Apple Sandwiches for Summer Treat or School Lunch

Hey everyone! Can’t believe its already Thursday! So school starts August 18 and my sweet baby girl is going in the first grade. So many emotions, for one I can’t believe time has passed so quickly and my baby is now a precious little girl, that said I’m actually looking forward to school starting so we can get back on a routine.

I’ve already been thinking about school lunches and healthy snacks. I came across these apple sandwiches, which are so going in my daughters lunch.


Apple Sandwiches

Makes 3 sandwiches

3 tablespoons nut butter (your choice)
3/4 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon raisins, chocolate chips
1 medium apple (green or red)

Mix together the nut butter and honey.

Core and slice the apple into 6 rounds. (If you don’t have an apple corer, you can slice the apple first and then cut out the centers with a small cookie cutter or knife. Use heart or star shape cutter for the kids.

Spread 1 tablespoon of your chosen nut butter on 3 of the apple slices and sprinkle with filling. Top with the remaining apple slices to form sandwiches. 

To prevent browning, dip the apples in mixture of water and splash of lemon juice.





IMG 4316







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