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February 18, 2014

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks!

Friends don’t let friends wear white socks is one of my mottos! If you are a white sock wearer, don’t worry, I still think you are AMAZING…this is just my personal opinion, not fact, so don’t stress. So, let me give you my low down on socks…my favorite kinds and when to wear them. 

1. NO SHOW SOCKS–these are my absolute favorite. You have to get a good kind though, otherwise they can slip off your heel, which in turn will rub your shoe. I don’t like for my socks to show AT ALL so for me these are a perfect fit. Both NIKE and Reebok have a good line of these. They remind me of those nylons you find at shoe stores to try shoes on with, but of course, they are a sock. 

2. Knee high socks–these are my second go to, obviously only when I wear shorts, and, when I am feeling like an extra bad A#$. They key to a good knee high sock is color and pattern. Something fun that really accentuates your mood. I always said fun socks made me train harder. I often find Target has a good selection of knee high socks with crazy patterns for under $5. 

3. Leg warmers–no its not flashdance days, but yes they are trendy and cute right now! Put them over your leggings or wear them with shorts, but wearing leg warmers always makes me feel slightly sassy..perfect for days involving dance! 


Listen, I am all for you wearing whatever it takes to get you MOVING…and so if that means high white crew socks, that is okay with me. But just wanted you to know a few of my favorites! Image

July 29, 2013

The right fit for you

There are so many workout clothes out there…its a colorful sea of sports bras and running tights. But beyond the bright colors and fancy designs, do you know how to dress for your body type so that you not only move functionally, but feel beautiful and sexy? That is important you know…the better you feel in your workout attire the more likely you are to have a successful workout. Truly…think about it…would you workout more effectively in an old tattered t-shirt that was wrinkled, or in a slim fitting racer back tank top and tights that not only draw you in , but make your lines look sleek and strong! 

So when choosing workout apparel, what should you consider?

1. Black is always the most flattering color for pants. Not only is it slimming but you will not see sweat lines. 

2. Don’t wear padded sports bra…it looks awkward. 

3. Racer back tanks make your back look stronger than a traditional tank. 

4. Do the underwear test…bend over in the mirror and make sure the lycra doesn’t stretch so thin that when you are in downward dog we can see your undies. 

Ultimately, wear what you can move easy in and you feel strong and beautiful in! Image