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March 31, 2014

I do NOT count calories 
I just don’t
No matter how many times you ask me how many calories you should be eating, i will always tell you to quit worrying about that and to focus on WHAT you are eating. I have recommended it before, and I will recommend it again…READ THIS BOOK 

even if you don’t go “Paleo” there are a lot of principles in here that will change your life. I don’t want you to have to weigh your food, count your calories, and stress over every bite that you take. You should be focused on putting good food into your body that will make you MORE HEALTHY. If you do this, and train hard, you will see the results that you want, not only for a short period of time, but for a lifetime. See , life isn’t about getting ready for events…its about being ready for EVERY event!


March 3, 2014

No, I am not anorexic, but thank you for asking….




This picture stirred up quite the controversy on my Facebook page yesterday ( Some people were astonished I had a box of tampons on the counter. WHY? Is it a secret that women use those? It is 2014 right? Some people decided I was too skinny. Some people decided I was anorexic, which is absurd, seeing as how I weigh 145 pounds and that information was included in my post. Some people decided I was just plain ugly, which is rude, because while I may not be the most beautiful woman on the planet, I certainly won’t burn anyone’s retinas out from unattractiveness. So today I rebutted with a different pictures ,showing that I have muscle.



Well, this pictures stirred up even MORE controversy. Some people decided I was too muscular. Some decided I again, was ugly. Some decided that I looked like a man. I was gross. Someone even ventured to say my elbows were too pointy. So what is the moral of this story. Get to the point already Danielle…right?


First, I would like to thank the 85 percent of my fan base who supports me one hundred percent. They stick up for me publicly and privately. They message me telling me not to let the haters bother me, though truly they don’t. They post on the picture and defend me to the nasty people. They share my pictures saying I inspire them to do great things. And to those people I am forever and truly grateful. You make doing what I do worth doing. Fit and Funky fans are the best fans in the world. I love you! 


The point of this rant though is simply this: first of all, who are we to judge another’s appearance. We don’t live in that body. Maybe I am too muscular for you. No one is forcing you to have a six pack. I live in my skin and I am happy and comfortable with the way I look. I like being fit. Its coded in my DNA. I feel strong, beautiful, healthy and am a positive role model for my two beautiful daughters. My only goal is to motivate you and inspire you to move more, eat less crap, and be the best version of you that you can be. And if that involves me taking half naked bathroom selfies, so be it. And if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. You are not required to follow me. It’s a choice. 

To all of you out there who are struggling to find peace within yourself to love the person you see in the mirror, I challenge you not to hate on those who do. I challenge you to be the version of you that you can be and part of that is being a good, genuine, nice person who lives by the golden rule! 


So, no I am not anorexic, but thank you for asking! 


February 18, 2014

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks!

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks is one of my mottos! If you are a white sock wearer, don’t worry, I still think you are AMAZING…this is just my personal opinion, not fact, so don’t stress. So, let me give you my low down on socks…my favorite kinds and when to wear them. 

1. NO SHOW SOCKS–these are my absolute favorite. You have to get a good kind though, otherwise they can slip off your heel, which in turn will rub your shoe. I don’t like for my socks to show AT ALL so for me these are a perfect fit. Both NIKE and Reebok have a good line of these. They remind me of those nylons you find at shoe stores to try shoes on with, but of course, they are a sock. 

2. Knee high socks–these are my second go to, obviously only when I wear shorts, and, when I am feeling like an extra bad A#$. They key to a good knee high sock is color and pattern. Something fun that really accentuates your mood. I always said fun socks made me train harder. I often find Target has a good selection of knee high socks with crazy patterns for under $5. 

3. Leg warmers–no its not flashdance days, but yes they are trendy and cute right now! Put them over your leggings or wear them with shorts, but wearing leg warmers always makes me feel slightly sassy..perfect for days involving dance! 


Listen, I am all for you wearing whatever it takes to get you MOVING…and so if that means high white crew socks, that is okay with me. But just wanted you to know a few of my favorites! Image

February 10, 2014

Are you bikini ready?



Now, being in a bikini may not be a goal of yours, but feeling comfortable in your own skin probably is. So, what are you doing to achieve these goals? I normally tell you to step away from the scale…it messes with your head, fluctuates daily, and can impede your progress if you focus solely on that. However, I have found a new scale that I am ADDICTED to and I have to share it with you. So, as you may remember from a previous blog, I have a FitBit, which I am also addicted to. It tracks my activity level as well as my sleep. Well on the app there is place to input your weight. So instead of adding it manually I now have a Withings Health Mate scale, which automatically syncs with my FitBit. It tells me my weight, my body fat percentage, my resting heart rate, and the quality of the air in the room it is in (they recommend you put your scale in your bedroom since air quality matters when getting quality sleep). The actual number on the scale is not what I care about..whether it says 142 or 146, I don’t care as I look good and feel good and know I trained hard. But I like the consistency of tracking the daily fluctuation as well as the body fat percentage and RHR. Put that in with my daily steps, activity level, and sleep and I feel like I am really getting to track my overall fitness and health to lead me to an optimal me. And, if I do just that, I am already on my way to that bikini body! To find out more about the Withings Health Mate , click the link below:


February 3, 2014

Time to get FIXED

So one of the things that is hardest for most people is not exercise, but food. Knowing what to eat, when to eat it, is often so stressful for some people that they give up on clean eating altogether. I am frequently asked the question: what do you eat? My response is always food, because truthfully that is how I eat. I choose my food based on what I think is best nutritionally for my body. But I know for the majority this is not the case. Between a hectic life of juggling work and family, its often hard to think about cooking, let alone cooking healthy.

What if I told you I could make things simpler for you? If I could provide you with a simple system for eating that would not only help you lose weight but would teach you how to have proper portion control, would you be interested? This is not a starvation diet. I am not going to make you eat weeds, sticks, and grass…you will eat real food, food that you enjoy. Here is how it works: basically there is a container for everything…protein, veggies, oils, and even desserts. If your food can fit in the container, you can eat it. And, there are 7 30 min workouts that come with it too. Its called the 21 Day Fix. Meaning we are going to “fix” your eating habits in 3 weeks.

What is the 21 day FIX? In addition to the workouts (7 for the base kit), the program includes the colored containers that WILL make your life SO much easier. There’s no obsessing over counting calories with the FIX — just simple portion control and solid 30 minute workouts! You also get your Shakeology , which you will replace one meal a day with. And most importantly you get the support of ME and the other people in the group doing the program with us. 


The Fix challenge pack will be $140 for the month of February, but will go up to $160 in March. Our group begins on February 10th, so you must order right when the program comes out on February 3rd. The challenge pack will be available starting TODAY at 9 am Pacific Time. To order you go to MY SITE (
To order it as a customer, click SHOP and then CHALLENGE PACKS.  To order it as a coach, click COACH. Sign up and during the upgrade process choose the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. Either way you join its $140 for the challenge pack. But starting month 2 your Shakeology will be $97 vs $130 when you sign up as a coach.
January 21, 2014

Track your progress…each step counts!



There are tons of fitness trackers out there….from Polar Heart Rate monitors, to Nike Fuel Bands, Garmins, FitBits and Jawbones, the choices are never ending. How do you know which one to get and whether or not its not only right for you and for what you are trying to track. I am going to give you my personal experiences with some of these, in hopes to not sway your decision, but to give you some insight and help you make the best choice for you. 



1. Polar Heart Rate Monitors—if you are going to track your heart rate, you have to use one that uses the chest strap. Ones where you simply put down your finger prints on a sensor of the watch are not near as accurate, and they are a nuisance during a workout. I used to wear a Polar Ft4 rather religiously, until it became no longer necessary for me to track my heart rate. (in other words I don’t care any more about how many calories I burn during a workout..I know when I am pushing hard, and when I am half -assing it). But, heart rate monitors can be a very effective way for you to see areas you can improve upon. For example, lets say you determined that your target heart rate zone you would like to achieve during workout is between 165-170 but you are only at a 125. This is a good indicator to you that you need to turn things up a notch. The downside of course is having to wear the chest strap. While not uncomfortable its not something you necessarily want to wear all day everyday. 

2. BodyBugg–I used to wear a BodyBugg back when they first came out and everyone was wearing them on their arm. I actually thought they looked really cool. The technology has probably changed since I last wore one (I am thinking it was like 5 years ago) but at that time it would tell you how many calories you burned, but it wouldn’t tell you your heart rate. Pet peeve–when women are dressed up wearing a bodybugg on their arm. 

3. Nike Fuel Band–as you may or may not know I am a Nike Trainer and Ambassador. I was given a Nike Fuel band. At first, I didn’t want one, and then when I was given one to try out, I fell in love. First of all, I am obsessed with all things Nike. TRULY! Secondly, the design is cool. Its essentially a digital bracelet that alerts you all day of your activity. Downside…FUEL is a Nike creation. Everyone can earn fuel the same no matter size or gender where as with calories we all burn them differently. You are thinking, hey that is cool. And yes, earning Fuel points is fun. But because its arbitrary it won’t give you an accurate count of how many calories you burned. Also, it goes based on  movement. You could literally sit still and just wave your arm in a circle and earn fuel. The app is really fun though and it can be fun to try and earn more fuel than someone else who has a fuel band. 

4. JawBone or FitBit–I didn’t plan on ever getting one of these, even though I liked the idea of tracking my sleep, something that both of these do. I won a JawBone from the certification department of Beachbody, so I thought okay, lets see what this can do and let me tell you I am obsessed. Yes, it tracks your steps, and your activity level. Yes, their is a cool app that goes along with it and syncs with other apps like MyFitnessPal or MapMyRun, but for me the obsession was in the sleep tracking. I have my nutrition pretty well nailed down, and my workouts and training are pretty solid as well. But one area that I can definitely do better in is sleeping. I do not sleep enough. I am always go , go , go and I know that my body isn’t getting adequate sleep. I like the design of the jawbone, except its missing a display…only way you can see your progress is through the app, but I love seeing how long it took me to fall asleep and how long I was in a deep sleep etc. 

If you have further questions on my recommendations on any of these products , don’t hesitate to reach out to me at You can also follow me on Facebook at 


January 13, 2014

What shoes to wear



I am very passionate about shoes. Not just because they are cute, but because they are functional and can make all the difference in your training, your results, and more importantly your joint health. Running shoes are designed for FORWARD MOTION ONLY! They also have tons of cushioning and “support” that were designed to absorb the shock of impact when your foot hit the pavement after many consecutive miles. They were not intended for you to jump in, balance in, or move with quick feet in. Training shoes were meant and designed for LATERAL MOVEMENT. Stop and go, side shuffle, quick feet..agility and coordination. BALANCE and PLYOMETRICS. A good training shoe is flexible. You can bend and twist it into multiple directions. If gives your foot and your joints the ability to move multi-directionally. The traction on the bottom of a training shoe crosses and moves in many directions versus a running shoe where the soles of the shoe only point forward. The idea that you need a shoe with good support is FALSE! Your foot was perfectly designed to jump. You all know that I am an INSANITY master trainer and instructor. My favorite way to do all that jumping is as close to barefoot as possible. And guess what, that is what is healthiest for my joints. When I am closer to the ground I can land properly, toe-ball-heel and my foot can function as it was intended. If I am doing balance work my feet have grip to ground, and aren’t trying to get traction on cushion, which cause my  knees to buckle and ankles to waiver. When going to look for a training shoe, I don’t care what brand you get. Just go to the training section and look for the lightest, most flexible shoe. But for your convenience, here are a list of my absolute favorites for functionality of course combined with aesthetic appearance. 


Vivobarefoot Stealth
Vivobarefoot The One
Nike Free TR Fit 3
Merrell Vapor Glove
Nike Bionic
Vivobarefoot Evo Lite
Nike Studio Wrap Pack
December 30, 2013

Confessions of a slacker!

Hey HH fans, Danielle here. And I have a confession to make…I am a closet slacker. WHAT?! The woman who does it all? YES! But not intentionally! I missed a few weeks blogging here on our HH blog, and then it turned into habit for me to NOT blog, until Marzia reminded me, um, hey, Danielle, where is your blog. So, there I said it…you heard it here first. I AM NOT PERFECT. Let’s talk a little bit more about that. 

You might follow my journey here, or you might also follow me on my own Facebook page, You see me as the girl with the abs or the girl who works out on stage with Shaun T. You see me as the INSANITY Master Trainer who films the INSANITY rounds and travels the country certifying people. You see me as the Beachbody Coach who ranked #5 in the company and quit her teaching job all while being the mother of two girls. You see my Instagram workout videos and think…wow, she is so perfect and that comes so easy and, and and and…. I know…I get messages from you all the time. But I am here to tell you, yet again, I am not perfect. It isn’t always easy. My hair isn’t always brushed. Sometimes I don’t shower all day after a workout. I burn dinner, and yell at people in traffic who drive too slow. My laundry isn’t always done, my bed isn’t always made, and sometimes I choose the drive through over a home cooked meal for my children. Sometimes I modify my workouts, or even skip one. Sometimes I eat a brownie or three, and sometimes I have a glass of wine. I have fat days, bad hair days, and days where I do not feel successful. 


But guess what….life isn’t about perfection its about balance. Its about doing what you love and loving what you do. Its about knowing that there is no such thing as perfect. Its knowing that when you kiss your kids good night and tell them you love them, that you mean it, and they know it. Its about knowing that you did your best because your best is all you can do. Its about knowing when to say I am sorry and when to take ownership for slacking. When Marzia asked me about the blog, I didn’t make up a half truth. I was honest….I told her, hey I forgot. And I am sorry. And moving forward I will be better. Gosh, why can’t it always be that simple? But it can be….let’s practice that. 


Because each day is a chance to get things right, do them better, and be the best you that you can be. 

Cheers to 2014…the year in which WE WILL BE BETTER! Image


October 31, 2013

Tricks and Treats for a Healthier Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few last minute ideas to keep all the candy your child will collect today out of  his or her tummy!

Tricks or Treats

Buy equal amounts candy (hopefully organic) and Halloween party favors (glow sticks, tattoos and rings).  I bought my favors at the dollar store.  Mix all together and pass out.

Trade Treats for Treasures

I saw the idea of trading in treats for toys on Facebook and I love it.  My daughter and I discussed this and she is very excited to turn in candy for treasures.  Candy can be exchanged for a gift or money.  The more candy, the bigger the gift or a penny per piece.  Remember its not about the gift more about you being able to lose the candy and keeping your child happy.

Treats as Tools

Use your leftover Halloween for learning and kids craft.  Here are some ideas:

  • Have your child count the pieces, alphabetize and sort.
  • Elmers school glue and construction – let your child use their imagination
  • Science experiments – go to for a list of ideas
  • Reuse during the Holiday to decorate a Gingerbread house – Think Nightmare Before Christmas theme

Hope these last minute ideas are helpful!

Happy & Safe Halloween


August 20, 2013

Social Media and Kids…

I have what you call a “tween”. She is 12 years old going on 35. She is a good kid who does well in school, sings , and plays volleyball. For her 12th birthday I finally caved and bought her a cell phone…and what is funny, is that she truly was one of her last classmates to get one. I allowed her to have an Instagram account, which I felt out of all the social media outlets was the one that a 12 year old truly could have the most age appropriate phone with only because she hounded me for months to get on Twitter or Facebook, like her friends. I informed her that I did not agree with her friends or their parents for allowing a 12 year old to have a Twitter or a Facebook account, and no matter how mad at me she got, she would not get one of those social media accounts until her father and I felt it were appropriate. 

Her IG account is monitored and private and pretty harmless. Her little friends post photo challenges with each other and post pics of their favorite One Direction member. She doesn’t have any boy friends on her IG account either making it easy to monitor for inappropriate behavior. 

My daughter however says to me the other day, “I am bored with IG, can I have a Twitter account.” I firmly said no, and just like any good Tween, she incessantly asked me for the rest of the day if she could get one, hoping I would at some point cave. But see, even though I may seem like the cool mom due to the way I dress, I still have very strong traditional values in the sense of what is age appropriate for a kid to do or not do , and I am sorry there is no reason for my 12 year old to tell the world in 140 characters or less what she is doing all day long. As a social media junkie myself I know that Twitter is harder to manage and keep private and while I trust her, I just don’t feel its necessary at her age. For me, I am like, you will have social media to join for the rest of your life…be a kid now and wait. Similiar idea to kids who want to dye their hair, or rush into a relationship…be a kid now, there is time for all of that later. 

For you moms out there, I am curious if you agree with me, or if you are one of those mothers who has allowed their pre-teen child to have a Facebook or Twitter account even though the rules of usage state that you must be 13 years of age to join. What is your reasoning? Your logic? No judgment, just curious. Image