Have You Met HipS Sister?

My family, including my three "hip sisters," with me at my wedding in the British Virgin Islands

My family, including my three “hip sisters,” with me at my wedding in the British Virgin Islands

Being the second oldest of four daughters, I’ve always considered myself a hip sister, but now it’s legit. Meet HipS Sister and their eight (and growing) collections of hands-free active wear. I received my first HipS Sister through my work with the Healthy Housewives Team, and was asked to try it out on one of my longer distance runs.

The active accessory fit snuggly and stayed put during my six-mile run, and it held my cash, a credit card, my I.D. (you just never know what’ll happen on the road), my power gel snacks, and my iPod. Nothing jiggled; nothing fell out of place. My hands were moving freely, in sync with my legs, and my only thought was the road ahead.

HipS Sister was created by Sonia Kanner after she hunted high and low for a fashionable accessory that would hold her necessities during hikes. Now the HipS Sister isn’t just for active attire and workout time! Check out the Vegas Sister and the Sparkle Sister collections! You can stay hands-free at the pool, beach, party, girl’s night out, or fishing (as I found out a few days ago.) You can fit two rubber bands, lip protectant, a tube of sunscreen, a Cliff Bar, and a phone in a HipS Sister.  Perfect for this boating girl!

Not only is the product functional and fashionable, its made in the U.S.A. How cool is that?


They even have a special cam0 HipS Sister and part of the sales go to The Wounded Warriors Foundation. Save the world and look sassy? Sold!

The company and its founder believes in paying it forward, and once you purchase your first HipS Sister, you are in the Sisterhood to make positive change in the world. Their program exists to help those of us interested in being world changers: Pay it Forward! Pay it forward is a movement that has no boundaries. It is simple and yet so powerful. Check it out, and see how you can be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

swim-sisterWith swimsuit season coming up, why not grab a sassy styled HipS Sister swimwear cover-up for your Spring Break trip? Now you can be hands-free as you cruise the beach towns, lounge poolside, attend a BBQ, party or dance into the sunset with style and comfort (and keep your important things very close by like your hotel room key, cash, and sunscreen.

lil-sister-02Little girls are our sisters too! With all their school trips and play dates, the Lil Sister is perfect. With their Lil Sister set comfortably on their waist, your little ones can carry their small personal items safely and discretely. These are also GREAT for any diabetic young girls who have to carry their insulin pump at all times. We have many girls who use their Lil Sister for that reason and they just adore it.

Phone-pocket-sheilds_1On a serious note, we all love having our cell phones close by, but over time, harmful rays could carry harmful affects to your health. No worries! HipS Sister has protective cell phone shields to protect you as you carry your personal electronic devices with you on your HipS Sister.

“We’ve always believed that the safest way to carry your cell phone was to turn it on flight mode. Better safe than sorry as they always say! Of course, it makes it hard to get calls and post a quick twitter update that way. We’ve been working diligently at finding an alternative and we finally have it. The phone shields offer you protection while still enabling you to use your cell phone as required. Slide your phone in your phone shield and into your hipS-sister. Live Life Hands Free and stay healthy.” –Sonia Kanner, Owner/Founder HipS Sister

*Research suggests that this material, made up of stainless steel fibers, may protect the wearer from electromagnetic fields caused by cell phones. Wear the green side against your body for maximum protection. The side with regular hipS-sister material is the side that will send and receive signals.

HipSSistercolorsSo what are you waiting for? Check out www.lacey.hipssister.com and find your perfect HipS Sister to try out. Chances are, you’ll want more than one option, and with so many style collections, I know you’ll find what you need. If you don’t, custom options are available, as are gift cards for the stylish lady (and young girls) in your life. HipS-sister gc

Oh, and if you want your favorite store or boutique shop to carry HipS Sisters, let me know. I’d love to visit with them about all we have available and what we can offer their customers. Let’s get HipS Sisters on everyone this spring and let’s get moving. Stay hip and hands-free, y’all!


–Lacey Pruett, a HipS Sister by profession and by birth 



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