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October 27, 2012


Hey everyone!

It’s Marzia here. I wanted to let you know that I teamed up with BLK Beverages (the sons of the Housewives of New Jersey)  to put together a workout and nutrition program for you guys! I have 2 different workout programs for you to choose from. Also, pick the nutrition program that suits you the best-Meater or vegan/vegetarian. (Vegetarian-I just put a vegan nutrition plan, you can add your favorite vegetarian proteins to the meals.)

The 30 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge will start Nov 1st. I will wait till you have eaten your fill of Halloween candy on Oct 31st and then it is time to hit it hard for 30 days. Now I know Thanksgiving is coming up, and it does not mean you can eat like a pig. I would like for you guys to eat less bad holiday food than you normally do OR you can have a healthy holiday meal. I have great healthy Thanksgiving recipes coming soon for you. I, myself, actually have 2 options for Thanksgiving:healthy and non-healthy. I am passed stuffing my gut on the holiday’s like I used to. I do however enjoy in small servings.

With that said, these are the rules for the 30 day Healthy Holiday Challenge:

1. Start Nov 1st

2. Try to to the best you can. For results stick to the workout and nutrition plan 90%. For best results-100%.

3. This is week 1 and 2 of your workouts. Whichever workout program you choose to do, please do it for a full 2 weeks and then check back here for week 3 and 4.

4. The nutrition plan stays the same for 30 days. there is variety for you to eat. Try to not have “cheat days” because that is WAY to much cheating, have “treat meal’s”. I enjoy 2 “treat meals”a week. (For me-it is Friday night and Saturday night dinners when I socialize with friends and family.) Other than that, I stick to the plan. Please be prepared. But the right food and nourish your body heal it.

5. Please take your measurements and pictures of yourselves to chart your progress. You want progress, right? This will be your hard numbers to see where you are at. If you make progress, please take a pic and tag us and we will feature you on the Healthy Housewives Facebook page or you could potentially be a Healthy Housewife of the month covergirl!

6. Check back with our Healthy Housewives Facebook page so we can keep you motivated. We will have you check in with us on Facebook!

7. This will be part 1 of the Healthy Housewives Holiday Challenge. We will have part 2 in December! We need to support each other to be healthy, right?

Ok, to get your nutrition and workout program for the next 2 weeks, click here:

Thank you for being a part of the family and keep inspiring us to be healthy!

Yours in Health,