Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s blog is dedicated to all those Mom’s out there!  I have pulled up a few fun easy crafts to make with your kids.  I love getting presents – who doesn’t? Especially on Mothers Day, but lets be honest those gifts are typically from another adult.  From my sweet baby I would rather sit down with her and help her make a true gift from her heart that I know I will cherish (especially the time spent together) forever!

Handprint art  – if your have more than one child, each one can press their hand or your only child can make a bouqet.

Thumbprint art – same


Mother’s Day letter example: Personalize for your child

I love my mom because she _______________.
My mom helps me ____________.
My mom is the best at ______________.
My favorite thing to do with my mom is _______________.
My mom is happy when she _______________.
It makes me happy when my mom ________________.
My mom looks pretty when she ________________.
My mom makes the best _____________.

What you’ll do:

  1. For a younger child, read the letter out loud and fill in.
  2. For an older child, have your child write in his or her own words.
  3. You can leave the letter in your child’s handwriting.
  4. Glue a picture of your child to the bottom of the letter.
  5. Include your child’s name, age and the date.

More ideas from Parenting Magazine





hold hearts forever.jpg



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