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February 20, 2014


l blog 5First understand that anything in this article is by no means a judgment , a mocking of others, or meant to show myself in a “know it all” light.
This is more of a been there – done that…A learned it, lived it kind of thing, an educated awareness and profound aha .
An observation of loved ones and an empathy of the people I coach that want nothing more to finally do everything they want to do .
This year I’ve adopted a saying “getting your mind right will make everything all right. ”
And I do mean everything .

If you are new to this , this first part may not sound like you ( because you are not even equipped with the how-to basics yet) so pay extra attention for the not-so-hidden tips of staying on track.

So check this scenario:
New Year’s Day … The last two weeks you’ve ate and drank all you wanted, because that was the LAST time you would ever taste your beloved favorite foods and cocktails. Ever again. EVER.
Eating that much in a small amount of time is highly NOT recommended for many reasons. Note, however, that you ate 3 times as much as normal because you needed to get it out of your system or out of the house or whatever other excuse you’ve told yourself to feed your indulgence . We will get more into that later .
On with the scenario ….
You are fully equipped this year
You’ve got your goal list , and your healthy food shopping list.
You may even have a whole months meal plan . Yay you !!!
You’ve cleaned out your cupboards , drawers , car and office of any temptation that can send you into the spiraling depths of “diet hell “.
And oh that’s right you have learned your new terminology of “eating healthy” not “dieting” . Awesome (no seriously , awesome 😉 )
You’ve purchased your gym membership, put in the treadmill, or purchased the latest greatest DVD workout system .
Oh and you’ll need an accountability partner . Get on that phone ASAP !
Or heck even an accountability group . Because this year you are doing this thing!!
Maybe if you’re able you have invested in a coach or personal trainer .. Perfect

So goal list , healthy food , workout plan , accountability partner .
Check, check, and check !!
And an attitude to rock the house. Oh hell yeah!
Day 1…day 5…day 7…
You have not cheated once , even though Judy from the office brought the yummy holiday cookie remnants.
You notice a lighter feeling in your belly a pep in your step and hey maybe even a couple pounds lost .
You are actually going to do this this year and it takes 21 days to build a habit so you are well on your way .
Day 8 ..Monday morning
“Ahh another grueling work week start . I just need some more sleep…” *Alarm clock snooze* “I’ll get my workout in after work .”
Evening comes. You’re tired. No gym today but DEFINITELY tomorrow. .
“Which is not so bad because my book said 80% if my healthy success is in the kitchen . No problem , I got this .”
Friday night .. Facebook notice. ., office party , Bfs birthday bash, or “well it’s the weekend.”
“OMG ! I forgot about that , how can I be social and not eat drink or indulge , how can I not go ? What will people think!?”
Saturday night comes. You are going to a party. Maybe your still equipped , and coach says “Eat your selected food before you go ” or “bring it with you ” .
Ok, great .

—-The Party—-
Friend number 1 : Can I get you a drink. ?

You : Nope I’m good (phew dodged that bullet )

Friend 2 : Ok so you are NOT drinking because of some new silly life style change? Yeah ok you’ll last. ( Maybe saying the second part under their breath as they walk away)

Friend 3 :Here I bought you a drink . Yeah, I know you are trying “really hard” this year , but one won’t hurt .
You: Yeah one won’t hurt . I can even probably do 2 and be fine .
(Back on the horse tomorrow . No problem for me)

3 drinks in , the table food of fried yummies calls your name . Every couple mins in fact .
I’ll just indulge, just this time . Sunday morning hangover and gut wrenched . No gym today !! Start again on Monday. Cuz well that’s when the starting over has to happen . Right ?

Your next week is full of ups and downs. You’ve gained back the few pounds you’ve lost . And your motivation is down. “Oh hell what’s the sense it never works .. Nothing I ever do and I’ve tried everything . I’ll try again next New Years. Bring on the pizza and beer !”
Scenario over. Alright so here’s what your missing .
Did you remember to tell your brain !???

It sounds crazy because we automatically think that because we have stated a goal , resolution or whatever that our brains must automatically fall in line .

Right ?

Wrong .

Our Brains actually automate to whats easiest , whats comfortable , what is already routine .

The Brain needs to be not only well informed of your new intentions, but “conditioned ” in your new lifestyle thinking.

IF , that is, you really want to be successful.

Especially in a result of life long change and stick-to-itveness.

l blog 4

This must be decided , first and foremost .

Referring to the reasons WHY you started will always bring you back to something stronger than “I just want to lose weight”.

Do you want to feel amazing ? Alive ? Energetic ? Do you want to be around longer for your spouse, kids or grandkids ? Do you want to feel better to do your job ? Do you want to feel sexy in your little black dress or favorite lingerie ? Maybe you want the ex and his new found gf to take notice ? (Hey no judgment here, I’m a big fan of whatever it takes to get the job done ) .

That is why it’s YOUR “why” and no one else’s. It’s whatever appeals to you .

Just make sure it is strong enough to beat your snooze button or beloved chocolate cake.

Stop thinking of terms of “sacrifice ” . The minute our bodies think of what we are “giving up ” is the minute the sense of defeat has started to set in.

Giving up your favorite foods, your extra sleep, your tv time or time out with friends. Your body will think of all this as pain and kick it to the curb ASAP .

(If you want to know more about the pain/ pleasure concept in regards to your goals, please refer to Awaken the giant by Tony Robbins)

Instead of convincing yourself that you are suffering, think of all the new things you will explore and experience . The new found energy , confidence, and overall feeling of health you will be getting . Eventually your food preferences will change and you will look forward to exercise . True story !!

And remember “not now ” does not mean “not ever ” . finding your food balance and treat/cheat time comes with the territory. 80/20 rule , “eat to live not live to eat ” and all that .

l blog 2

Progress not perfection has kept me going more times than I can count.(this coming from a serial perfectionist )

Many people will purchase a workout program or a nutrition plan and not keep going because it is seemingly too hard .

I still am not great at push ups, stink at running and it took me at least a year to understand the complete choreography to a Turbofire round.

What’s important is that I go farther , add on more or keep trying .

If you need, take small steps in reference to your eating as well .

Eliminate soda and increase your water intake.

Decrease processed foods and intro more whole foods . Eat at your favorite takeout once a month instead of once a week.

Cutting everything out all at once can send you right into sacrifice mode. Just be mindful to an increase of positive changes .

l blog 1


We all have the same 24 hours . We all have challenges within those hours .

For every excuse there is a valid response as to why your excuse is invalid .

Remember that default response of your brain ?

Your excuse will just feed its need to do what is easiest , sometimes the only answer is to push yourself .

Your body and your brain will thank you later .

Turnin your health and fitness into a priority . You will make time instead of look to find time .

Say ” I must ” instead of ” I should”

Thank you for reading my blog!

Laure Strough Smith


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July 17, 2013

Therapeutic Bodywork and Detoxification

Dry Saunas, Low-Level Laser Therapy, Stretching, Massage, Foot Soaks, Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Herbal Cleanses… oh my!


EnerChi System

EnerChi System

I’d like to chat for a bit with anyone who has recently completed a fitness challenge or pushed themselves physically with any sport, activity, fitness class, or anyone who has been under extreme stress. Did I include everyone reading this? I’m here to discuss personal wellness outside of the gym—Therapeutic Bodywork and Detoxification Strategies to help you maintain a pain-free and fit lifestyle.


Stefania Molinari-Lee, Therapeutic Massage Therapist

I’m lucky to live close to Stefania Molinari-Lee, a therapeutic massage therapist, who has helped me maintain aggressive strength endurance training the past six months. If you know me, you know I am a runner at heart, but that I recently implemented challenging “boot-camp” style workouts and strength endurance training into my physical fitness routine. I set out to change my physique, and in doing so, was reminded that my recovery time and needs changed too

The soreness and stiffness in my muscles had some to do with the aggressive training (uneven running surfaces) but also with my internal inflammation levels and stress levels. Through therapeutic bodywork, Stefania was able to re-align muscles and tendons, and relieve pressure points with built up strain.  If you’re thinking, “a massage sounds relaxing,” think again? Therapeutic bodywork isn’t the relaxing, nap-time you may be used to with your current massage therapy. You’re awake and fully-engaged with each muscle release.  Although some parts of therapy bring temporary uncomfortable pressure (depending on what’s happening in your body and to specific parts), it’s short-lived and provides a beneficial part of recovery.  Don’t fret, deep breathing gets you through everything.


After a session, I feel like I grow two inches, and my body is ready to go again… this time operating on all cylinders and soreness/pain-free. Of course, with all of the toxic debris released during one bodywork session, you should chug-a-lug (with water) for the next 24 hours and refuel with alkaline foods.


I’m getting better at making time for stretching, yoga, deep-breathing exercises, and detoxification foot soaks; however, now I will make time for periodic visits to Stefania for therapeutic massage therapy.



There are many post-workout therapies to assist you with staying on you’re a-game. Aside from fueling with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, alkaline foods, hydration, and adequate rest, consider checking out therapeutic massage therapy and foot detoxification soaks. Also, if it’s been a while since your last herbal detox, consider cleaning out your systems so you can recover effectively and continue performing your best!  –In health, Lacey


For more information about Therapeutic Bodywork, contact Stefania Molinari-Lee via Facebook, or check out if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Separately, if you’re interested in other pain relief strategies, detoxification foot soaks or herbal cleansing solutions, contact me at or via Facebook! We’ll find something that works best with your body and your goals.