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May 19, 2013

The Healthy Housewives Welcome Lacey Pruett!

The Health Housewives Welcome Lacey Pruett!

The Health Housewives Welcome Lacey Pruett!

Exciting News Everyone!

Last week we added a 6th and final housewife to our power house team. We are so honored to welcome Mrs. Texas Lacey Pruett to the Healthy Housewives!

Lacey first wrote in to us saying she why she should be our next Healthy Housewives of the month back during the Christmas holidays of 2012. It got my attention. I instantly felt her moving email that she wanted to help other women to lead a healthy lifestyle and it was important to her. She had been on her own health and fitness journey that had ups and downs that she was finally in a great place the past couple years to share her success with others. If you have been following us, you know that is what we are all about. I felt like she would be great role model to other women.

I contacted Lacey and we spoke over the phone. I fell in love with her Southern charm. She was even more charming than her email! I couldn’t wait to shoot her. I also found out that she was the current Mrs. Texas at the time of our shoot. I wanted her to showcase her personality and bring a little piece of who she is. I thought it was pretty neat to shoot her cover in her crown and sash.

Lacey's cover

Lacey’s cover

The day of her shoot she rocked the white bikini in January coming off the holidays. I was proud of her hard work. She met all the other Healthy Housewives that day. The team loved her instantly! We had so much fun on the set that even Danielle Hinson got to wear her crown!

Danielle stealing the crown!

Danielle stealing the crown!

After her shoot, she contacted me to see how she can be more involved with the Healthy Housewives. We needed more bloggers to spread health & fitness. So I asked her to be a weekly blogger. I was very impressed with her blogging skills. The girl knew how to write! Here is an example of one of her blogs.

After blogging for a few months, meeting up for a lunch, and a few phone calls later, I found out Lacey was a host for CBS’s Home & Lifestyle TV. WOW! She was great on camera too! I asked her to be the host of the Healthy Housewives TV show called the Healthy Dish. She said “Why yes of course!” So now she reports the deets on all things healthy and fun! Watch her hosting Lilly Ghalichi’s swimgerie runway show here:

Lacey hosting the Healthy Dish for HH TV

Lacey hosting the Healthy Dish for HH TV

With all her hard work from blogging to hosting the Healthy Dish, it was only natural to ask her to become a part of the team. I felt like she was a part of the team since day 1. She went over and beyond my expectations with everything she does for our brand. I am honored to have women like her on my team that want to help other women succeed in life. I am excited for our journey with Lacey to spread the HH love to the world!

We shot her headshot and bio for the website last week and she should be up soon. I can’t wait for you guys to get to know Lacey like we do! Check back here to read her bio:

So what is next up for the Healthy Housewives? A retreat to Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico next month! We are going to bond, brainstorm, have fun, and relax. This place looks awesome and I can’t wait to go! Check it out: We will take lots of pics!

Paradise here we come!

Paradise here we come!

So if you guys have been following us awhile, please introduce yourself to Lacey and say hi!

Thank you,

Marzia Prince