Wide Ankle Strap Shoes! To Kids Freebies at Whole Foods!

Hope everyone is having  a great week! This week’s blog is on Shoes! Glorious! Shoes! ( I hear a song in my mind!).  And of course always something for the kids!

The chunky ankle strap.  This hot spring/summer season trend is all about the strap.  This strap-centric heel is versatile, comfortable and feminine without being overly dressy.  The elements of a fantastic wide ankle strap are a variety of colors and textures.  The heel, chunky and edgy and the toe can can vary from a single strap across the toes to pointed.  Wear them with everything!

I met a friend of mine at Whole Foods for dinner Tuesday after soccer practice, something we do often since our daughters have been in school together since they were 3.  The Whole Foods is close to school and has a kids area so its a great meeting/dining place.  She has a family of four with two young daughters and two toddlers, so she is very budget conscious which I love! And thankfully she passes on all her tips to me! Well, she explained to me that Whole Foods has a Kids Club, in addition to the fruit stand, each cashier has a Kids Club box which contains a variety of complimentary snacks and the Organic 365 brand juice boxes.  I was so surprised and excited to learn this and from all my years at shopping at Whole Foods with a child no one ever told me until now! Bless you Maggie!

We all know shopping with little ones can be excruciating at times.  Somehow a snack seems to works wonders especially if you have forgotten yours. I also like it since we often dine at Whole Foods and are there are no kids drinks in the refrigerator, being able to grab a free drink box and fruit snack at check out is a great way to round out the meal!  The snacks vary at each location! Get yours!

My store offers the following:

  • Organic 365 Everyday Value Granola bars
  • Organic 365 Fruit leather
  • Organic 365 Cheese crackers
  • Organic 365 Juice Box
  • Organic Banana, Apple, or Orange

It’s the little things! Right? 🙂

Kathy, Fit Fashionista

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