As evident on store shelves (and counters, and racks, and aisle displays…) the day to focus on appreciation and loving is coming up quickly on Feb. 14. Consider yourself warned! Start prepping and packaging yourself appropriately ladies! 🙂


Don’t wait for something to be done for you. What plans are you making for your special someone or the loved ones around you?

Have fun! Be creative! Loving breeds love, and being lovable brings you more lovable people to love on. (Okay, overkill, sorry.)

Take the initiative to add a personal touch to your idea. (Anyone wanna go to Love Field with me and surprise my husband (a pilot, who will be totally embarrassed if I do what I think I wanna do)? By the way, anyone around my vintage still have a boom box and cassette tape of If You Leave by Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark?


My official two piece for the 2012 Mrs. United States pageant.



Or I may just jump into this little number and actually clean the house. In that case, anyone have a favorite all-natural cleaner that scrubs for me, dissolves instantly, and one that can be used on carpet, wood, tile, granite, glass, and fabric?

Check out these ideas when you have a chance, and if you’re feeling a bit sassy this year, like I am! 🙂

1.wrap the toilets in a fur covering. That’s a tickling start to a Valentine’s Day morning.

2. Give him something pink to wear and tell him pink is the new black. He’ll have a ball accepting the compliments he gets for being bold enough to wear pink, and the world will know a. his wife/girlfriend made him wear it and b. he is loved.

3. LACE! It’s not just my name. Go get some! A little goes a long way, too.


Oh and if anyone is wondering what this has to do with health? Check out what famed trainer and business leader, Chalene Johnson says about love and relationships on her Instagram @chalenejohnson today! “Your relationship is what you decide it is!”  Who says you have to be serious now that you’re married? My husband didn’t marry a serious girl, and he doesn’t expect one today either.

For my single loves, you know what to do on Feb. 14… SPA DAY! (That’s what I did!) Seriously though, if you’re still reading this blog, I’m loving on you too. Show love to yourself first, then spend the day sharing love. Only you know what that looks like for you.

In love, with love, and lovably yours, Lacey


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