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November 6, 2013

Meet Ya at the Barre?


Saying, “I’ll meet you at the bar,” just got a little sassier. The bar I’m talking about is so cool, it has an extra RE to its name… Barre; as in RE-invent yourself; RE-define girls’ night; RE-prioritize your schedule. Barre Bee Fit was the location of my inspiration to challenge myself into an entirely different fitness level. When I first visited the new studio in Dallas, Texas, I arrived anxious, fearful, and a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish the class. Running marathons I can do, but holding ballet poses, pulsing, and maintaining a flexible perception for one hour left me less than confident.

When I arrived, I heard energetic music coming from a large, open room to my right. To my left were some of the friendliest, leanest, and happiest ladies I’ve met. Any place I get to wear leggings and socks, I’m a fan of—especially on a cold, rainy evening like we were having that day. Any chill in the air disappeared as we started class.


I love a fitness instructor with a rockin’ playlist. The playlist really makes the instructor, in my opinion. It’s definitely a first impression thing. If I were dating instructors, I would ask to see their playlist before agreeing to meet them. Music therapy is a tool used in the quest for holistic wellness, so don’t under-estimate the power of music as it relates to your energy level and mood.

Kelsey was our instructor for interval barre class. To be honest with you, I didn’t know what interval barre meant, but I knew it would be challenging and fun. Now, let me confirm—interval barre is aggressive cardio with strength training set to an awesome playlist. Adam Levine takes you to your final seconds of a plank hold and Imagine Dragons serenade you at the barre lifts. At one point, I thought Kelsey went crazy and doubled our reps. No such luck—this was all intentional and part of her well-crafted, aggressive class choreography.

Kelsey isn’t the enemy anymore, but coming to class on an empty stomach was my rookie mistake, and my new enemy. Noted. Kelsey is the perfect combination of aggressiveness and affirmation. As a matter of fact, this barre is inspiring with words of affirmation decorating every corner of the studio. If you start to give up on yourself, just look at the walls and read. Game back on!


Barre class isn’t the time to get soft, and I felt the energy in my class get tougher as we moved through the hour. The consistent but not over-bearing direction, coaching, counting, and interval announcement from Kelsey was appreciated when I stopped thinking altogether.

As the music became slower and graceful, I realized I was dripping with sweat and parts of me were twitching from the muscle work. As we stretched, I felt a surge of energy… or was it pride? Either way, I felt accomplished and glad I went to the barre that night. If you live in Dallas, I am jealous. I drive 25 miles to attend classes at Barre Bee Fit in the Design District. Those of you looking for a challenge, to jump start the holidays with a fit bod, or to experience a new kind of barre, check out and sign up for a class at the Dallas location. If you’re a Facebooker, like them at


Go ahead… raise your personal bar and experience a new kind of sexy. You’ll be dripping with sweat from you hair to your grippy socks, but feel like a supermodel. Try it and RE-peat!   –Lacey

P.S. I meant to get a photo with Kelsey after class, but I completely forgot. I’ll have to go back. 🙂

September 30, 2013



Hi, my name is Marzia and I have currently been diagnosed with barre hopping. No, no that kind of bar with drinking (although I like to do that on occasion too), I am talking about the exercise barre.


As a fitness professional, I love to try new things. I don’t discriminate. I feel like that variety is great for the body. You need to work little and large muscle groups to get maximum results for a balanced body.


I fell in love with barre about 6 months ago. I have seen it on ads, media, FB, and groupon over the past few years. It intrigued me. I decided to purchase a groupon to see if it was worth it. Well, to my surprise, it was! I loved it. It was such a hard workout with no weights, I was shaking my first day and sore as hell! I was sold. The longer I did it, the more I researched it, I craved more. There are different types of Barre offered. So I signed up via groupon at a few different Barre places in my city. I actually loved the different Barre styles my city had to offer.


I love a challenge, so I decided to educate myself on barre and get certified. I found a great barre certifitcation here in Dallas called Vbarre created by a former ballet dancer named Veronica Combs. Her style of barre is ballet, pilates, strength and cardio fused together. It was a great blend that kept me sore for days. I learned 51 exercises and her method. I am looking forward to taking her next barre certification class. I don’t want to be “just good” at it, I want to be excellent!


Now that I got certified, I am so excited to teach it to my clients. Also, stay tuned for videos on our FB page.


Soon to be a barre expert,



August 31, 2013


Changing things up with TRX

Changing things up with TRX

We have all been there before. So excited for a new workout routine or a new fitness instructor that motivates us, before you know it you are bored and there is no more inspiration or motivation to get us excited anymore. Now it is a chore. We are bored. We have check out and give a half-ass job. Trust me, as a fitness professional, I have been there and done that in my journey of fitness.

When I first started out in fitness world, I was doing step class and running for a few years. Then I moved to circuit training and bootcamps for another few years, and my longest commitment to fitness was  bodybuilding. I did that for about 6 years. It got to the point where if I had to section off another body part and go through the heavy lifting exercises, I was going to throw the weight across the weight room. I was mentally checked out. It did not nurture my fitness soul anymore. I had to find another way to workout that got me excited like a kid a Christmas, and that is what I did. I discovered TRX and Barre classes.

If you have been following me awhile on my social media, you have noticed I have changed my workout routines and the way I train. My new challenges are TRX and Barre classes. Now let me say this, back in my bodybuilding days I would have turned my head at both of these and not given it a second chance. Now, I am addicted and crave to learn everything possible about these 2 types of training techniques. I fell in the love with both of these today that I am getting certified in both TRX and Barre. My goal is to be a TRX Master trainer and a certified Barre instructor. As of today, I have 4 TRX certifications and 2 more on the books and have my VBarre certification at the end of September.

After the past 8 months of changing my workout routine, I noticed my body has changed. I am a lot leaner. My core strength and little muscle groups are a lot stronger. My overall physique has changed more into a leaner dancer body. I have to say that I really do love my new physique look. When I first started TRX, I could barley do a plank in the TRX suspension system for a minute but I could do a 500 lbs. leg press 5 sets and 5 reps. What is wrong with that? I could lift heavy from all my body building/powerlifting but I couldn’t suspend my own body weight using my core? I was isolating my muscles and was strong with all my large muscle groups, but not strong with my own body weight and my little muscle groups. I knew I have to change my workouts. It challenged me to be better at it. Here is am 8 months later, leaner and stronger than I have ever been before.

The point of my blog is that if you are not motivated my what you are doing now, change it! it doesn’t have to be TRX or Barre (even though I encourage you to try them! :-D). Pick something new and challenging that will excite you! Variety is the spice of life!