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September 4, 2013

Football Season—Time to Kick it into Gear!

Not sure about your home, but mine turns into a consistent gridiron gathering place until Valentine’s Day. If we’re not sitting in the stands at Cowboys Stadium, Kyle Field, Jones/AT&T Stadium, or Denton Ryan High School, we are at home, cranking up the surround sound, letting the fall breeze inside, and probably grilling something on game day. It’s not just the game either. It’s ESPN’s College Game Day, pre-game shows, and post-game recaps.


“But Lacey—all of this sitting around in front of the tube doesn’t sound like healthy living to me.”

If you know me, or have followed my blogs for a while, you know that creativity and pure stubbornness will ensure the day will not go by without me conquering one hour of activity and proper nourishment. Because I love my “I want to be healthy but I’m a die-hard football fan” friends, I want to share some tips that help me get from Labor Day to Valentine’s Day without packing on the pounds or missing the games that matter most to us (Dallas Cowboys, Fightin’ Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Tech Red Raiders, and the Denton Ryan H.S. Raiders.)


Become a melon head and serve up fruit in a helmet!

Nutrition Tips

–Eat before you go to the stadium. This is the easiest way to ensure you receive adequate nourishment and that you’re not starving at the game, eventually succumbing to poor food options at the stadium concession stand.

–Pack baggies of almonds/cashews and your favorite granola or seeds. All filling options to maintain blood sugar levels and satisfy cravings and nervous play times.  (If you’re not a fan of nuts, check out the different seed cluster products out now.)

–Most stadiums are limiting the size of purses and bags; so don’t fret with protein powders, or meal replacements. Football games are maybe three hours max… you can make it without a full meal.

–Bring a packet of your favorite rehydrate or energy drink (mine, of course, are Advocare’s Spark or Rehydrate products.) Tuck the envelope into your pocket or boot to mix with a bottled water purchase. Just say NO to concession sodas. Unless you’re doing post-game Burpees in the parking lot.

–If you must have a “treat,” find a friend and SHARE. Even I can’t turn away my bonus-son when he says, “OMG you’ve GOT to try Dr. Pepper with peanuts.” What? I mean… sure. The excitement in his voice and the fact he acknowledged my presence is more important to me than temporarily shocking my body. Your body can handle it.

My Favorite Game Watching Party Offerings


Fresh Avocado Nachos


Kabobs–your favorite foods on a skewer for easy eating!


When the temperature drops, this will keep everyone warm.


Activity Options (All you need is to move your body and get your heart rate up. This can also serve as commercial and half time entertainment.)


My favorite power move!

Pre-Game Warm up and Stretch (one minute per move): 10-15 minutes total

Jog in place

Jump rope (jump with both feet)

Side hops

Touch your toes (or try)

Sit with feet out and touch your toes (or try)

Sit with legs crossed and walk hands out; hold

Lie down and twist; each side

Folk hands behind your back and pull down

Jump Jacks

High Knees

And end with one minute of jogging in place

Commercial Breaks: (for the length of each commercial)

Jump Jacks

Plank Holds

Push Ups

Abs Holds

Chair Pose Hold/Wall Holds

(Just keep cycling through these simple, effective, no equipment needed moves and you’ll collect around 25-30 minutes of activity DURING the game. Side note: When a commercial of mine comes on, double-time it! J)


An extra workout for you to try!

Post-Game Rant: (You’re either angry or excited depending on who won, so capitalize on the energy flooding your body! One minute per move)

Quick Feet (pretend you’re quarterback; grab a football if you want)

High Knees

Side-to-Side Jumps

Lunge Run

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jumps

And everyone’s favorite… BURPEES!

The name of the game (so to speak) is to not sit still during game-watching events. Whether you’re in the stands or at a home watching party, move your body! Pretend you’re in the game. Challenge fellow party-attendees! Even bet on scores using pushups or plank sessions for the loser… whatever works for you, the event, and the guests with you. Be the change, friends! Let’s make America healthier during America’s Favorite Past-time: FOOTBALL SEASON!

Game on! –Lacey