The Chic, The Sexy, The Scarf!

Hermes Scarves - Hermes

Hi! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! This week my blog is about scarf tying.  You can search the Internet for scarf tying tutorials, there are hundreds out there! But none oh none, compare to Hermes Knotting Cards that are included when you purchase an Hermes scarf.  An Hermes scarf has been on my wish list for years and probably will be for a few more! Fortunately for us some who have scarfs shared their knotting cards on the web. I found these on Pinterest.

Keep in mind you purchase scarves from discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls and of course any major department store to achieve the looks below.

Hermès Knotting Cards

hermes knotting cards


05 Hermes scarf knotting cards part. 2 ispirazioni fai da te accessori  slider Hermes foulards fai da te D.I.Y. Cristina accessori


I love wearing a scarf in the spring and summer to dress up a basic outfit.  We just planned our first Healthy Housewives girls trip to Mexico so I’m definitely planning to wear a couple of looks from the Hermes cards! Here are some more fun ideas!

Check out this website for video tutorials and more scarf ideas!


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