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March 3, 2014

Sweet Nékter

interesting juice pic

Just what I needed–beautiful purple juice (The Cure)!

Hi, Friends! It’s Brooke here, and I want to share with you my latest addiction: Nékter Juice Bar! I sure do love my caffeine, but I know I drink too much of it. So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to nourish myself enough to step away (gradually) from my beloved stimulant. I love how happy, fresh, and alive I feel after drinking a fresh-pressed juice, so I started looking for juice bars near my neighborhood. Whole Foods makes amazing juices, but they are pricier than I’d like. And if I had more sense and time management skills, I would plan ahead and juice more at home. But when I’m on the move and I need some TLC, it’s Nékter to the rescue!Healthy History


Nékter Juice Bar founders, Steve and Alexis Schulze, opened their first store in 2010 with the simple idea of providing a neighborhood juice bar where everyone could enjoy delicious, healthy fruit and veggie juices at reasonable prices. Turns out people were starving for stellar nutrition on the go—Nékter now has 26 stores and counting! Thankfully, the only store outside of California just happens to be down the street from me in Dallas—yippee! One of my client friends even surprised me with a Nékter gift card out of the blue. What a beautiful gift of health—pure plant love.

Recently, as I prepared to get out of my car and grab a juice, I watched customers come and go from the store and I was struck by Nékter’s resemblance to a hummingbird feeder, with creatures zipping in, alighting briefly for nourishing sweet nectar (!), then buzzing away. Somehow, things just feel right when life imitates nature.

Smoothies, Cleanses, and Other Treats

The Cure and spicy kale chips--nutritious and delicious!

The Cure and spicy kale chips–nutritious and delicious!

In addition to the fresh juices, Nékter offers raw vegan smoothies as well as bowls of blended fruit with bananas, granola, and other tasty bits. If you need a good crunch to offset the smooth juices, they offer nuts, trail mix, and my favorite—spicy kale chips! For an easy way to detoxify your life and kick start your path to better nutrition, Nékter offers 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-day juice cleanses with a handy cooler thrown in. Be sure and check out the Snider Plaza location (near SMU): You’ll be SO happy you did. 🙂

Homemade Delight

My favorite juice is The Cure, and I love getting it when I’m beset by allergies or changing weather, which is often. It’s a gorgeous deep purple-red color, it’s bursting with antioxidants, and it’s delicious! Here’s my take on this tasty treat:

The Cure

(Makes 16 oz. of juice)

  • 1-1½ small beets, raw and scrubbed
  • ½ small head of broccoli, with stem
  • 1 large handful curly parsley
  • 2-3 kale leaves
  • 1 red apple, small
  • 2 handfuls red grapes
  • 4 celery stalks, with leaves

Cut produce to fit the feeder tube of your juicer. Add pieces of fruit and veggies to your juicer, collecting the juice in a medium-to-large measuring cup or pitcher. Once finished juicing, stir and enjoy!

Here’s to health, love, and juicing,


grow through life


February 23, 2014

Brittany Madrid Interviews Celebrity Stylist Carolina Tolentino from the TNT Hit Show Dallas

Meet our new celebrity fashion blogger!

Meet our new celebrity fashion blogger! She is our current HH Covergirl! Welcome Brittany Madrid to the team!

Hi all you Healthy Housewives, Brittany here!  In addition to being this month’s featured Healthy Housewife, I’m going to be contributing my two cents on fashion right here on the blog!  I’ll be taking a look at our favorite trends from the runways, television, and celebrity style then giving you tips and tricks to make them work for you! My advice will always be real and the guaranteed inside scoop!

To kick off my fashion contribution, I was so excited to be able to sit down with the lovely and talented Carolina Tolentino!  Carolina is a professional stylist and has worked with several celebrities (more inside scoop on that later!).  She currently is a stylist on the hit TV shows DALLAS and Revolution.

feb blog1

Naturally, being from Dallas I was especially interested to hear about the styles featured on the hit show on TNT.

B: Who is your favorite character on the show to dress?

C: Josh Henderson’s character is the most fun because I like his style the best!  It’s a challenge to make him look masculine and refined at the same time.  Men are actually harder to style than women.

Josh Henderson on TNT's hit show Dallas

Josh Henderson on TNT’s hit show Dallas

B: Which female character’s style do you like the best?

C: Jordana Brewster’s character has great style; her wardrobe is stuff I would actually wear.

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

B: How would you describe her look?

C: Dallas casual, she’s relaxed but always put together with jewelry and accessories.  Dallas women never look undone, and a little effort goes a long way in brightening your attitude!

B: What’s been your best fashion find?

C: I found this amazing Issa dress while vintage shopping.  It was only $5 and in a size that was much bigger than I wear.  I bought it and had it altered to fit me perfectly.  The alterations cost $30, but now I have a designer dress that looks custom made to fit me!

Her $5 Issa dress

Her $5 Issa dress

Carolina in her Issa Dress

Carolina in her Issa Dress

B: How is working on Revolution different than working on the Dallas set?

C: They are polar opposites!!!  When I’m working on revolution I’m putting mud and oil on the actors, ripping their clothes, making fake wounds…on Dallas I’m making everyone look perfectly put together.


B: Of all the celebrities you’ve worked with, who is your favorite?

C: Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) is one of the nicest people I have ever met!  He was so kind to the crewmembers and when he talks to you, he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room!

Dwayne Johnson makes you feel like number one when talking to him!

Dwayne Johnson makes you feel like number one when he talks to you. That is why we love The ROCK!

Carolina’s Top Tips for Healthy Housewives

– Play up your assets (and never be afraid to WORK IT!)

– Work out your arms (you’ll thank yourself when getting dressed)

– Show off the part of your body you feel most proud of.  If it’s your legs, sport a sparkly mini skirt!  If the arms have it, then go with a one-shoulder style.

– ALWAYS at least wear one piece of jewelry to feel put together

– Jeans are the hardest to buy for EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter how famous or how perfect your figure is.  Carolina recommends buying one high quality pair of jeans vs. several less expensive pairs that don’t fit as nicely.

-Find a tailor who will take the time to work on altering a garment the way you want it.

– Pay attention to cut, once you find a top that’s flattering buy it in 2 more colors!  It will make your life easier and you’ll always feel confident in your default look!

– Cache’ is a great store for women 40+ because their clothes are cut to fit women, not teenagers!  They make their jeans a little higher, lending a flattering “tummy tuck” effect.

– Buy tops that have a longer fit, this will have the visual effect of lengthening and elongating your torso.

– Take care of your hair!!!  She recommends taking Biotin for hair, skin, and nails.

– Always have your nails done…even if it makes you late!!!

– Drink a lot of water

– Pay attention to posture.  Standing up straight really does affect the way others perceive you; and how you look and feel in your clothes.

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful!  We all know that beauty is from the inside out.   It starts with you feeling great and taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Then once you have a healthy canvas, it’s fun to use all kinds of colors!  Always remember to have fun with fashion and never take it too seriously!


feb blog 2

In honor of my new role as a contributor, the Healthy Housewives have been generous enough to let me give away one Healthy Housewives bling tank! (Ahh talk about the perfect marriage between fitness and fashion!!!) and a FREE class at Barre Bee Fit in the design district (where I instruct!) to all the Healthy Housewives readers.  The promo code for the Barre Bee Fit class is HH and will be valid until the end of March. For information on location and classes go to:

Want a free HH bling tank?

Want a free HH bling tank?


May 15, 2013

Mini-Challenges and Many Cheers!

Finding time to work out has historically plagued the average American because it is thought to be  irritating, difficult, and not fun. Fitness is something many push-off until the very last-minute possible; as in, doctor’s orders, disease sets in, or the clothes simply do. not. fit. Groups of wellness warriors are stepping out and shouting from the roof tops that this is simply not true. More importantly, we’re starting to embrace the more intense, yet shorter workouts, so we can fit the activity into our busy days, saving longer workouts for another day. A fellow coach friend of mine challenged me to a daily fitness circuit for one month. Together, we would focus on three core moves and challenge ourselves to be stronger in these areas. As I moved through the month, I’ll admit that finding the extra 30 minutes in my day to complete this challenge was tough. Once time, I even found myself doing a series of push-ups, plank holds, and ab holds in a conference room during break time at an event I was attending. Now that’s being creative!

Equating fitness to failure, fatigue, and frustration is old-school thinking, and all you have to do is log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to check out the creative and clever ways busy Americans are fitting fitness and nutrition into their lifestyle. Organizations such as The Healthy Housewives hope to encourage and educate others as they continue to find their fit and healthy best. Since this means something different to everyone, I’d like to showcase and honor a few people/groups who are using what they have, during the time they can spare, to maintain a fit and fun lifestyle. The balancing act these ladies perform makes the “Crane Pose” in Yoga look easy. (I cannot seem to master the Crane Pose.)

The challenging but effective Crane pose.

The challenging but effective Crane pose.

A group of teachers in Plano, Texas are encouraging each other to do 100 push-ups a day. For each day they complete the challenge, they place a star on their display board as an honor and to encourage the other challengers. I’m sure the person with the most stars gets an award of some sort, but in my opinion, they all win simply for participating and challenging themselves. Talk about a team-building activity!

Blog SCameron

Tracking progress and celebrating mini goals keeps motivation high!


Having an accountability partner can push you beyond your own perceived limits.


Another group of ladies I know agreed to share plates each time they ate out for lunch and/or dinner. No matter who it was, they had to ask to split an order. If this wasn’t possible (oh say a client meeting or hosted event…), they had to only eat half of the order and leave the rest. It worked on the honor system, but with every day, they became more aware of portion size, what was excessive, and what their body truly needed. I can imagine this made for some excellent meal conversation as well. On some occasions, they were able to donate the funds of the other plate to help feed the hungry. Awesome!

I currently have a group of seven clients detoxing with the Advocare Herbal Cleanse, and they are using the 10-day cleanse to incorporate 30 minutes of cardio activity. Walking, jogging, swimming, and dancing with their children all count. Not only does sweating help move toxins through the body, they are stimulating the detoxification herbs working hard to clean out their bodies. My hope is that after the 10-day cleanse, they will continue the 30 minutes of activity because they feel amazing.

Finally, I received an email from a lady who managed to gather five co-workers to run the stairs of their corporate building during the lunch hour three times a week for one month. They have one week to go, and though it was tempting to skip on certain days, they proudly reported consistency and improvement in their pace. As for that 3:00 p.m. slump, two of them say it’s minimal now after implementing their group activity. Plans for the next month’s challenge are already in the works.

Be creative with your motivational board/displays.

Be creative with your motivational board/displays.

There are many other mini-challenges in the works around us; however, you get the point that having shorter/smaller goals to pin-point daily with one or several accountability partners may help you get your daily activity time DONE. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

I still enjoy challenging myself, and trying out to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was one of my favorite personal challenges (and bucket list item.)

I still enjoy challenging myself, and trying out to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was one of my favorite personal challenges (and bucket list item.)

As for that blasted Crane Pose? Well, that’s today’s challenge for me, so I better hop to it.  In joyful health, Lacey

April 15, 2013


Meet Lilly Ghalichi live this Thursday in Dallas!

Meet Lilly Ghalichi live this Thursday in Dallas!

Hey Housewives!

Guess what?! One of the hottest runway fashion shows will be in Dallas this Thursday, April 18th. Ladies, you do NOT want to miss this event. If you live in Dallas, you have to come to one time event! Summer is right aorund the corner and you need to wear the hottest swim wear this year! We don’t workout hard in the gym for nothing. Time to show case our hard work in the sexiest swimwear around.

Lilly Ghalichi from Shahs of Sunset will showcase her Have Faith Swimgerie Runway show this Thursday night at Demarara in West Village. The Healthy Housewives and Lift Pilates will be the main sponsors for this event.

Here are the deatails for this event:


Fashion Show featuring Lilly Ghalichi Have Faith Swimgerie line and meet and greet at Demerara. You can purchase tickets online on the Demerara website or by contacting the store. Thursday April 18th from 6-9pm.




Diva Drag Dinner at Dish Restaurant. This is the very first Drag Dinner at Dish there will only be one show unlike Drag Brunch which has 3 shows and the cost is $45 pp for a 3 course meal and the Drag Show. The menu is listed on the flyer if you wish to express more details. The performers for the show are Krystal Summers, Jenni P, and Jenna Skyy. Presented by The Iman Project and if you would like to make reservations please do so by emailing or call/text 972-849-6966  Thursday April 18th (Seating at 9pm-11pm)



THE AFTER PARTY:  The White Party 7. Will be located at Candleroom. For table reservations please call 214-370-4155. This will also be the birthday celebration of Kent Washington which is Lilly Ghalichi agent! Thursday, April 18th, from 11 am-2 pm.

Come see Lilly at the after party!

Come see Lilly at the after party!

Hope to se you all there! We love to meet our Dallas fans!

The Healthy Housewives and Lift Pilates Experience are main sponsors for this event!

healthy housewives logo

HH Fit Fashionista Kathy Hamilton's new pilates place!

HH Fit Fashionista Kathy Hamilton’s new pilates place!

Can’t wait!

Marzia Prince