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October 20, 2012




Hey Healthy Housewives Family!

Marzia here! Before I begin my blog, I just want to say thank you to all our family, friends, and fans for making our Facebook page so successfull! We have so much fun interacting with you. You inspire us too! So, keep the comments and feedback coming! WE LOVE IT!

I try to coordinate 1 Healthy Housewives event a month, sometimes we have 2-3 events a  month. It could be a fashion show, a charity event, or just a laid back dinner party. But where ever we go, we keep health in mind. I am not saying we are 100% perfect, what would be the fun in that!? We do like to have a good time. Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially with good company.

This month I decided to coordinate a birthday bowling party for three of the Healthy Housewives. Danielle had mentioned to me about getting together for a bowling night, so I ran with it. One of my favorite bowling places is Splitsville in Fairview, Texas. It is such a clean classy place with GREAT food. I have bowled there before and had a great experience, so I decided to book the event there.

With all 6 of our schedules being busy, we missed out on Sandy’s Sept b-day, so we wanted to celebrate her birthday with the October Birthday girls Kathy and Danielle. Sandy’s birthday was Sept 26th, so why not! At Splitsville Lanes, they did a very special birthday sign for the birthday girls! Thank you Splitsville!

The 3 Healthy Housewives birthday girls!












Ok, so if you don’t me yet, a little about myself, when it comes to a birthday, special occasion, or a good party-I love to host! All my friends and family will tell you that I am very detailed oriented. I pay attention to the little things! With that being said, I set out to do something special for the girl’s birthday bowling party. With a birthday party comes a birthday sweet treat, whether it is a cake or a cupcake. I thought a fun cupcake would be perfect! So, I went to my favorite bakery Frost It in Frisco, Texas. They have made extravagent birthday cakes for me in the past and are very talented. I thought it would be fun for the girls to have thier own cupckae with their bikini image on it. After all they did work hard to get their HOT bodies. All the other cupcakes would have the Healthy Housewives logo. So, I got some custom key lime cupcakes made for this fun bowling party!

So with the cupckaes being ordered, it was time to get some fun thoughtful gifts. Hmm…what to get a Healthy Housewife? I had heard Danielle mention at our healthy dinner party that she never owned a pair of ballet flats! WHAT!? I couldn”t believe my ears. I knew that I had to break her in. Every girl needs to have a pair of stylish flats to save thier feet from heels from time to time. I set out to find the perfect ballet flat for Danielle. If you know Danielle like I do, she has an edge to her. She is one tough B*TCH! It was only proper to get her a pair of black leather ballet flats with studs. I really wasn’t sure if she would like them because she said she liked them on other people but hated them on herself. But, I knew these would be perfect for her. As soon as she opened the gift and saw the box, she knew right away! And to my surprise, she loved them! YAY! She was so excited she was doing ballet moves in them right away! LOL!

Danielle being a goofball in her new ballet flats!

For Kathy, who is our Fit Fashionista, I got her some fun accessories-Kate Spade bangles. This girl loves her accessories!

Kathy showing off her Kate Spade bangles.


For Sandy, who has been my bestie for 7 1/2 years, I got her the gift everyone loves…MONEY! I figure she could treat herself to the gift of her liking.










The night went flawlessly, from the awesome birthday sign from Splitsville, the cupcakes, the thoughtful birthday gifts, and the ost important part of the night, BOWLING! It was the birthday girls against the non-birthday girls! In the end, the non-birthday girls won, but nevertheless, we all had a great time!

We ordered healthy meals at the bowling alley, but did cheat with some fun cocktails and some cupcakes.

WHAT?! Healthy eats at the bowling alley? Yes, it can be done!

The next event we are planning is a Healthy Housewives Thanksgiving Dinner! We will post healthy Thanksgiving recipes for you guys! Just in time for the holidays!

Stay tuned for my next blog (I blog on Saturdays) I will be posting our Healthy Housewives Holiday challenge for you guys. We will leave no one out! I have a vegan/vegetarian nutriiton plan and a carnivore nutrition plan. I will also have 2 workout plans. One for the bodybuilding style workout and one for the high intensity cardio resistance training style. You will get great results with either.

Ok guys, thanks for reading and I will try to post some video soon. I am learning the editing software, so please be patient. I have tons of footage and got to get caught up!

Until next week…