Turkeurst, and no, this is not a book review.  I haven’t completely finished the book, so I can’t spoil it for you, but it is a book that discusses how women want to be healthy, yet are tempted by strong cravings from time-to-time. Furthermore, it’s spiritual empowerment that can grow inner strength against our caving to cravings.  Sounds amazing, right? I’m not too proud to admit that some days, all I want is sugar, sugar, and maybe a side of icing. I’m pretty health-minded, and most days I fuel my body for success and energy, but there are still “those days.”

As I read along Lisa’s journey, I was inspired to build strength in my own mind, which then took me on a journey to find out why we crave what we crave. What does it really mean when I crave sugar, or salt, or pastries, or meat, or starchy carbs? What I found is that it’s usually a deficit in my body that causes the cravings. Aside from emotional imbalance, if my body is lacking somewhere, it’ll send masked signals to my brain that I want something I really don’t. Not very nice, right? The good news is that through mental strength work, spiritual growth, and emotional stamina, we don’t have to cower to our cravings any longer.

I’d like to equip you with some of the facts I found during my research about cravings, with hope that it helps you along your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.


Sugar cravings = Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus deficit

Solution: consume fresh fruit, meats, eggs, dairy, cheese, raisins, sweet potatoes, nuts, or seeds

Starchy Carb cravings = Nitrogene deficit

Solution: consume high protein foods, fatty fish, nuts, beans, or chia seeds

Salty Cravings = Chloride and Silicon deficit

Solution: consume fatty fish, goat milk (yuck), cashews, nuts, and seeds

Chocolate Cravings = Magnesium deficit

Solution: consume nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits

I realize there may be other cravings out there, but these are the most popular I hear about from clients and from my own personal battles. For more information on the subject, consider reading Made to Crave or visiting

As always, I believe the more educated we are about how to properly and holistically care for our bodies, the healthier we will be all around. We were made for that, too!  Lacey Pruett

June 25, 2013

Little Fighters

Hello regret. Hello defeat. Some days, my mind plays tricks on me and tries to convince me that I’ve got it all wrong. My outfit doesn’t match, I’m out dated and fatigued, and I surely won’t hit my goal by my deadline. What a beat down! Before you start to hear violins in your head, Pollyana is on mission with this blog, so you’re in for a treat. So, chin up rock star, and read on…

My husband and I are different. I’ll pause for your shock and amazement over that statement. We actively try to get on the same playing field before throwing any balls; however, I’ve been known to try to shoot a football on the 7th hole with a baseball bat, and he’s still on third base waiting to bring it all home for us both.

With music, I prefer pop hits to contemporary Christian artists, and he will sing every word (with a complimentary air guitar) of songs by hair bands with albums spanning from 1982 to 1995. (For the younger readers, album = CD.) We come together on good ol’ country music. On a recent road trip, he shared a favorite gem from the band, White Lion, called Little Fighter. He mentioned that this was a “grab the world by the… hand, kind of song.” I appreciate a good motivational speech, so I listened.

Has anyone heard the tales you tell?

Or the scars you wear?

I don’t think we do a good job of sharing our stories with others. They get the insta-photo or under 130 letters status update, but so much gets left up to interpretation. I can’t help but think that if we took the time to genuinely share more often, our relationships would be more meaningful and misunderstandings would subside. It makes me want to bring back afternoon tea, or slumber parties! I know nobody has time for that, but could we say some guiltless no’s to make room for some good story time and relationship building?

One of a kind, one who would never give in;

Even when they put a price on your head.

It stinks being the recipient of gossip, judgment, or slander, doesn’t it? It leaves you angry, sad, or bitter, and none of the three uplift your spirit or promote inner-peace. People can say, “oh what do they know?” but you’re still tender. At one time or another, we all have a target on our head that says, “attack!” Be prepared by remembering you are an original, and it’s okay if someone doesn’t understand. You’re not in charge of their education, nor will you change them. You’ll never know what road they are on, so love them from a far and move on being you’re one-of-a-kind self. I do know this… you are the expert at being you. Nobody can do it better, so own your role as boss.

Rise again little fighter and let the world know the reasons why

Shine again, little fighter, and don’t let them end the things you do.

You were born for a time such as this. Seize the day, and carry on your mission. Don’t let circumstance steal your joy. They are as fleeting as human emotion and the weather. Find the goodness in every situation, in every person… even if you can’t see too far past your current circumstance due to fear, pain, or anxiety. Be still and get lost in your own glorious, powerful soul. Believe in your unique self and get to know that fabulous being—you are so interesting. Everything that happens to you, glorifies your purpose, whether or not you are clear about what it is. You’ll know soon enough. Nobody can take your purpose, your skill, and your character from you—unless you let them. Don’t.

Without a weapon in your hand, you came to fight a war.

They took your life but didn’t know that you’d never die.

Tough days will happen, and you’ll feel hurt, pain, and other sadness. Remember, Pat Benatar told us that love is a battlefield. Though this is a given, seek out the joy and find strength in knowing that the pain is temporary. The sun will rise again; a smile awaits you not too far away. You just have to get up and let yourself be seen and heard.

You and I may have different specifics with our life story; however, I hope you give Little Fighters a listen and remember that you’re one of a kind, a shiny, precious gem, and a fighter! Nobody can take that away… it’s your inheritance from someone who loves you bunches. If you don’t feel so loved, message me and I’ll tell you where to find such unconditional love.

For me, I’m going to start listening to my husband more. He may be more of a conversationalist than I think. Or, he just may have great taste in music. Either way, I have to run… he’s home.

Here’s a blast back to the ’80s hair band days when you were rockin’ your way to who you planned to be. Enjoy and cheers to you, friends!