Time to get FIXED

So one of the things that is hardest for most people is not exercise, but food. Knowing what to eat, when to eat it, is often so stressful for some people that they give up on clean eating altogether. I am frequently asked the question: what do you eat? My response is always food, because truthfully that is how I eat. I choose my food based on what I think is best nutritionally for my body. But I know for the majority this is not the case. Between a hectic life of juggling work and family, its often hard to think about cooking, let alone cooking healthy.

What if I told you I could make things simpler for you? If I could provide you with a simple system for eating that would not only help you lose weight but would teach you how to have proper portion control, would you be interested? This is not a starvation diet. I am not going to make you eat weeds, sticks, and grass…you will eat real food, food that you enjoy. Here is how it works: basically there is a container for everything…protein, veggies, oils, and even desserts. If your food can fit in the container, you can eat it. And, there are 7 30 min workouts that come with it too. Its called the 21 Day Fix. Meaning we are going to “fix” your eating habits in 3 weeks.

What is the 21 day FIX? In addition to the workouts (7 for the base kit), the program includes the colored containers that WILL make your life SO much easier. There’s no obsessing over counting calories with the FIX — just simple portion control and solid 30 minute workouts! You also get your Shakeology , which you will replace one meal a day with. And most importantly you get the support of ME and the other people in the group doing the program with us. 


The Fix challenge pack will be $140 for the month of February, but will go up to $160 in March. Our group begins on February 10th, so you must order right when the program comes out on February 3rd. The challenge pack will be available starting TODAY at 9 am Pacific Time. To order you go to MY SITE (http://3.fitandfunkycoaching.com).
To order it as a customer, click SHOP and then CHALLENGE PACKS.  To order it as a coach, click COACH. Sign up and during the upgrade process choose the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. Either way you join its $140 for the challenge pack. But starting month 2 your Shakeology will be $97 vs $130 when you sign up as a coach.

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