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March 12, 2014

Waiting for Superman

I’ve never felt more like a super hero than when I rescued one of my pups. It was something weighing on my mind for a while (and still is), and I knew it would be adopting a pet or fostering a child. After discussing my desires with my husband, we decided the time was “more right” for the pet adoption route, at that time.

I read a funny quote which, at first, sounded silly, but after a while, I started to agree.


I’ve learned so much about life from my two dogs in the three years they’ve been in my life, and I’m not sure how to describe the shift I experienced in my world once they arrived.

I used to be a person easily annoyed by pets of any kind. They seemed expensive, messy, and needy to me. I also used to be a person who didn’t sit still long enough to care much about anything more than that which was in front of me. Being single and in the travel industry, my life didn’t seem to fit into one that would work well with a pet, so I closed my heart off to the idea. Well, until three years ago.


Maximus (my Doberman) and Samson (my Corgi/Dachshund mix) make me a better human being in several ways:

1. Take care of the basics–all they need is love, water, food, and shelter. Everything else they get (and they have a charmed life) is bonus. Sure, they enjoy it, but the basics are all they expect and need.

2. Attitude of Gratitude–These two fellas greet the day ready to play and love, and it’s non-stop. A few mornings, I recall thinking, “if only I started each day with such vigor…” Then I challenge myself to do so. “Dog park! Heck yeah, mom… Let’s go!” (No matter the weather, time, location, or how their hair looks.)

3. Loyalty and Royalty–Max and Sam have my back! I will never eat, read, pee, or work alone again. They each need to be within arm’s (or leg’s) length of me “just in case.” We’ve trained them to act appropriately, but let it be known: no visitor, gust of wind, or squirrel will ever get within ten feet of our home without a warning low-bark (quieter bark because our boys know the loud are reserved for threatening intruders.) The fact I have two live-in body guards makes me feel like royalty!


What does this have to do with health and wellness? As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I ask my clients to consider their health on a holistic level. How’s your spirit? How’s your emotional and mental stability? How’s your physical satisfaction? My pups help me keep all the above in check by reminding me every day of our basic needs. Whatever stress or strain I bring home with me from work or life, I’m guaranteed a rush-to-hug welcome and a constant companion for the evening, no matter what else may have failed or challenged me that day. Every day closes with love–and that makes me feel like a rock star.

If you haven’t felt this sort of unconditional joy from a pet yet, consider a trip to your local rescue or shelter. Someone is waiting for their personal Superman (or woman) right now. Go grab your cape! –Lacey Pruett

Message me at or on IG @laceypruett if you need some rescue recommendations. I have plenty! 😊