On a Business Trip? Feeling Outdoorsy?

Businesswoman Waiting on Airport RunwayAre you traveling this holiday season? Curious how to pack so you’re prepared for your workouts? Traveling for a living for over twelve years led me to choose hotels with adequate outdoor activity opportunities either on-site or near by. It only takes a few stays in hotels with basic workout facilities or an over-crowded workout room to crave some outdoor activity. As a runner, I would seek out hotels with a jogging track or hiking trail near by, but depending on your sense of adventure, you can find stairs, an outdoor pool, or a park for your personalized boot camp workout.

Here’s a list I use while packing for trips.

  • Running shoes
  • Two pairs of socks, workout bottoms, and tops
  • Two sports bras
  • One travel pack of Tide Laundry Detergent (for sink laundry)
  • One Hair Band, visor, and sunglasses
  • iPod and holder
  • jump rope
  • resistance band
  • plastic trash bag
  • empty water bottle (to mix my Spark drink)
  • Packets of Spark

I do wash and re-wear to avoid over packing, and at the end of my trip, I put the dirty shoes and workout gear in the plastic bag, then into my luggage for the trip home.

beach heart

Wish all my business trips were here…

I met a fellow blogger who shared her account of outdoor adventure as a new resident of Las Vegas, and I’d like to share it here with you. To assist my fellow travelistas, there are also helpful links to hotels searchable by outdoor activity options and other healthy living preferences. Enjoy, and happy traveling!  Lacey

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