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April 9, 2014

Two Words That Changed My Life

Cellular Detox.


It breaks my heart when I hear someone hurting because they are sick, achy, or waiting in another doctor’s office. I’m sure they’ve completed a round or two of antibiotics or become regular users of a favorite OTC medication. I’ve definitely been there, and I got so frustrated with the cycle of sick, medicine, fuzzy-headed, well-for-a-minute, then sick again. It’s no way to spend your spring. Heads up for the allergy sufferers: toxic body + debris backup + allergies = sinus infection. The “bad stuff” gets stuck in an inflamed body and grows, attacks, and weakens the entire immune system. (There’s just nothing sexy about that sentence.)

Educating myself about the benefits of cellular detox and ioncleansing was life-changing! I know that sounds dramatic, and I mean for it to be. Our lives, our bodies, our health is worth getting a little passionate about. When I learned that while there’s nothing (well, okay, I can do a little) I can do to control the toxicity level of our planet, food quality, or air pollution, I have COMPLETE control over my internal environment. Your body? It’s yours to care for! You can rejuvenate your cells or you can contribute to their demise. Lifestyle choices, food/drink consumption, hygiene products, and stress all contribute to bodily strain. Holistic remedies such as massage, meditation, ion cleanses, laser therapies, and prayer purify your cells. Read: help reverse free-radical damage! Freedom!

Write down everything you’re going to ask of our body today. I’ll share mine: I’m going to workout, eat a good breakfast, be on my iPhone way too much, breathe in toxic air, stress about work stuff a bit, let a negative person get to me… I’m probably grabbing a second cup of coffee at some point because it’s a busy afternoon, using toxic beauty products (because they work), eat a nourishing lunch and dinner, but I’ll be entertaining tonight and will have 2.5 alcoholic beverages. Oh! And an Andes mint on the way out of the restaurant. I’ll get to sleep way too late. (Brutal honesty here.)

IMG_3286That’s just one day. Over time, your body says DONE! Don’t let it get to that point. I manage my crazy life with regular ion cleanses, sweating, chiropractic adjustments and massage. If I get injured, I get a low-level laser treatment, to help my cells repair, and I drink juice made from whole green leafy stuff.

By giving yourself a little love from time to time, you can reduce your sick time because your cells will stay strong and capable of fighting off adverse elements.


The “right” food, drinks, and supplements are relative to your beliefs and decisions. Sometimes your intentions may be to eat/drink clean and then life happens. (Your niece wants you to sit down and eat her pancakes and side of muffin with her.) 😊 I live for moments like that!

Our bodies can handle a lot, but sadly, we are asking more from our bodies every day with little rejuvenation time. Don’t conform to the world’s sickness/medication/sickness cycle. Talk to your favorite holistic wellness coach and get started on your personal wellness program today. It looks different for everyone depending on what’s important to you. For me, it’s staying energized and strong, so I can do life well. Life is way to short to be sick. –Lacey Pruett