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December 26, 2013



In thinking all of the topics and subjects I could write about. Health and wellness , holidays , tips and how to’s ?
I asked myself this question:

If I had just one chance to write about one thing , and it was my only opprtunity to have a voice and to help change lives, what would it be?

My Wish , For you

For you, I wish:
That you choose to be happy, decide to be healthy , to experience inspiration and be motivated. To find your purpose and live with passion. To determine your own destiny and keep your faith . To love and be loved .
But most of all I hope you decide to make a difference.


I’m glad to see that “paying it forward ” is increasing in popularity . It’s becoming not just a trend but a lifestyle. However, I can’t help wishing for more .
More acts of kindness that are not just “random”. More Love,kindness and consideration in our thoughts,speech and actions .


What If ?
What if you helped 10 people and they helped 10 people and they helped 10 more ? What if the ripple effect flows into the next generation ? Just imagine possibility . I just love possibility . Don’t you?


If you are a parent concerned about giving your children a better place to Live. It starts with us .
And IF it just stops ? It won’t.. but If ?
YOU will have made a difference In someones life somewhere .
You dont have extra money ,But you have time to give ? You dont have time ,but have extra money ? Maybe you dont have either .I get that. But do you have a kind word ? a sentiment ? a smile ?


You may say . I have my OWN problems ! Who is going to help me ? You have sadness,frustration and life challenges. I get that too.

I promise , if we focus on love, kindness and gratitude: Your heart wil be full . Recoveries will come swiftly and softly .
Just .. can’t …. find it in yourself ?
Surround yourself with people that you are inspired by . Take some time to attend charity events or community celebration. There is usually an abundance and overflow of giving and goodness in people . Soak in the greatness of others . Flood your social media sites with motivation and weed out negativity . Find mentors, coaches or enlist like-minded friends .

Resolution season is right around the corner . If you make just one, let it be this:
May you go forth this year and years to follow ,
In love, peace ,happiness and hope
In joy,kindness and faith ,
In empathy and compassion.
And then pay it forward .
My wish , for you

Laurie Strough Smith


Disclaimer: Images used are not my own.

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December 6, 2013



Last month we had a social media contest for our Healthy Housewives fans. We asked the fans to write in and tell us why we should choose them to be on our Healthy Housewives magazine cover. They had to have a high res image that we can use to be our cover. We had a ton of entries with women from all over the world that shared their stories and sent pictures, we were so overwhelmed on who to pick.


After a week of rereading and looking at which candidate would be the next cover girl, we decide on 2 women. Then we changed our entire 2014 year, to the year of fans. Without the fans, we wouldn’t be here. So, for 2014 we are picking 12 women to grace our cover. If you want to share your story and send in hi-res images that you would like to be featured as our cover, please email We would love to hear from you!


Let me introduce our December covergirl Laurie Strough Smith. She is inspiring women out there with her positive attitude. She is over forty, fit, and raising five kids! Go Laurie!


Meet Laurie:


Her video:


We can’t wait to hear from you!

Marzia Prince

Creator of Healthy Housewives

November 11, 2013


Are you the next Healthy Housewives covergirl?

Are you the next Healthy Housewives covergirl?



 Two years ago today I launched the Healthy Housewives brand. Reflecting on the past 2 years, we have changed so much! Our whole team has changed, the look and feel of the covergirl testimonials have changed, and who we are and what we are about has changed. But all for the better!

I have learned so much through the past 2 years that I am proud of how far I have come. It just keeps getting better and better every year. My mission in the beginning was to share my health and fitness knowledge to educate others since I had a fan base when I competed. I got emails from women wanting to know what I eat, what do I do to workout, about products, health, beauty, and my gym fashion. So I decided to create a website that had all things healthy! That is how I came up with Healthy Housewives. Read story here:

My vision not only was to have a website that offered information on all things healthy, but a reality show was what I really set my BIG goals to. Now, I wasn’t sure how and when this was going to happen, but I was going to do all in my power to make it happen. As a fitness trainer for 10 years, I train individuals or groups. But I wanted to reach a larger platform and change the world. That was my ultimate goal.

I have been working day on and day out to make this dream a reality. You will have to stay tuned in 2014 to see if I made that happen. 😀

But the whole point of my brand is to empower people on living an organic holistic lifestyle to the best of their ability. It is to keep the public informed on products, news, and to motivate.

As a gift to you out there, we are going to have an HH fan be our December 2013 covergirl! Yep, that’s right! You could be the next covergirl! You could grace the past covergirls here:

Here is the deets:

1. Send your story and 4-5 high resolution image to

2. Please include 4-5 pictures. 1 headshot and 3-4 bodyshots. We will pick what bodyshot will be the cover.

3. A 4-5 paragraph story on your health journey and why you should be the next covergirl.

We will feature it Dec 1, 2013.

This is your chance to be on a cover to motivate women like yourself!

Your in Health,