My Angel on Earth

Have you ever met an angel on earth?  Well I did and I want to introduce her to you.  Her name is Nadine Romain, she is a PhD in BioMedical Science, certified hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, and my angel.  She has so many other titles and tons of formal education, too long to list.

I met Nadine when I was 7 months pregnant and looking for an alternate option to a hospital birth.  After touring the hospital where my doctor delivered babies, I learned that my doctor may or may not be around to deliver my child (the person I was most confident and secure with throughout my pregnancy – not available and that in addition to pain meds, medication could be given to me to speed up or delay my delivery process depending on my doctor availability).  I was not impressed and knew I wanted to deliver my daughter without outside interference or the use of drugs and in the most natural setting as possible.

I began researching birthing centers and I found one I liked.  I also began researching birth doulas and that’s when I found Nadine.  She taught a program called Hypnobirthing.  You can learn more about Hypnobirthing here.

After a chat with Nadine on the phone I went to meet her and knew that is exactly where I was supposed to be.  She taught me the Hypnobirthing method and so much more.  We met weekly to prepare for the actual child birth and labor.  She equipped me with the skills to deliver my daughter in natural, peaceful, calm environment and to trust in the fact that my body knew exectly what to do when relaxed.  In fact, I was so calm I slept through my entire labor and when I called Nadine in the morning to tell her I thought I was close she immediately rushed over and told me the baby was coming now! We rushed to the birthing center and within the hour I was holding my dear sweet baby girl.


Now that was my experience and I couldn’t have had such a positive experience without Nadine’s help.  My mother and sisters both suffered horrific labors and eventually went into c-sections.  I’m sure I would have been the same had I not met Nadine and done the preparation work for childbirth.

Since my daughter was born I have turned to Nadine to help me with so many other issues.  She is my hypnotherapist and comes from a place of true love and healing.  I didn’t have the best childhood and she helped me to heal and release the scars of the past through hypnotherapy.  She has helped me release pain from my physical body, shed my old self and continue to develop into the person I want to be.

If you are pregnant and looking for other options, research on your own and if you are even a little curious call Nadine and have a chat with her.  If you need to quit smoking or are blocked somewhere in your life, give her a call, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

You can learn more about Nadine in her in her own words.

Nadine’s Website

Best, And in health and fashion of course!



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