Make-up or No Make-up to the gym

I typically don’t wear make-up to the gym. Sometimes I will put a touch of mascara on to brighten my eyes, or a little lip gloss just to make it look like I put a little effort forth. Sometimes I may have left over make-up on from being out and about during my day and then I watch it wash and fade away as i get into my workout and the sweat begins to pour. 


So which school of thought are you? There are women out there who put on a full face of make-up to workout. I am not saying that one way is better than the other, just want to know your opinion. For me, I sweat so much, that even with the most expensive waterproof make-up there is, I still get smudging and look like a raccoon who lost a battle. When I film the have a make-up artist put make-up on me, and I always giggle inside thinking, this won’t work. But alas, they have to come and do touch ups on breaks because I sweat so much that there isn’t a waterproofing agent powerful enough to sustain the wrath I provide!

So, whether you put on a full face, or just have a little something on, here are some tips for dealing with make up during a workout:


1. all your make-up must be waterproof

2. bring make-up remover wipes in your gym bag

3. try not to directly wipe your face with your towel….dab or blot the sweat so as not to smear it

4. have your make-up bag with you to touch up your face post workout in case you need to be seen in public

5. don’t wear make-up at all…you are beautiful no matter what and you are there to workout!


Whether you are full faced, half faced, or blank faced, remember that your goal at the gym is to train hard! You know the saying, if you look cute at the end of your workout, you didn’t train hard enough!



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