What is your favorite body part? We all have a favorite body part that we love to showcase. Some people have a six pack, some have nice long lean legs, and for others it can be nice sculpted arms. But for me, it has always been my butt.

Yes, I take butt selfies!

Yes, I take butt selfies!

Early on in my teenage years, I ran track and played volleyball. I was a little stick figure with a small bubble butt. I remember being a teenager in a bathing suit when my mom’s friends would say “Wow, look at your cute little derriere”. I could care less back in those days about my butt. It wasn’t till I hit my 20’s till I got complimented on it left and right. It wasn’t only in a bikini; it was in jeans and shorts too.

Fun fact: I used to be a butt model for swimwear and lingerie!

Fun fact: I used to be a butt model for swimwear and lingerie!

In my 30’s, I became a bikini fitness competitor and a model. I was a requirement to have a nice high and tight booty for stage. I was being critiqued on my physique. For me, whenever I worked out and dieted down for competitions or shoots, my butt would look better than my abs. For most female competitors, they had the opposite-a problem with losing fat on thighs and butt. For me, that was the easy part. My “problem area” was my abs. I have such a long torso, I couldn’t get the lines across or fuller. I tried everything in bodybuilding and powerlifting to help my abs get fuller so they can pop. Nothing seemed to work. If I dieted down to where you could actually see them, I was too lean everywhere else. I almost looked anorexic. Not good for a 5’9” tall thin athletic girl.

My best feature at competitions!

My best feature at competitions!

To this day, I still work on my elusive abs. I eat super clean and commit to core work, but nada. I am lean and have muscle tone in my abs, but not a six pack. I have learned sometimes it is genetic on how the abdominal wall is. After watching many competitors c0mpete for the past 7 years, I realized, I am not the only one. There are a lot of us out there that can’t bring a six pack to stage, but we got the glutes that salute! I can bring a backside package to stage like no other. But, the torso part, not so much.

Still working on the front!

Still working on the front!

So does that mean I give up? NO! I keep going. Something inside of me still makes me fight for it. I know that the body is a work in progress and always changing. You have to keep moving forward.

Here is am at 39 and I still have a great butt! Yep, I said it. I say showcase your strengths and keep working on your weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with flaunting a little hard work and great genetics! The older I get, I realize it is a challenge to keep things tighter. This helps me push and focus more in the gym.

So keep working on yourself to get to your health and fitness goals. I have seen the impossible happen!

Lots of lunges and Squats,


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