Celebrity Skinny Wraps

Before and after 1 wrap

Before and after 1 wrap

Skinny wraps are all the rage these days. Pictures circulating on the internet show amazing before and after pictures claiming visible results in as little as 45 minutes. Do they really work? Or is it a scam?

To give you a little bit of background about my experience with wraps. As a fitness model, I usually do the expensive spa wraps to detox right before a fitness shoot or competition. Professional spa wraps smooth out the skin, extract water weight, and takes off inches. I love how lean and smooth I look after one. Exercise and nutrition are my top priorities and choices to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit. But I would be lying if I said that is all I do to get my body. I love detoxing products and services to rid toxins like massages, endermology, and foam rolling. Spa wraps are part of my health and wellness regimen too but they can be quite pricey. I usually pay around $125 plus tip.

This is what I typically look like when I do a body wrap!

This is what I typically look like when I do a body wrap!

I personally had never heard of these “skinny wraps” or had seen any images circulating until a few weeks ago. I had a distributor contact me through Facebook wondering if I was interested in trying an at-home body wrap. Being the beauty junkie that I am, I was curious to try this wrap. So I said yes and she sent it to me right away.

What they look like

What they look like

After I got the product, I emailed the distributor back and told her I got the wrap. She told me to measure and take pictures. I love a good science experiment so I couldn’t wait to see if it worked. I read the directions and checked out the ingredients. I try to live an organic holistic lifestyle so I watch what chemicals I put in my body. The wrap is made of an herbal formula so I was willing to try. I was skeptic at first, but a willing participant.

This is how it works

This is how it works

Now as some of you know, I am very fit. I work out 5-6 days a week and eat a plant based lifestyle. As a fitness professional, I don’t believe in a quick fix or miracle products. Bottom line, it is a consistent healthy lifestyle that gets you to your goals. But, I do believe in products and services that will help aid you through your journey. So here I go, wrap time!

I put on my latest fringe bikini that I bought for my Mexican vacation, took measurements and pictures, and then pulled out the skinny wrap from the package. It looks small, but unfolds 4 times larger than the package. It said to place the lotion side on desired area and then wrap plastic wrap around to keep it in place. I was feeling bloated that night at 9 pm so I decided to put on my ab area. I placed the wrap on and then finished the wrapping by putting plastic wrap to secure the skinny wrap. It says you can keep it on for a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 8 hours. I decided to go for the 45 minutes. So I set my timer on my iphone and then finished work on my laptop. 45 minutes later, I unwrapped the plastic to see my stomach; I have to say I was quite shocked at the results, it worked! I snapped my pictures and did a side by side comparison. Wow, I was in shock. Really? This product worked on my bloated fit self. I was a believer.

Wrap Instructions-very easy to do at home

Wrap Instructions-very easy to do at home

I bought some more to try on friends and family to see if they got the same results, and guess what, they did. I was sold. I contacted the distributor from Facebook who originally gave me the wrap to learn more. I was so impressed that I recently became a distributor too. I thought this would be great for my clients. As a fitness trainer I train a lot of models, pageant girls, and fitness competitors. They could use this to help them right before they compete on stage or go to a photo shoot. I was also impressed by the price. One wrap is about $25. Very affordable!

On the website they call them the Ultimate Body Applicator. Anyways, it is worth the $25 for this product. If you would like to give it a try, here is the link to the product. www.CelebritySkinnyWraps.com

Or if you want to come to a wrap party in Dallas, here are the details:

Come join the Healthy Housewives at Lift Pilates Studio for their first healthy lifestyle seminar and wrap party! Sip on fresh pressed juices and alkaline water while dining on healthy horderves while being wrapped. Tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 minutes wearing the wrap!
Learn why Pilates is important to add to your workout routine and watch a live Pilates demo!
Date: Friday, July 12th at 7-10 pm.
Attire: Please wear something casual preferably a pants, shorts, or skirt with a top. We will be wrapping your stomach area. We will also be measuring and taking pictures of your results right there on the spot so you can see your results.
Cost: $25 per person
*Please RSVP and let us know how many people you are bringing with you. Marzia_fitness@yahoo.com
Can’t wait to meet you! Marzia & Kathy
Sponsors for event:
Roots Pressed Juices
Essentia Water
Lift Pilates
Pure Plates Inspired Eating
Healthy Housewives
Come to our wrap party at Lift Pilates!

Come to our wrap party at Lift Pilates!

Yours in Health,

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