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“So what’s happening with the Healthy Housewives?” I get asked repeatedly everyday. Don’t worry, I am not irritated by this question, I embrace it. To answer your question “ALOT!”  🙂

I am very grateful that you keep up with us and our updates. We work hard to inform you with our health and fitness expertise. You can keep up with us on our blogs and social media. Between the five of us, we sure do have a lot going on between career, family, fitness, and a social life, we manage to cram it all in. That is what life is all about right? 🙂

Another question I get  a lot is “Where is the next event I can meet you?” We love when our HH fans come up to us at events, take pics, and enjoy some fun conversation. You guys motivated us. So if you want to know what our calendar looks like, this is what we have on the books so far…

Sunday, Aug 25th at 7 pm: VIVA GLAM Magazine Party at the W Hotel in Dallas (we will post deets soon, we just found out.)

Saturday, Sept 14th at 7:30 am-5 pm: SHAUNTERVENTION at the Frisco Embassy Suites. Shaun T is coming too town for a HUGE fitness event. The HH will be a sponsor for this event and would love to meet you!

Healthy Housewives Ad Campaign Shoot: We will be shooting new ads for our brand soon and watch out because these will be bad ass!!!  Can’t wait for these ones!

Also, be sure to check out our individual FB pages for more updates, tips, and getting to know us!


Kathy Hamilton:

Danielle Hinson:

Brooke Berryhill:

Lacey Pruett:

Thanks for your support and love!




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