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April 29, 2014

The Tough Questions

Have you tried…? Have you heard about…? Did you know…? Thank goodness people everywhere are talking more about health and wellness. It’s becoming “cool” to shop at the Farmer’s Market and to add greens to your meal. At happy hours, I see organic drink specials and skinny versions of some traditional favorites. I appreciate that there’s a serious focus on self-care reform. With healthcare costs rising, and people having less time to get sick, a laser focus on self-care is inevitable.


Two books by Rusty Gregory, I’d take a look at for a holistic health perspective.


I love the discussions I have with my girlfriends about health and wellness strategies. Building each other up is one of my favorite past times.

I had the opportunity to read: Self Care Reform, by Rusty Gregory. This author, out of Austin, Texas, asks the questions that go a step further from, “have you tried…?” I relate to his perspective that traditional medicine and strategies aren’t reaping the long-standing benefit of improved health. Too often, Americans are losing weight and inches, only to gain it back or expose new medical issues. Product A may help you lose inches and sustain your energy, but your liver is over-taxed or your colon is toxic. Too often, we attack a surface issue only to unveil a chronic issue limiting absorption of our fuel. As Rusty mentions in his book, even after decades of scientific research and study, Americans are getting bigger and sicker. Why? And, even more, why don’t more people ask this question of medical doctors? If you do, please let me know what they say. I am genuinely interested. (Email:


With more Americans choosing natural remedies over prescription drugs for healing, I’m excited to see people doing what they can from where they are today. Resources are popping up everywhere, and you only have to go to your neighborhood bookstore to find reputable resources of instruction and encouragement. As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I am happy to be a resource to my detoxification clients, and I proudly suggest reading Rusty’s book, Self-Care Reform.

Within the book, you’ll ask yourself questions like the following:

  • What has derailed your past health goals, resolutions?
  • Which areas of wellness are most important to you?
  • How can you pull yourself out of a negative (un-motivated) slump?
  • What strengths do you have to draw upon during your workouts?
  • What would it take to change some negative habits you have?

Throughout the book, the reader has the opportunity to dig inward and identify some areas of strength and some challenging areas. With Rusty’s help, you’ll identify your wellness story; whether or not you’re alive and well and what exactly that means; identify enemies and goals, and you’ll build routines and strategies for lifelong change. What a gift! Check out Self-Care Reform today and start asking yourself the tough questions; the questions that matter most. Doing so, will take your wellness to another level. –Lacey Pruett


Asking myself thought-provoking questions is therapeutic exercise for me. It’s healthy to check in with your mind and spirit from time-to-time.

Learn more about Rusty Gregory at: or Tweet him @MaximumWellness


March 10, 2014

Make Your Water Sparkle!

The orange and mint water was tasty!

The orange and mint water was tasty!

Hi, there! It’s Brooke here. You know how important water is for your body, so why is it so hard to hydrate yourself? I struggle with getting my daily amount down as well, but I have found a solution for those of you who may prefer a bit more sparkle and flavor in your water.

Recently, I prepared a Gourmet Water Tasting at Juliette Fowler Communities (where I work) in hopes of encouraging our senior residents to drink more water. March 22 is World Water Awareness Day after all, so I was laying the groundwork. 🙂

water bird

I found 5 recipes for fruit- and herb-infused water for my friends to sample. They were delicious! What I hadn’t accounted for was how gorgeous the fruit and herbs looked in the carafes—jewel tones and freshness all over the place. I kept thinking how pretty a pitcher or two of fruit water would be at my next dinner party. And the prep couldn’t have been easier.

Have fun with your water and play around with your favorite fruits and herbs. Thankfully, there are no rules, except not letting the water sit too long. Here are some easy directions and the recipes I shared with my residents. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too!

Laurie, Liz, and Wanda--love these ladies!

Laurie, Liz, and Wanda–love these ladies!


  • 2-qt. or 3-qt. carafe or pitcher
  • Long spoon, spatula, or muddler (potato masher also works!)
  • Fresh water
  • 2-3 c. fresh fruit
  • Small handful herbs, torn or bruised
  • Ice (optional)


  • Chop or slice 2-3 cups of fresh fruit and place in an empty pitcher.
  • If you are using herbs, tear up a small handful and place in the pitcher with the fruit.
  • Optional—fill pitcher ¾ full of ice.
  • Take long spoon or muddler and press the fruit and herbs so that they can release their flavor—but don’t pulverize them. Just a little mashing is good.
  • Fill the pitcher with fresh water, close the lid, and let sit in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.
  • Don’t prepare fruit water more than a day or two ahead of time. Sometimes the fruit will become bitter or pulpy if allowed to sit too long (especially citrus fruit with rind).

Beautiful and healthy

Recipes for Our Gourmet Tasting

Basic Spa Water with Cucumbers

  • Peel cucumber first, then thinly slice ½-¾ of a cucumber, add to pitcher, and fill with water.

Fruit Extravaganza

  • Rinse all fruit with peel. Slice ½ an orange, add a few slices of lime and lemon, a big handful or two of raspberries, 5-6 strawberries (chopped), a small handful of blackberries. Muddle fruit well. Fill with water.

Watermelon Basil

  • Chop 2 cups watermelon and add to pitcher. Tear up about 5-7 leaves of basil and add to pitcher. Fill with water.

Blackberry Mint

  • Slice 2 cups of blackberries and add to pitcher. Tear up 10 mint leaves and add to pitcher. Muddle blackberries and mint well. Fill with water.

Orange Mint

  • Slice 2 oranges and add to pitcher. Tear up 10 mint leaves and add to pitcher. Muddle oranges and mint well. Fill with water.
More friends: Audrey, Judith, and Hazel--what a crowd!

More friends: Audrey, Judith, and Hazel–what a crowd!

Surprise your friends and family with a special water treat that’s not only beautiful but also healthy. Have a lovely and healthy week!


February 13, 2013

A Healthier Spin on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Love Week, everyone! Depending on where you are in life, your relationship status, and your admiration or abhorrent opinions of “Hallmark holidays,” you either just rolled your eyes at me or smiled. As this month’s Healthy Housewives cover model, I want to chat a bit about how to use this week to your advantage, by sharing love with others and yourself in a healthy way.

I’m not sure why Valentine’s Day gives everyone permission to push health by the way side and go out for too much wine and too much dine. When I asked a few men what their plans were for the big day, I heard dinner reservations, mounds of chocolate, and pastry breakfasts among the surprises for the ladies in their lives. I sat quietly as most boastfully shared their delicious displays of affection with me, followed quickly by sarcastic comments about the cost and stupidity of such a day. Interestingly enough, I had a difficult time finding ladies who already planned out what they were doing for the men in their lives. Ladies, let’s not drop the ball here! Nowhere does it say that man is in charge of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and women are to always be the recipient of delicious fare as a sign of affection. What a great way to surprise the man in your life and take the pressure off that’s historically been placed on him. I have a feeling you’ll win in the long run.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, below are some healthier suggestions and ideas to show your special Valentine that you appreciate them, with the added bonus of celebrating their health goals, too.  Feel free to add one or two (or all) of these to your game plan for February 14. Oh, and I am speaking to both men and women with these suggestions!

Couples that run together stay together!

Couples that run together stay together!

  1. Plan a morning run or morning workout together. Nothing says, “I think you’re swell” by meeting for a sweat together. Let’s face it, nothing is sexier than sweat, and since we all look like Greek Gods/Goddesses when we are sweating, this could lead to more fun.
  2. Prepare or purchase a healthy breakfast to show that you appreciate the person’s commitment to their own health and wellness. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from a nourishing meal to start your day of love.

    Food shaped in a heart makes your loved one smile!

    Food shaped in a heart makes your loved one smile!

  3. Create something by hand—a card, poem, drawing. If you have to send it electronically, scan your creation to the person, so they can see the personal touches and time spent on the work of art. Giving your time and energy to such a gift will leave the other person feeling loved and appreciated.
  4. Do both of you love music? Log into your iTunes account and make your Valentine a playlist with songs that fit your relationship. This no calorie option could lead to an invitation to work out together, and you know what that could lead to… endorphins!
  5. Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Get your Valentine moving by placing small clues and/or surprises at various places you’ll know they’ll be throughout the day… Make them find a flight of stairs to walk up before opening a clue; the next clue has to be opened while walking; the next clue is at their gym’s check-in counter (make sure you know schedules first); the final clue has dinner plans attached or is stuck to a movie for movie night. Be creative and personalize this activity.

    Create a Valentine's scavenger hunt!

    Create a Valentine’s scavenger hunt!

  6. Infuse a few bottles of water for their day with strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries, or any other favorite fruit. As they hydrate throughout the day, you will be thought of… and so will your thoughtfulness.
  7. Send your Valentine out the door with a Salad in a Jar. This clever, homemade lunch is healthy and personalized with the person’s favorite salad ingredients. Start with a basic mason jar, pour the dressing on the bottom (a little goes a long way) then put other (heavier) veggies, nuts/seeds, then place spinach on top of them, and for some sweetness, maybe a few strawberry slices or blueberries. A nice note attached to the lid is a sweet addition.

    Salad in a jar is a fun concept!

    Salad in a jar is a fun concept!

  8. Is your Valentine a child? Start them out right with nourishing habits and make heart-shaped banana pancakes or strawberry (pink) French toast. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to send them away with a sandwich that’ll remind them they are loved. Better yet, hide a few heart-shaped dark chocolates in a baggie of granola for a snack. Of course, decorate the bag.
  9. If your valentine is far away, and the use of technology is inevitable, make it good. Set up a dinner date via Skype, and see who crafted the healthiest Valentine’s dinner. Whoever wins can receive a prize… hopefully in person at a later date.
  10. Finally one of my favorites… forgo dinner altogether for some time together at the spa. Part of health and wellness is rest and relaxation, so don’t under-estimate how much your Valentine will appreciate the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, compliments of you.

Finally, remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to show someone else love. Perhaps this is your year to share some healthy love with YOU. Plus, treating yourself on Valentine’s Day ensures a great story when someone asks what your Valentine gave you this year. Here’s wishing all of you great health this Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy the precious time you have with a loved one!

Enjoy the precious time you have with a loved one!

Thanks for reading my blog,

Lacey Pruett