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May 28, 2013

Solo, partner, or in a group….what’s your workout MO!

ImageFor years I was a solo workout kind of gal. I did not want a workout partner…they “got in the way” in my opinion. I wanted to get in the gym, get done what I needed to get done, and get out. I would see other people working out in pairs and think it looked like they were having fun, but I wasn’t there for fun, I was there to train. Until one of my girlfriends from work (this was back when I was an elementary school teacher) asked me if I would “train” her at the gym. I thought, okay, she wants to do this, she will take it seriously. So we started working out together…we would run on the treadmill go down to the free weight area…we would lift, and talk , and laugh, and going to the gym with her became my favorite part of the day. When she couldn’t go to the gym with me I found myself no longer wanting to go. The self proclaimed lone warrior now indeed loved working out with a friend. We would see all the people going into the group fitness classes and we thought, that looks fun, but there is no way we would do that. We could really only see the back of the class sometimes and it didn’t look like they were working very hard. UNTIL…I decided maybe I would teach a group exercise class. So after a few trainings I got hired on by my gym to teach class….and wow, it was like a drug. The energy in the room of everyone working out together made it hard for me to set foot on the gym floor at all, whether alone or with a partner. I thought, this is where the magic is. A room full of strangers at the beginning of the hour become friends by the end of the hour all through the power of blood, sweat, and tears. 

Your style is up to you. I just want you to keep movement in your life. But don’t be afraid to workout with a partner or with a group. You may find that your results and your effort far exceed that if you had worked out solo. 


I would love for you to comment below with your current workout preference.