Staying Safe is Healthy, Too

Safety FirstI’m going to pass a small judgment on you that you are distracted, at times throughout your day. Let’s call it an assumption though because I don’t want to be judgmental, but we are busy these days. Agreed? I’ve been in my car more than I’ve been at home, running in and out of various appointments, always thinking ahead of what’s next on my list. I don’t look around as often as I’d like, so I am officially unaware of my surroundings. Not cool.

Doing more, at the same time, and for longer periods of time. We’re over-booked and always multi-tasking. Or is it just me? I know you can run farther, hit harder, and scream louder than any un-assuming “bad guy,” but just in case, it’s nice to set yourself up for success and always look aware and prepared. We spend so much time improving our health and growing strong bodies, but why not give a little focus to keeping those sassy bodies safe? Since I live in a fairly large metropolis, I thought I should brush up on my safety skills, so that I’m not a victim, or at least so I’m not the easiest target for any evil-doer. Plus, I want to keep you safe, too, so here’s a reminder for all of us.

  1. Don’t sit in unlocked car, with doors open too long. Get in the car, lock doors, and drive away. Check emails, texts, and lipstick later, preferably in a public, well-lit area. This includes pulling into your garage, especially at night. Pull in, turn the car off, and close the garage door. Look around before you open your door.
  2. Keep your keys in your hand while walking to your car, getting out of your car, and when you first get to your destination and are walking somewhere. Keys are a great “in a pinch” weapon—so is a nice, sharp key chain design of some sort. (Surfboard, a cross, a star…)
  3. Come up with a secret emergency word you use with close family and friends, in case you’re in trouble or otherwise surrounded by bad people. Make it easy for them, but something they’ll remember when you say it or write it, so they know to call the police ASAP.
  4. If you do get abducted, and you’re behind the wheel, drive into cars; try to break the law to attract police officers. (I know, creepy to discuss, but it happens.)
  5. Don’t put nicknames in your phone. Someone can use it to text “husband” and ask for passwords to bank accounts, etc… as you. (This is one of the main reasons for car abductions—to drive to ATMs.)
  6. Don’t program HOME into a car’s GPS system. If your car is stolen from a mall or your office parking lot (and they know you’re not home for a while, they may look for your address and drive to your home. Put it under a code name.

If you’re smart about it, violence will probably avoid you altogether. Since I’m a good Texas girl, I have to say it: If you choose to carry or use a gun, make sure you’re properly trained. Confidence and capability are beautiful traits in a gun owner.

photo 2










There’s no reason to go through life paranoid, but keeping these tips in the back of your mind, could save your life one day. Thanks for reading and stay safe! –Lacey Pruett


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