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January 10, 2014



What is your favorite body part? We all have a favorite body part that we love to showcase. Some people have a six pack, some have nice long lean legs, and for others it can be nice sculpted arms. But for me, it has always been my butt.

Yes, I take butt selfies!

Yes, I take butt selfies!

Early on in my teenage years, I ran track and played volleyball. I was a little stick figure with a small bubble butt. I remember being a teenager in a bathing suit when my mom’s friends would say “Wow, look at your cute little derriere”. I could care less back in those days about my butt. It wasn’t till I hit my 20’s till I got complimented on it left and right. It wasn’t only in a bikini; it was in jeans and shorts too.

Fun fact: I used to be a butt model for swimwear and lingerie!

Fun fact: I used to be a butt model for swimwear and lingerie!

In my 30’s, I became a bikini fitness competitor and a model. I was a requirement to have a nice high and tight booty for stage. I was being critiqued on my physique. For me, whenever I worked out and dieted down for competitions or shoots, my butt would look better than my abs. For most female competitors, they had the opposite-a problem with losing fat on thighs and butt. For me, that was the easy part. My “problem area” was my abs. I have such a long torso, I couldn’t get the lines across or fuller. I tried everything in bodybuilding and powerlifting to help my abs get fuller so they can pop. Nothing seemed to work. If I dieted down to where you could actually see them, I was too lean everywhere else. I almost looked anorexic. Not good for a 5’9” tall thin athletic girl.

My best feature at competitions!

My best feature at competitions!

To this day, I still work on my elusive abs. I eat super clean and commit to core work, but nada. I am lean and have muscle tone in my abs, but not a six pack. I have learned sometimes it is genetic on how the abdominal wall is. After watching many competitors c0mpete for the past 7 years, I realized, I am not the only one. There are a lot of us out there that can’t bring a six pack to stage, but we got the glutes that salute! I can bring a backside package to stage like no other. But, the torso part, not so much.

Still working on the front!

Still working on the front!

So does that mean I give up? NO! I keep going. Something inside of me still makes me fight for it. I know that the body is a work in progress and always changing. You have to keep moving forward.

Here is am at 39 and I still have a great butt! Yep, I said it. I say showcase your strengths and keep working on your weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with flaunting a little hard work and great genetics! The older I get, I realize it is a challenge to keep things tighter. This helps me push and focus more in the gym.

So keep working on yourself to get to your health and fitness goals. I have seen the impossible happen!

Lots of lunges and Squats,


March 18, 2013

Get off your A#$…literally!

ImageRight now you are thinking….”woah, did she really just post a picture of her butt?!” And my answer to you is, “why yes, yes I did!”. Let me explain the reason…I promise their is a good one. I want you to think about how many times a day you are literally sitting on that thing! Do you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk and a chair? Do you drive a lot throughout the day? Do you come home and get on the computer, or sit on the couch and watch a little tv? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then its quite possible you need to get off your A#$…literally!

So, what are some ways you can avoid sitting and give your tooshie a break? Here are a few tips:

1. get rid of your office chair: when I was a teacher I brought in a stability ball and sat on that instead of my chair…hey, it wasn’t standing or walking, but it certainly was better than sitting…grading papers can be a daunting task, and any bit of help I could get the better. If you are thinking that your boss won’t go for that, I say, ask for forgiveness, not permission. Try it and see what happens. 

2. Watch less tv. You heard me right…and this is coming from a woman who reveres her favorite shows in high regards. I actually bought a gym grade spin bike off of a gym that was closing down and I have it in my bedroom. I DVR all my favorite shows, and I get on their and spin while I watch. I don’t spin like I would in a group fitness class, more of at a leisurely pace, but it certainly kills two birds with one stone.

3. Sit less….its that easy. One of my favorite places to do some work on the computer is on the counter in between my kitchen and my living room. I set my laptop up there and stand while I do my work…plus it puts me in a very social place in the house for easy multi-tasking. 

So am I telling you never to sit. Heck to the no! I sit…and so should you. I am just telling you to sit less. Get off your a$% and watch the changes that begin to take place just from this simple adjustment in a society where being sedentary is the norm.