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February 20, 2013


Powerful words to encourage a HEALTHY lifestyle!

Powerful words to encourage a HEALTHY lifestyle!

Hey Everyone!

It’s your Feb 2013 HH of the month Lacey Pruett!

This weekend, I participated in a leadership conference for a nutritional supplement company but left with much more than renewed leadership skills. Little did I know that by surrounding myself with like-minded people, discussing something we are all passionate about, would lead me to tears. The key-note speaker was former President George W. Bush. No matter your political affiliation, it’s pretty cool to listen to a former leader of America. What does he have to contribute to an arena filled with nutritional supplement advisors? Character building during tough times and strategic decision making.

Former President George W. Bush speaking at the conference

Former President George W. Bush

It’s seems that everyone in America wants to be healthy, fit, and improve their life in some way. People spend hours researching the latest diet fads promising pounds that melt away, purchasing latest energy drink promising superstar powers, and coercing prescriptions from their doctors that promise effortless weight loss success and anxiety elimination. Despite the adverse affects to their bodies, people want quick results with minimal investment. Even better–no exercise necessary is ideal. America doesn’t have time to workout. Nor do we care to prepare appropriately nourishing meals. This is why obesity–even worse, childhood obesity–is on the rise in our country. Kudos to our current First Lady for her efforts with the Let’s Move! program. We need to do more to grow awareness that fitness is fun! This is why I love the Healthy Housewives–I support ambassadors for healthy living, and in my opinion, we need more.

First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign Let's Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign Let’s Move!

So when George W. Bush commented about the reaction of the American people when he had to make some difficult decisions, it made me sad. We never know where a person is coming from, and seldom do we have the entire story. Yet we are quick to judge, quick to criticize, and quick to turn negative against something or someone. When he counseled us to know what we believe in and what our core values are and to never waiver, I teared up again. I recalled several situations as I began working in the fitness and wellness industry where my core values were tested and judgement almost shook me off balance. People are quick to criticize things they fear, and I think new routines, new diets, new goals are scary changes for some people, and some cope by finding reasons to not get healthier. When I was tested, I ran hard to those in my life whom I trusted and who served as personal advisors to me. Thankfully, I got back on track quickly because fitness enthusiasts have lots of work to do.

Figuring out where to start can be hard.

Figuring out where to start can be hard.

Convincing others that in order to become a better person, spouse, sibling, parent, employee, one needs to prioritize their health and wellness is no easy task. People are quick with excuses and despair. I teared up again as the former President spoke about how our nation must do a better job with identifying and treating mental illnesses. Our nation is grief-stricken by citizens under the influence of drugs (over-the-counter, legal, and illegal) and alcohol taking innocent lives, hurting others, or hindering their own well-being. Mental wellness needs to be a part of overall wellness efforts. You read correctly! Not only am I going to encourage you to exercise, nourish yourself appropriately, and include high-quality supplements into your daily regime, but I want you to find time for daily (mini, if need be) retreats to clear your mind, de-stress, and center yourself on peace and clarity. Go for a walk; hide in a quiet room, closet, or other area for a few minutes; take a drive and listen to calming music; even better, stare out a window in silence and absorb the beauty around us. Somedays all you have is five minutes at a time, but perhaps other days you can practice yoga, swimming, or other calming activities. I wonder how different society would be if we all meditated regularly.

People ask me why I spend the money and time to supplement, eat, and exercise the way I do. It’s so I don’t have to spend the money later on doctor’s visits, hospital stays, medication, and surgeries. Our bodies are magical machines when given proper care and concern. The truth is, it only takes a small amount of time and energy each day to maintain proper health. Subtle changes lead to great successes! If you care for your body, it’ll perform optimally for longer periods of time. Who doesn’t want to look, feel, and perform optimally? At under $5 a day, I’m able to ensure the highest quality nutrition for my body. With an hour of activity time six days a week, I maintain a fit and fun lifestyle. Investing in and prioritizing my health and wellness is one of my core values, and I’ll take former President Bush’s advice and never stray, apologize, or make excuses for it–even when I’m criticized.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Lacey Pruett