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May 8, 2013

Picky Eater Options for a Non-Chef

Part of being a Healthy Housewife is doing one’s best to keep the entire home as healthy as possible. For me, that includes a husband, two teenagers, and two fur-babies. My step-daughter and I are surrounded by four other men in the household. I’m including both male pups along with the male humans. Ironically, both of us girls will pretty much each whatever; however, I have a sticky note with the following dietary preferences for the men:

Post Its

1. No onions, no chives, no humus, no cucumbers, no cauliflower, no mint gum

2. No mushrooms, no black olives, no spinach.

3. For both pups, separate feeding times, and peanut butter and ice cream are ideal treats. They love carrots and ice too.

Cooking is interesting and down-right frustrating on days I’m not feeling creative; however, I managed a few meals that won blue ribbons with the household, so I wanted to share:


“Organic Chicken Skinny-Nuggets”

Cut four organic chicken breasts into cubes

Mix in bowl #1: Chipotle-flavored Tabasco sauce and olive oil

Mix in bowl #2: gluten-free bread crumbs or croutons, sea salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese

You know the drill! Drop cubes of chicken into bowl #1 then bowl #2; coat evenly and place on a baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 425 degrees; Flip and bake for 5-7 minutes more. Cool, and serve with dip of choice.


“Unfried Ice Cream


  • Greek vanilla frozen yogurt
  • Special K Cereal, crushed
  • ground cinnamon
  • crushed almonds
  • Hershey’s dark-chocolate syrup (optional)
  • cherries or almond for topping (optional)
  • Truwhip for topping (optional)

Mix the cereal, cinnamon, and crushed almonds in a bowl. Scoop your frozen yogurt as normal and roll (lightly) in a bowl of the crushed Special K mixture. (You can also make three smaller “balls” for a different display option.) Set in a bowl and top as desired (depending on person’s preferences.)



With such picky eaters, this is one of my favorite “go-to” items.


Favorite wrap or tortilla (based on preferences, there are gluten-free, whole-wheat, regular, or vegetable options)

Spreads: I make humus, almond butter, or cream cheese pinwheels–just not altogether. 🙂

“Meats”: I use Amy’s Bean Burger crumbles or patty (crumbled up), Garden Burger, or Turkey burger; however, you can use nitrate-free turkey or chicken slices as well. I also pair the following with the almond butter: raisins, dried fruits, smashed banana, warmed organic apple horizontal slices. If I’m having a sweet tooth, or an allergy attack, I simply spread locally-grown honey the almond butter and wrap it up. Yum.

Veggies: spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, or thinly-sliced squash

Roll your preferences, and slice into inch-thick slices. Arrange on your favorite platter or baggie them up for a boat cruise or family picnic.

NOTE: Bring peanut butter and a spoon for the pups.

I’m looking forward to learning so more picky-family friendly recipes, and I enjoy referencing the following on my journey.


In health (and for the sake of keeping the peace), Lacey

April 10, 2013

MANicures and Mistakes

            A small disclaimer before diving into this week’s topic: men don’t need to be cured, fixed, or polished. It is my opinion that men need to be allowed to be men. Some of my girlfriends are rolling their eyes at me as they read this. The second part of my belief is that if they are allowed to be men, they are happier, better partners in life, and that benefits us (ladies!) Whether you’re dating, married, or have male friends, I’m sure everyone agrees that it’s nice when the men in our lives are happy.


            I mentioned aloud that I needed to get a manicure (and pedicure) for an upcoming beach trip. To which, my husband admitted that he needed to drop some “winter weight” for the trip. When he asked what he should do, I recalled in my head the last time I tried to manage his nutrition and plan his meals. Epic fail. I pushed too hard, and I didn’t work with his personal boundaries. (e.g.; full-bodied, quality beer is a must, not light beer; eating meat isn’t a negotiable topic; and he’s not a runner, but he is a fast walker and a weight lifter.) I pushed my ideals on him and didn’t leave room for negotiation. We both were left frustrated, uninspired, and frankly… needing a stiff drink.


            In response to his comment this time about losing some weight before our beach vacation, I said, “what does that look like to you?” He explained his goal in specific detail. My second question was, “How committed are you?” To which he replied, “I’m not giving up pasta, and I’ll never eat kale… I want to have two beers three times a week… and I’ll work out five times a week for at least 30 minutes.” Since we had three weeks, this will work. Plus, I was more encouraged about his interest in healthier living, not just in the weight loss, so I got to work. The 80/20 rule fit in nicely with my husband’s nutritional criteria; Advocare’s multi-vitamins and Spark drink would ensure he received the minerals and vitamins he needed daily; and I made the commitment to do exercise time with him as often as possible for motivation, but also for accountability. I pulled out the most exciting and fun workouts I had, so he enjoyed the sweat time. When I would go for a run, he fast-walked with the pups, then we’d do weights together. Working our goals into our lifestyle is the ticket!


            Fast forward to three weeks later, my husband met his goal and felt a difference. The plan actually stuck around after the vacation too, which was an added bonus for both of us. Some other benefits were the struggling together during a set of jump-squats or bench presses; the singing out loud to workout music; the looks our pups gave us as we growled through the workout; the post-exercise glow we had when we met friends for a night out. When you look, feel, and perform your best, you do all of life better. Also, when couples sweat together, they stay together. We celebrated little triumphs like when we managed to make broccoli and other greens taste yummy, or when we added to our reps during a workout. We didn’t beat ourselves up when we missed a beat with our diet or exercise routine. And when he looked up at me from a bowl of his favorite pasta creation and said, “It’s my 20% babe…” I just had to smile.



Working out with a spouse (or friend, or child) is fantastic mutli-tasking! Quality time and a workout!

Working out with a spouse (or friend, or child) is fantastic mutli-tasking! Quality time and a workout!

My husband and I at a messy 5k showing it doesn't always matter who wins. If you're getting healthy together--everyone wins!

My husband and I at a messy 5k showing it doesn’t always matter who wins. If you’re getting healthy together–everyone wins!

Men and women have varying goals, motivations, and commitment levels. We’re each willing to give up different things. Conversely, we have those things we refuse to give up. My toes will always be ready for flip flop season, and my husband will always have his morning cup of coffee. The key is to find ways to implement healthier habits into your life together and to always keep first things first… like family, friends, and laughter.





Some FUN Q&A from Our Home to Yours


“Does golfing with the guys count as my activity?” Only if you do squats before you swing at each hole.


“Do the beers I have on our date nights count?” Not if we are both smiling and enjoying the time together. 


“Is all sugar bad?” Not if it’s in a dessert I want, and we share.


“The kids want to order pizza and stay in with us Friday night, can we eat that?” Yes we can and with gratitude over the fact they want to stay in and eat pizza with us. (This is a 20% situation.)


“What do you want to bet?” Loser has to do 25 pushups (especially funny if we are out in public.)


Keeping healthy is a family affair... sometimes it's messy, but we are committed!

Keeping healthy is a family affair… sometimes it’s messy, but we are committed!

April 8, 2013

My Sister—A Love Letter

Paige in Granbury

Happy Monday, friends! This is Brooke, and I would love to shine some light on a beautiful thing called a sister. My sister and I stole away this last weekend for a sister weekend, just she and I—no husbands, kids, or pets. And it was lovely! We had more real conversations than I can remember recently, we enjoyed having absolutely no agenda, and we blissfully watched movies in bed while devouring pizza–heavenly!! I’ve been blessed beyond measure in my life, and one of my first blessings was my sister, Paige. She came along when I was 3 years old. I still remember the great ceremony of being allowed to hold her for the first time, sitting responsible and still on the olive-green couch so beloved in the 1970’s (why beloved, I’m not sure). My mother’s long, elegant fingers settling her on my lap, the cloud of white fabric and lace that surrounded . . . my sister. First breathed with a hushed reverence, the magic of this word has never gone away.

sister in the mirror

I’m the older sister, and I quite like this, although nothing about it was of my own doing. But if you have siblings, you’ll probably understand this next part—growing up, I always felt smugly superior for having been born first. Really?!? But when you are young and powerless, you grasp at the only straws you have. The world could fall to pieces, but in the end, I would always be older. Nothing could ever change that. There is a reassuring permanence to this. I LOVE being the older sister. And I love having a little sister, someone who is mine alone. Our lives are knitted together and always have been. Our shared moments are like opposite sides of a kaleidoscope, the events are the same but their colors are refracted differently for each of us.

You know how time felt when you were young, waiting for life to pass so you can grow up and do whatever grown-ups do? It felt like forever, and we would play for what amounted to days upon days of making sure our Barbies had the most creative (imaginary) split-level houses and happy families. Every time I had a good idea for something, Paige wanted it too. Every time I did something, she had to do it too. Maddening! But this tediousness was quickly lost in the joy of having a constant playmate. Someone to tickle my back on car trips, to play card families with, to wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me about the man standing at the end of her bed (in our shared room—eeek!).

sister a little bit of childhood

Then we grew up a bit, each struggling to find our own way to who we really were. Arguments became frequent and unreasonable. I remember there was much bitterness and resentment as we each fought to always be right. We were teenagers after all. Then I left for college, and my world opened up. For me, our relationship changed after I heard a story my freshman year at college about someone’s little sister having been killed in an accident. How awful not to be able to take back all the hurtful things you’ve said. How devastating for someone you loved so much not to know just how much they meant to you. If you are at odds with a loved one, the quickest way to turn your heart is to imagine not having more time together. It feels terrible but it works, for me at least. It keeps you from saying things you’ll regret and helps your spirit stay soft and kind. Coming back from school after this realization and being the first one to forgive in an argument was hard to do. The words jagged in my throat. But after that initial step, some time passed, and we grew closer again. She softened, or maybe my thoughts of her softened, and we both grew up. We became more alike, and I recognized my truest playmate and partner in crime from long ago.

cute B and P BB

These days, my gorgeous Paige has her own beautiful family—a loving husband, 2 wonderful daughters, and lots of animals. She’s smart, strong, kind, compassionate, funny, and silly. In short, exactly who I strive to be. She’s an amazing mother, a lovely wife, a cherished friend and daughter, and a deeply beloved sister. And she’s still all mine.

May each of you be lucky enough to share your life with a sister, even if you didn’t come from the same nest.

Much love, Brooke

March 29, 2013

Breaking the post-baby blues

ImageAs I’ve previously stated, I gained a decent amount of weight when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My doctor cleared me to start working out 6 weeks after I gave birth to Landry. As much as I was determined to get back into shape the thought of leaving my newborn, even for an hour, was SO hard for me. However, it was necessary. I’m lucky enough to have AMAZING friends and family who stepped in to make sure that I got out of the house, back into civilization, and back to feeling like myself. Without their encouragement and support, I would not have done it alone.  Accepting the offers of support from your friends and family during this time is so important!

One of my friends, Ashleigh, had been going to a boot camp in-town named Boot camp Dallas. She persuaded me to start this 6 week camp with her.  Then my other friend, Taylor, stepped in and offered to stay with Landry, when my husband couldn’t, so I could start working out. I don’t know what I would have done without my friends and family through this transition period in my life. Long story short, accept your friends offers of support, it was my saving grace.  .

After I made it to my first boot camp and I was hooked.  It was just what I needed to jumpstart my system again. I had found a great boot camp, was going with one of my best friends, and I had an amazing instructor (who is now still one of my best friends). It was a win, win, win!  I even ended up being the biggest loser in my camp. Taking these few hours a week for myself was key in getting back to feeling like myself again.

Once you accept the support from your friends or family, there are many choices on which exercise method to use to get back in shape. However, I’m sold on jumpstarting your system with a great boot camp. Here’s why:Image

Support and accountability– Much like any program or association, when people are all going through the same thing together a common bond is formed. Boot Camp is no different and you will likely form new friends within your group. This helps you stick with your workout program and provides you with instant accountability partners. The boot camp I did has as 95% retention rate, so a lot of the participants are returning campers and can help encourage and provide guidance to a new enrollee. Everyone is working together to help keep each other on target.

Fast Results– The mix of strength training and cardiovascular training is called cross training. It’s been shown to be a great method to build lean tissue, burn fat and provide all round fitness for day to day life. In a boot camp, you are always doing new workouts and drills that help push your body to new limits.

Getting outside- You don’t have to go into a smelly gym with fluorescent lights. Put on your sunscreen, get outside, and get some vitamin D! Studies show that people who are exposed to regular amounts of sunlight do not need vitamin D supplements because sunlight promotes sufficient vitamin D synthesis in the skin. Studies also have shown that vitamin D plays a crucial role in strengthening bones, fighting depression, boosting immunity and potentially even speeds up the body’s ability to lose weight.

Helps you push yourself– At the beginning of most boot camps, they take your measurements and weight. It is really motivating to see your hard work pay off by the end of the camp when you have lost inches.  Most people rarely push themselves as hard as an exercise professional will, especially when you’re in a group setting.

Whatever your workout is, take your friend and family support and get moving! Take baby steps to getting back into the real world and feeling like yourself again.  You can do it and you will feel like yourself again in no time!

If you are wondering what boot camp I did it was Boot camp Dallas. I am a huge fan of this boot camp. Boot camp Dallas consists of running, bleachers, plyometric drills, high intensity training, weights and core work. The owner and instructor is Jovone Kordoban, she started one of the first boot camps in Dallas and has a very high client retention rate because of the great results her members achieve. Her camp is held at Jesuit high school. If you want more information you contact Jovone at

Have a great weekend and love yourself to a healthy lifestyle-

Loren Silas

February 21, 2013


My progress each year

My progress each year and still going!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jen and this is why I am a Healthy Housewife:

I had a beautiful baby girl in November 2011, however, I put on a lot of weight throughout my pregnancy to the tune of 14 stone!! I did not know where to start to even attempt getting the weight back off, I then discovered HIIT training and was introduced to weight training too.  I did 15 minute HIIT workouts everyday of my maternity leave and completely overhauled my diet, I started lifting weights twice a week as well, it took me a year to get back to where I wanted to be but I learned sooo much along the way that I want to share with everybody.

Crreating a vision board helps me with my progress

Crreating a vision board helps me with my progress

I am now back at my pre pregnancy weight and want to share everything I learned with as many people as possible, especially new mums! I post new daily workouts to my site everyday specifically designed to help tone and lose weight without spending hours in the gym, the workouts are 15 mins long and you can do them at home!! I hope my site helps as many people as possible reach their goals! I sent my pictures in to bodyrock tv not so long back and they made ‘bodyrocker of the day’ I was so chuffed, my message to everyone is no matter how bad you think things are NEVER GIVE UP! everyone can get fit!

Attached is the you tube link to my weight loss journey video! Thank you sooooo much for your support!

So proud of how far I have come! NEVER GIVE UP!

So proud of how far I have come! NEVER GIVE UP!

You can follow my health & fitness journey at:

If I can do it, so can you! Thanks for reading my blog!


February 19, 2013

Bad words….

Bianca asked me the other day, “Mommy, when will I be old enough to say bad words?”…of course my reaction was, “NEVER!”…LOL….and then my sweet little Bianca said, “well sissy says S-up, and upid”…which is code word for shut up and stupid…both “bad words” in our house. 

But it got me to thinking…at what age do we really start to be come less conscious of our word choices. I am not an avid cusser (sorry if that is not a real word), and I certainly try not to drop a bomb in front of my children or mixed company, however, I am not going to lie and say that I do not curse. I do. And when I do, I typically don’t feel any judgment or value associated with it. When did that happen though?

So, my question is, how do you handle cursing in your household and what do you consider a bad word? Here are a few of my thoughts. 

1. in our house we have words that are bad…beyond the obvious, such as stupid and shut up. 

2. there are words that are completely unacceptable in our house like retarded, dumb, idiot, moron…anything that basically is hurtful to another person and their intelligence

3. while its not always right, we kind of follow the do as I say not as I do principle on this one…meaning there will be times where we get angry or upset and slip..and its important for our children to understand that does not give them an automatic hall pass to use inappropriate words. 

4. have an open and honest relationship with your children so they can come to you openly when they have questions about words they have heard at school, on the radio, on tv etc. Because we live in a world where its normal to hear inappropriate language and I feel if your kids hear it , but can talk to you about it, then they most likely won’t use it. 


The more we can arm our vocabulary with positive words, the less bad words we have to use, and in turn our children will use. No need for washing the mouth out with the proverbial soap!


February 14, 2013

Make your Valentines Day Sexy and Healthy! And Fun for the kids too!

d91b04e2a0779ba693098bbb03572a7bValentine’s Day is here! For most of us, it’s the same every year! Lots of thought and time goes into planning a romantic dinner out.  Reservations must be made well in advance and most restaurants hike up their prices and serve you what they bought on special! They get to serve you a very expensive (not always healthy) 3 course dinner with wine and dessert.  It always sounds so good in theory but at the end of the evening what are you left with? I’ll tell you…a very full tummy, a wallet with a big dent and the only thoughts in your head are going to bed and I mean sleep. 

I’m not saying you can’t have a special evening but maybe you can celebrate Valentines Day in and bring the romance home.

Dinner In.


So skip the reservation, stay home and make dinner a romantic event! Turn off the TV, listen to your favorite music, have a glass of wine or make a special valentine cocktail with fresh fruit juice.  Then cook as a couple. Prepare a big healthy salad with lots of vegetables, homemade veggie pizza or even something quick and light on the grill. Don’t kill yourself on a meal with tons of preparation.  This should be fun, easy and sexy!



Now, the good stuff.  After a light healthy meal with great company its time for some healthy chocolate indulgence!

Guiltless Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake


Cooking spray (make your own)

6 ounces 70% dark chocolate
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 very ripe bananas
1/4 cup roasted sweet potato
1/4 cup honey
1 whole egg
3 egg whites


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Place 8 (4-ounce) ramekins or custard cups on a large baking sheet. Spray with cooking spray and set aside.
  3. Combine chocolate, orange zest and vanilla extract in a medium bowl over hot boiling water. Whisk until chocolate is completely melted.
  4. Puree bananas, sweet potato and honey until smooth.
  5. Remove the melted chocolate from heat and fold over banana puree and 1 whole egg. Mix well
  6. Whip the egg whites until soft peak
  7. Slowly fold egg whites into chocolate mixture.
  8. Spoon mix into ramekins, filling them almost to the top.

Bake for approximately 6 to 7 minutes, remove and serve. Warm center of the chocolate should be soft.

 Cooking Spray Ingredients

  1. 1 part olive oil (or your choice of oil)
  2. 5 parts distilled/filtered water
  3. 1 misting  spray bottle


Mix in your spray bottle 1 part oil to 5 parts water. Shake well and store in a cool dark place.


We all love roses.  They are beautiful and I love them but during Valentines they are super expensive or very cheap and don’t last very long either way. Rather than giving or expecting roses suggest an alternative, such as a fresh herb plant that smells great and can be used in cooking or a lovely houseplant to purify the air in your home.  Here is a great suggestion that involves rose, kids and a craft. That’s a Valentine Trifecta! Every child loves crafts and parents and grandparents love items made by their little ones.  Sit down and make these rose cards together!


Fun for the kids – Rose Cards craft

  1. 1 stalk celery
  2. Red and green tempera paint
  3. Blank note cards

Cut celery down to the bottom of stalk, dilute red tempera paint with a bit of water, put onto paper plate, dip celery in paint, and press onto a paper note card, leaving a rose shape!

Make sure you apply even pressure when you press down on the celery. Add glitter, green leaves and write a Valentine message such as “Be Mine” on the outside of the card. The inside is left blank for sweet love notes for friends and family from your child.

Kids Non-Candy Treats


There are healthier ways to say I love you, than loading our kids up on the heart shaped boxes of candy from the grocery store.  Here are several cute alternatives I found on Pinterest.

(1) Bouncy Ball Valentine by The Crafting Chicks

(2) Free Printable Valentine’s Bookmarks by Summit Avenue Design
(3) Ruler Valentine by Thompson & Spring
(4) Silly Straw Valentines by Plucky Momo
(5) Glow Stick Bracelet by Kommuicated
(6) Love Bug Valentines by Dandee
(7) Pencil Valentines by Write with Moxie
(8) Play-Doh Valentines by Paging Supermom
(9) Race Car Valentines by Paper and Pip
(10) Magnifying Glass Valentines by Dandee
(11) Recycled Heart Crayons by The Long Thread
(12) Super Star Glasses by Plucky Momo

Whatever you do, I hope you all have a very Happy Valentines Day! Kathy, Fit Fashionista

February 4, 2013

Time away….how to handle anxiety over a childless vacation….

I don’t know about you, but my husband and i have not traveled much without our children. Last year was the first time for both of us to be away from them at the same time. Yes, I travel for work, but I don’t blink an eye, because they are safely at home with my husband, their daddy. And last year, when we went to the Bahamas for 3 days, I was anxious at the though of leaving them. I of course managed to get over it as I sat beside the crystal blue water and clean white sand and was able to enjoy some much needed alone time with my spouse. But this year, actually in just a few days, I will be traveling to Argentina and Uraguay for 8 days. 8 days!!!! And 8 days with limited phone access due to the cost of international calls. And, to top it all off, my daughter’s 7th birthday is while we are away. Talk about major mom guilt! So what is a mom to do. I firmly believe that as a parent you should not lose your identity simply because you have children. Yes I love my children, and they are a top priority, but especially when you are married, you have to have some quality alone time to continue to build and nurture that relationship. 

So, how does a mom deal with anxiety over leaving their children for a much needed vacation? Here are a few tips that should help.

  1. leave your children with someone you trust without question. I know that seems like a given, but the last thing you need to worry about is the well being of your kids. 
  2. write out notes for every day that you are gone for their lunch boxes. Just a little reminder that mommy loves them. 
  3. use face time or skype to your advantage..instead of just calling the kids to check in, get in a video chat for a few minutes so you can hear about their day
  4. don’t spend your whole vacation talking about the kids…use the time away to renergize your marriage
  5. Choose a special and meaningful souvenir to bring home as a surprise. 
  6. remember that this only one week out of their entire lives. You get to be their mommy forever. 


I know its tough…when we become a mom we always want to put ourselves last and our families first. But you can’t…you are important, and if you are in a relationship, your relationship is important. You are modeling for your children, hopefully, what a healthy, loving  relationship looks like, which in turn will set them up for healthy relationships when they get older. 



January 23, 2013

The Journey to a Happier Healthier Housewife

My family

My family


I wasn’t always a health nut or a fitness lover! I’m not going to tell you that it was smooth sailing becoming both, it wasn’t. I had my ups and downs. I went back to old habits. I went through periods of terrible negative self-talk and excuses while at the gym. However, at the end of the day, all those valleys I trudged through, led me to a harmonious place- a place where fitness and nutrition are now a part of my life and the life of my family. A life welcomed with open arms and without fear. There is a balance! A balance between eating healthy, still enjoying “not-so-healthy” treats, not spending hours in the gym; all while balancing the things that matter most in your life-your family!


Throughout my journey I came upon several realizations:

  1. “If I don’t love myself through thick, I won’t love myself through thin”. I had to change my internal dialogue from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Loving and encouraging thoughts were a must! Instead of hating that my thighs were not exactly the way I wanted them to be I reminded myself that my legs are power houses! My legs will do whatever I ask of them- for that I am grateful! Instead of beating myself up over a “cheat meal” that turned into a “cheat day I chose to remind myself that tomorrow is another day. Another chance to “get it right”. I found strength in my choices.  It is up to me to choose a positive outlook.  It is up to me to choose to push myself out of my comfort zone in the gym.  It is up to me to choose to nourish my body with nutrient rich foods.  My results are based on my choices! I decide!
  2. The scale is worthless.  Throw it out! I do not weight myself… ever! It simply does not matter what the scale says!  That number holds no value to me! So many different factors affect our weight- water, activity level, sodium, menstrual cycle etc.  What is truly rewarding is not a number on the scale but how strong I feel and the positive changes in my lifestyle.  Non-scale victories quickly became my new best friend-“I lifted heavier weights today”, “I stayed consistent with my good nutrition this week”, “I didn’t use my inhaler once during today’s workout!”  I’m not a NUMBER or a SIZE! I’m awesome!
  3. Honesty. I choose to be honest with myself.  In order to be truly successful I had to face reality.  I was fudging my workouts and my nutrition.  I was eating clean all day and then blowing it at dinner time. I was eating junk with the mindset: “I’ll just burn it off tomorrow”.  I was cutting out of group exercise classes 15min early and quitting during my own workouts before I was truly worn out.  All of those “little” things added up and kept me from reaching my goals.  I decided I had to be honest with myself when it came to the kitchen and the gym!  My actions needed to be in line with my goals.  I needed to challenge myself in ALL areas if I truly wanted to change.
  4. Being consistent and embracing the journey.  My final realization was that results don’t happen overnight.  I have to be patient! I have to stay consistent!  It is about working hard day in and day out.  Major lifestyle changes don’t come without hard work, sacrifice and will power.  You have to work for it and earn it!  The reward of achieving your goals is unbelievably sweet!
I challenged myself to compete

I challenged myself to compete

Through sheer persistence and will, from knowing nothing at the start of this journey and being uncomfortable in my skin, I became confident and successful.   I practiced will power, threw out the scale and chose to be positive and embrace my body.   I stopped dreading workouts and the broccoli in my meals.  I embraced the sweat dripping down my cheeks, my heart pounding, the burn in my muscles and the foods that made me stronger.  I became knowledgeable in the gym and in the kitchen.  Every single day full of good choices brought me that much closer to a happier, healthier me.  I was leading by example for my family.  We are no longer junk food junkies! We are a happy, healthy family unit!

Make the choice! Be patient, love yourself, work hard, be consistent and stay positive.  Repeat this day in and day out and you will get there! If you fall, pick yourself up and start again.  The journey to success is spotted with failures that in the end make us stronger.  Winners never quit and quitters never win!

Thank you,

Erin Meyers


January 16, 2013


The love of my life-my son Kyson

The love of my life-my son Kyson

Hi Everyone!

I was flattered when Marzia asked me to write a guest post for The Healthy Housewives.  Of course the first thing I thought was ‘what should I write about??’.  Like Marzia said, I always have something to say.  However that makes it so difficult to narrow it down and choose one topic!  I asked some friends what I should write about and it was an overwhelming ‘fit after baby’ response, however Loren has just done a phenomenal job with that topic.  So instead I have decided to do my post on my favorite things.  My list of top 10 priorities in order to keep myself and my son in tip top condition from the inside out!!  I hope some of you will find these things easily incorporated into your lives.  I promise the benefits will be many!!!

So here we go with number one!  My top top health tip is ‘eat real food’.  That may sound silly to some, but it is literally the difference between surviving and thriving in this life.  When I say eat real food I mean cut out all the processed stuff.  I don’t mean just the box crap (definitely get rid of that!) but I mean the stuff that is raised and processed on factory farms or mass harvested on ginormous ‘farms’…blech.  Buy as much local, pastured, humanely raised, or organically farmed (wild-caught when it comes to fish) food as possible.  Not only are you supporting your local farmers and economy, you are feeding your body the food that it knows what to do with!  No extras you may not have bargained for!!

Number two in my bag of tricks is definitely coconut oil.  Yep.  Coconut Oil.  Seriously it is good for everything!!  In my house we use it for too many things to even list!!  A few uses would be for cooking or baking with, it is a stable oil for med/high temps…other oils such as olive can turn rancid at high temps.  I have used coconut oil on my son’s diaper rashes, I use it mixed with coffee grinds as a face and body scrub, I use it as a toothpaste (oil pulling), I use it as moisturizer, it is good to give to your four legged children.  It is anabolic and aids in fat burning.  If there is a magic food/supplement out there, this is it!!

Third on my list of must haves is Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV.  Another super food with many uses!!  I drink water with lemon and ACV every morning!  It is a natural appetite suppressant, lowers blood sugar levels, regulates pH levels, and helps detoxify the body.  I also use it regularly to condition my hair (the smell is strong while my hair is wet, but once dry the smell is gone!).  I have used it as astringent and in homemade cleaning recipes.  It is a must have in my pantry!!

Number four should probably be number 1!  It is so so important to drink clean water!!  This may seem like a simple task, but actually it has taken a lot of research and effort to make sure I get clean water for my family!  The best possible way to get clean water is to install a reverse osmosis filter in your home.  I also recommend a filter on your shower heads!  Next best choice would be an activated carbon filter, however this type of filter will not get rid of fluoride, which I avoid like the plague.  Then last I would say is bottled water.  I only choose pH balanced bottled water from my local health stores, it does get expensive though, so I just do it as needed.  This is one of my major major peeves….the fact that we have all the technology to have pristine water supplies flow from our faucets, yet the amount of contaminants and chemicals actually added to my water make it undrinkable in my opinion!

Fifth on my list is pre and probiotics!  If you I could recommend a must have supplement this would be it!!  We as humans have a delicate ecosystem going on inside of our bodies.  And in today’s environment filled with pollutants, stress, genetically modified foods, prescription drugs, etc etc, the ecosystem in our bodies really doesn’t have a chance without our calculated support!  80% of the human immune system is directly related to our guts.  Recent studies have also confirmed the gut/brain connection, which a huge leap for the health of future generations.  There are specific diets like WAPF, and GAPS protocol to help reestablish healthy guts in people with health issues.  We had to use these diets with my son in order to cure his food allergies (which seem to be all gone at this point!).  If you seem to be a pretty healthy person in general then you should just be able to supplement with probiotics.  You can do this with foods like yogurt, fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha), and then with the the actual powders or drinks, the higher the count and the more strains the better!

Obviously exercise is an important part of health, so I will make that my number sixExercise can come in so many forms.  I happen to love the gym.  It is my escape from reality.  For a couple hours nothing bothers me and I just lift and or do cardio.  For some people that is their worst nightmare.  But there are so many things that can be ‘exercise’.  Whatever you may enjoy, whether it be horseback riding, cleaning, running outside, or playing football with your kids.  I do recommend some sort of resistance training whether it be weights or leg pressing your toddler.  Not only does being active keep you healthy and your body looking good, it makes you feel good, and when you feel good you make better choices in almost every aspect of your life!  So get moving!!!

Seventh on my list will be protein.  I have been drinking protein supplements for at least a decade and the truth is for the first seven of those years what I was using was probably hurting me not helping.  I do recommend a protein supplement for ease.  I drink 2 smoothies each day and I always use a scoop of protein powder in it.  It is a quick easy meal and truthfully it satisfies my sweet tooth!  There are only a handful of protein powders that I will use now.  If I use a whey protein, I always buy Bluebonnet.  They use milk from New Zealand cows which are never treated with hormones and are pastured as cows should be.  But the number one reason I choose them is because they cold process the whey.  No chemicals or high heat for processing which means the protein is not denatured and rancid (as are most proteins on the market).  I also love the Garden of Life RAW protein line!  So we use both of those in my house!  My son loves them too!!

Okay, number eight on my list may catch you by surprise.  Cut out the gluten.  I recommend cutting it all out.  At least for 4 weeks, after the four weeks is over go ahead and reintroduce it minimally, like as a once a week cheat.  You will feel so much better in so many ways!  You will lose weight, inflammation will subside, your digestion will get better.  And probably for a lot of you when you eat it again you will feel awful!  I cut the gluten when I had to for my son (he had a mild allergy to it).  Now, every time I eat it (which is rarely) I break out!!  So you may be surprised what benefits cutting it out will have for you!!  And if you are really serious try going completely grain free!!!  We are completely grain free about 80% of the time in my house!

Alright, finishing up!!  Number nine on my list of favorite tips has to be my daily vitamins.  I don’t take a ton, but I do think what I take is important and people always ask me about it.  So I thought I should include them in this list!  My primary goal is to get what I need from food and sunshine, but I do believe that can be difficult sometimes.  My daily regimen includes a multi-vitamin, B complex, Adrenal support, vitamin D, probiotics, fermented cod liver oil, and super greens (which I put in my smoothies).  I choose brands that use raw organic whole food nutrients so all the co-factors are included in order to be the most bio-available.  You can read about the fermented cod liver oil and where to find it at this link

Last but not least, number ten on my list of top tips is use the internet!  I get my best recipes from my favorite bloggers and I find so much motivation on pinterest.  I find the most interesting and thought provoking articles from the people I follow on facebook.  Knowledge is power and that includes when it comes to your body and your health!!  Obviously this comes with a disclaimer, DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Make sure the sources you find are reliable and trustworthy, and use common sense!

That rounded out my list of top ten tips when it comes to keeping you and your family operating in tip top shape!!  I hope you can utilize one or two (or all) of these things into your routine!!  Your insides will thank you!!  I have included links that expand on some of the information I have touched on in this post!  I hope you get a chance to check them out!!  I want to thank Marzia and The Healthy Housewives for inviting me to do this!!

If you are looking for more info, you can start here!

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I made the Dec cover of the Healthy Housewives!

I made the Dec cover of the Healthy Housewives!

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