An Eggscellent Start to Valentine’s Day!

ImageDoes your heart want to gift breakfast in bed, but your culinary skills are dreaming don’t bother? I’m still fine-tuning my skills in the kitchen, so instead, I’m going to leave it to the experts. In honor of Valentine’s Week, I want to share a favorite date spot for my husband and I. We both have “not-normal” work schedules, so sometimes our date night is actually a leisurely, peaceful brunch. Our location of choice? The Egg & I!

He and I have differing stages of a clean diet. He enjoys heartier fare and not as many peppers, onions, and spices, and I say keep it clean with just an egg white, no cheese, and bring on the peppers and spices (and salsa!) We both love our coffee, but I’ll have the flavored selection with only some cream, please! He’ll keep his medium roast with cream and one Splenda (I’m working on it, ya’ll…)

Where we come together… Strawberry jam! For our “dessert,” we’ll have our bread selection—both English muffins. He’ll have butter and jam, and I’ll just have the jam.

Sure, we’ll switch things up every so often, but this is our usual fare, although there are many more options. If you’re feeling adventurous but don’t want to break the waistband elastic, check out the helpful, user-friendly nutritional tool at:  Health coach tip: Only eat the Arizona Turkey Sandwich for post-marathon fueling.


Here’s the Vera Cruz Chicken & Avocado Omelette. This is my selection if I’m flying my freak flag one morning. 🙂

For you Dallas area lovebirds, check out The Egg & I of Dallas’ specific website at for a map of our locations across DFW area. Not a Dallasite? Have no fear! The Egg and I Restaurants have 93 locations across the United States. Check out: for a full locations listing.

So, aside from the romance, are you putting together a business meeting, or do you have a client you’d like to impress with healthy options and an environment conducive to conversation? The Egg & I is your spot! I’ve recently hosted a small group of women beginning their quest for healthier living with new Lectro Chi Premier Foot Spas, and I took them to The Egg & I to educate them on the device and to share health tips over a wholesome lunch. Perhaps you have family in town and want to give your kitchen, stove, and oven a break? Head over to your nearest The Egg & I! And for my fellow writers, bloggers, or social media managers, guess what? The Egg & I has FREE Wi-Fi! Perhaps, this Valentine’s Day you want to gift yourself with a peaceful corner booth at The Egg & I to journal your goals for the year–romantic or otherwise. No matter the cause, or for no reason at all, stop into The Egg & I Restaurant soon and remember what your mom always told you.  –Lacey Pruett


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