HipS-Sister is Pretty Hip!

The Hipssister goes where you go!

The HipS-Ssister goes where you go!

Hey guys!

Part of what I love about being a member of the Healthy Housewives Team is that we get to try out cool active wear and accessories. I had the opportunity to take the HipS-Sister athletic accessory for a trial run today, and I give it FIVE STARS (out of five stars!) There is only so much a picture can show you, so I made a video for you before my run. Take a look…


And off I go…


Sure, you may not be heading out on a long distance run, but I’ll bet you would love the opportunity to be more compact. As cute as your purse or handbag may be, sometimes we just want to be free of the baggage altogether! I know that with so many fancy designs available, I’ll be ordering a few more colors and prints for myself. You can even customize it of your favorite sports team or charity event. Take a look at HipS-Sister to see for yourself. Or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!



See ya down the road… Lacey Pruett

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