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November 8, 2013


Dallas offers all kinds of healthy eats!

Dallas offers all kinds of healthy eats!

Being a trainer, my clients always ask me what do I eat and where do I go eat at on a regular basis. So I am going to give you the name, my favorite dish, and the link so you could check them out.


Love how they tell you where they got the recycled materials at Snappy's.

Love how they tell you where they got the recycled materials at Snappy’s.

Snappy Salads: I go a few days a week for lunch to Snappy Salads. This is the “fast food” that I eat. I get to make my own fresh salad. They have a lot of organic choices and they even make the dressing in house. I love how they are very involved in the community and they have lots of recycled items such a table tops and napkins. Companies that car about the environment AWK! I am a plant-powered healthinista, so I make sure I eat fresh whole foods every day. My usual is a vegan salad-spring mix lettuce, cucumbers, celery, carrots, tomatoes, black olives, quinoa, chick peas, and beets. I LOVE the chipotle lime vinaigrette made in house. It has lots of cilantro. YUM!

So many options at Salata!

So many options at Salata!

Salata: This is another build your own salad place but it has a slightly different flavor. The dressing is made in house and have different flavor. I get the same salad but the combination of ginger lime and fresh herb dressing. The two mix together rock the taste buds!

Season's 52 has dessert for the healthy eater in mind!

Season’s 52 has dessert for the healthy eater in mind!

Seasons 52: I usually go here for dinner but meet friends here occasionally for lunch. What I love about this place is that they have a ton of vegan and vegetarian choices. They change their menu every season and they have a ton of organic/farmer market choices. Even their plates are calorie portioned. Each dinner plate is 450 calories. Oh, and the desserts are small. You can get 3 large bites or 5 small ones. Perfect for the one who wants dessert but not trying to make a meal of it.

The Juice Bar Menu

The Juice Bar Menu



The Juice Bar: I love this place for a quick snack. The have fresh made green juices and fruit smoothies for a quick pick me up. I usually get a skinny greens. LOVE! I like when someone else juicing my juice then me. LOL! Hate cleaning the juicer. Even though I will do it, I would rather buy one.

Coconut Kale Enchiladas form Be Raw are to die for!

Coconut Kale Enchiladas form Be Raw are to die for!

Be Raw: This place is 100% raw vegan. They don’t cook anything. You can get tacos,
burgers, sushi, and green juices. My favorite dish is the coconut Kale
enchiladas with a green juice on the side. I get that almost every time.


FT 33 makes cuisine out of fresh farmers market food!

FT 33 makes cuisine out of fresh farmers market food!


FT 33: This place is in the Design District in Dallas. It as AH-MAZING! They shop local at the farmer market and they make cuisine with it. The menu changes daily due to what food is available at the Farmer’s market. You have to try the lemon martini made from fresh lemons. I always get their salad and a vegan dish. I have been a few times and every time has been DELISH!







April 19, 2012


Easter is not the only special holiday in the month of April; Earth Day is an important day too. This April 22nd, celebrate the planet with the people you love. Do your part to appreciate the planet by making others aware to be more eco friendly even if it is only one day of the year. The more eco aware you are, the better our planet gets treated. So what are you going to do this Earth Day to save our planet?

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was founded by United Sates Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22nd, 1970 to promote ecology and awareness for life on the planet. It also brings up the growing concerns that our air pollution, water, and soil are in. What was just a small idea to bring people together turned into an ongoing worldwide public event. Can you believe that over a whooping 20 million people participated at Earth Day that year? Today it is an estimated 500 million people who will celebrate this special day. Most communities will celebrate it all week, which is even better for the planet. Unfortunately it is not a public holiday even though it is currently being observed by 175 countries around the world. But one can hope that it will be. I believe that one day it will be in the near future.

About the Earth Day Founder


                Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator from Wisconsin, called for an Earth Day to be held on April 22nd, 1970. He was an environmental activist who conceived the idea after the horrific oil spill off of the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969. Outraged by the devastation, Nelson proposed a national teach-in on the environment to be observed by every university campus in the U.S. He announced his idea on September 20, 1969 to a group in Seattle. Nine days later it made the New York Times in a long front page article in which it swept the nation by storm. What was a hope full dream became a reality that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Nelson’s idea marked the beginning of a modern environmental movement. Today Earth Day has evolved into a mainstream way of living by being observed all around the world. The world has become aware by “going green” in everyday life.

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Many green minded people celebrate Earth Day by planting trees, recycling, composting, picking up trash on the side of the road, and not driving or traveling that day. But, if you are looking for something a little more fun, most cities have a carnival-like Earth Day rally with festivities to educate and entertaining you. Take the family and educate the little ones about our future. By coming to an event like this it gives those who have not taken part, a chance to embrace changes in their lives today. Or if you are currently being green, you may discover new ways to be eco-friendly. If there is not an event in your community, become a leader and start one.




Earth Day Fun Facts

  1. Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.
  2. Earth Day was chosen because April 22nd is the first official day of spring in the Northern hemisphere.
  3. In 1970 only one country participated in Earth Day, today over 175 countries observe it.
  4. In 1970, over 20 million people celebrated Earth Day, today over 500 million will.
  5. The earth has been around for an estimated 4.6 billion years.
  6. 75% of the water pumped out of the ground is recycled.
  7. Only 11% of the Earth’s surface is used to grow food.
  8. The world’s first national park was started in 1872 at Yellowstone National Park.
  9. Today only 32% of our waste actually gets recycled.
  10. Never underestimate the power of recycling. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch 3 hours of TV.


I leave you with this final thought….Make everyday earth day!

Marzia Prince