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January 23, 2013

The Journey to a Happier Healthier Housewife

My family

My family


I wasn’t always a health nut or a fitness lover! I’m not going to tell you that it was smooth sailing becoming both, it wasn’t. I had my ups and downs. I went back to old habits. I went through periods of terrible negative self-talk and excuses while at the gym. However, at the end of the day, all those valleys I trudged through, led me to a harmonious place- a place where fitness and nutrition are now a part of my life and the life of my family. A life welcomed with open arms and without fear. There is a balance! A balance between eating healthy, still enjoying “not-so-healthy” treats, not spending hours in the gym; all while balancing the things that matter most in your life-your family!


Throughout my journey I came upon several realizations:

  1. “If I don’t love myself through thick, I won’t love myself through thin”. I had to change my internal dialogue from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Loving and encouraging thoughts were a must! Instead of hating that my thighs were not exactly the way I wanted them to be I reminded myself that my legs are power houses! My legs will do whatever I ask of them- for that I am grateful! Instead of beating myself up over a “cheat meal” that turned into a “cheat day I chose to remind myself that tomorrow is another day. Another chance to “get it right”. I found strength in my choices.  It is up to me to choose a positive outlook.  It is up to me to choose to push myself out of my comfort zone in the gym.  It is up to me to choose to nourish my body with nutrient rich foods.  My results are based on my choices! I decide!
  2. The scale is worthless.  Throw it out! I do not weight myself… ever! It simply does not matter what the scale says!  That number holds no value to me! So many different factors affect our weight- water, activity level, sodium, menstrual cycle etc.  What is truly rewarding is not a number on the scale but how strong I feel and the positive changes in my lifestyle.  Non-scale victories quickly became my new best friend-“I lifted heavier weights today”, “I stayed consistent with my good nutrition this week”, “I didn’t use my inhaler once during today’s workout!”  I’m not a NUMBER or a SIZE! I’m awesome!
  3. Honesty. I choose to be honest with myself.  In order to be truly successful I had to face reality.  I was fudging my workouts and my nutrition.  I was eating clean all day and then blowing it at dinner time. I was eating junk with the mindset: “I’ll just burn it off tomorrow”.  I was cutting out of group exercise classes 15min early and quitting during my own workouts before I was truly worn out.  All of those “little” things added up and kept me from reaching my goals.  I decided I had to be honest with myself when it came to the kitchen and the gym!  My actions needed to be in line with my goals.  I needed to challenge myself in ALL areas if I truly wanted to change.
  4. Being consistent and embracing the journey.  My final realization was that results don’t happen overnight.  I have to be patient! I have to stay consistent!  It is about working hard day in and day out.  Major lifestyle changes don’t come without hard work, sacrifice and will power.  You have to work for it and earn it!  The reward of achieving your goals is unbelievably sweet!
I challenged myself to compete

I challenged myself to compete

Through sheer persistence and will, from knowing nothing at the start of this journey and being uncomfortable in my skin, I became confident and successful.   I practiced will power, threw out the scale and chose to be positive and embrace my body.   I stopped dreading workouts and the broccoli in my meals.  I embraced the sweat dripping down my cheeks, my heart pounding, the burn in my muscles and the foods that made me stronger.  I became knowledgeable in the gym and in the kitchen.  Every single day full of good choices brought me that much closer to a happier, healthier me.  I was leading by example for my family.  We are no longer junk food junkies! We are a happy, healthy family unit!

Make the choice! Be patient, love yourself, work hard, be consistent and stay positive.  Repeat this day in and day out and you will get there! If you fall, pick yourself up and start again.  The journey to success is spotted with failures that in the end make us stronger.  Winners never quit and quitters never win!

Thank you,

Erin Meyers