Hi, my name is Marzia and I have currently been diagnosed with barre hopping. No, no that kind of bar with drinking (although I like to do that on occasion too), I am talking about the exercise barre.


As a fitness professional, I love to try new things. I don’t discriminate. I feel like that variety is great for the body. You need to work little and large muscle groups to get maximum results for a balanced body.


I fell in love with barre about 6 months ago. I have seen it on ads, media, FB, and groupon over the past few years. It intrigued me. I decided to purchase a groupon to see if it was worth it. Well, to my surprise, it was! I loved it. It was such a hard workout with no weights, I was shaking my first day and sore as hell! I was sold. The longer I did it, the more I researched it, I craved more. There are different types of Barre offered. So I signed up via groupon at a few different Barre places in my city. I actually loved the different Barre styles my city had to offer.


I love a challenge, so I decided to educate myself on barre and get certified. I found a great barre certifitcation here in Dallas called Vbarre created by a former ballet dancer named Veronica Combs. Her style of barre is ballet, pilates, strength and cardio fused together. It was a great blend that kept me sore for days. I learned 51 exercises and her method. I am looking forward to taking her next barre certification class. I don’t want to be “just good” at it, I want to be excellent!


Now that I got certified, I am so excited to teach it to my clients. Also, stay tuned for videos on our FB page.


Soon to be a barre expert,



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