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April 10, 2014

Confession Time!

I am fascinated with the art of burlesque. I love the art of the seductive dance, the lace, the corsets, the show and the out and out athleticism and showmanship it requires to perform burlesque.  Last week, I was lucky enough to attend Dita Von Teese’s show Strip! Strip! Hooray! in Dallas at the House of Blues.  The show was amazing! Dita’s dance, costumes and stage props were like nothing I have seen before.

So my confession, I’ve always wanted to learn burlesque! I’ve signed up with a couple of the other HH ladies for Burlesque school with a mini performance at the end of the training.  My strip tease will end with my pasties over my bikini top and shorts for sure! But what a thrill and why not try something new and out of my comfort zone!

And after seeing Dita’s show with women of all shapes and color, I’m thinking why not!?

Link to Dita’s website with stills and video from the show!


Here is a great board on Burlesque!




October 5, 2013


Release your inner sexy beast

Release your inner sexy beast

A couple months ago at my women’s Entrepreneur group outing, someone had mentioned that they went to a Burlesque show in Dallas.  Naturally I was curious. I didn’t know much about Burlesque except what I have seen on TV or the Crazy Girls Revue in Vegas. I had never been to a local Dallas Burlesque show. So, one of the ladies researched a local show and we booked VIP tickets to

The show we went to was an homage to Tim Burton characters from different shows. We saw sexy Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and even Pee Wee Herman! We saw women in all shapes and sizes that showed off her craft to the best of their abilities. As a fitness trainer, I noticed the skill it took to dance, the athleticism to hold poses, and the confidence it took to get on stage in barely nothing, only to strip down to blinged out nipple covers.  I was drawn to the whole Burlesque show in a weird way. All of ladies who watched it last night wanted to do it. It looked like sexy fitness fun! I was sold.

The girls and I at the Viva Dallas Burlesque show

The girls and I at the Viva Dallas Burlesque show

One of the HH ladies found a groupon for a local Burlesque fitness dance that we are going to do as a group. What sexy way to workout! I am ready for a pair of high heels, boa, and a pole please! Not to mention, I think my husband would appreciate my new found skills. 😉

Check out my new workout outfit!

Check out my new workout outfit!

Hmm...wonder if I can do this someday?

Hmm…wonder if I can do this someday?

Here is the local groupon if you live in Dallas:

I really wanted to go to the Miss Fitness Polestar and support these ladies and their athleticism but I will be out of town. Check out this video. INCREDIBLE! The strength to do this is amazing.

I challenge you to bring your inner sexy beast to come out and play!

Challenge accepted,