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April 12, 2013

Girl Power in Hollywood

signI just spent the week in Hollywood to help pitch show ideas and WOW what an experience!  The only time I have ever been to LA was for a track meet but I have never actually spent any real time there.  Before I left Dallas people kept wishing me luck, but I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t go into this week with very high expectations. Well, let me clarify on that point; I did think that there was a good possibility that a new fitness concept show could come out of the meetings. However, I was skeptical that what the producers would want wasn’t something that I fully believed in and would want to be a part of. It was all a little intimidating at first. We were lucky enough to get in front of some of the biggest production companies in the industry. I don’t know much about Hollywood but I do know you don’t have multiple chances to pitch your concept.  You have one chance to make a first impression, sell yourself and your concept.  It was a lot of pressure and I admit that I let Hollywood get the best of me that first day.  I thought that if the producers initially had one vision that out of respect for the people who were responsible for me being there, that I didn’t have the authority to step up and change the direction of the meeting. So that first day, I sat back and didn’t challenge the direction because I felt like it wasn’t my place to freely speak my mind.  It was frustrating to say the least.


After that first day of meetings we went out to dinner with some of the people involved in this project. At dinner we discussed what happened that day and strategized on ways to improve our pitch. The feedback I was getting was that I was coming across too shy and needed to be more outspoken.  I agreed that I had been kind of quiet but the reason why I had remained so quiet was because I didn’t believe in the direction those first meetings were going. I was able to express why I was quiet and at that point got permission from the agents and others that is was ok to speak up, even if that meant standing up against their own vision. Woohoo! That’s all I needed to hear.  


I felt like somehow we had been getting pigeon holed into only bringing value at a superficial level with nothing else to offer. That made my skin crawl and I wanted nothing more than to at least stand up for ourselves and walk away with our heads held high. Even though I think it would be cool to be on tv, I only want to be on tv if it’s positive and empowering to women. I think there is enough on tv that is degrading towards women.  As women we have much more to offer than our looks and cat fights.  What did we have to lose by standing up for what we believed in? Maybe a show but we agreed that we wouldn’t want to be on a show if it wasn’t what we actually believed in.  I couldn’t stomach sitting through one more meeting feeling degraded. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, that night we went back to the room and strategized how we could best present ourselves and our ideals.  I felt like in some small way we were making a stand; not just for ourselves but for all women.

photoSo the next day we were fired up and ready to go represent. I was focused like I was about to run a race. We were both determined not to let anything get in the way of us standing up for our convictions and getting our points across. Turns out our three meetings the last day went great. We went out with a bang and with our heads held high.  We completely turned the direction around and I was so proud of Marzia and myself. I was hearing Beyonce women empowerment songs playing in my head all day. What a crazy experience! There was lots of interest that last day for our show and only time will tell what happens next.  But no matter what happens, I feel like we both grew from the experience. We listened to our guts, fought for our beliefs and convictions and showed that women do have way more to offer tv than cat fights and superficial qualities.  At the end of the day, we high fived and both knew that even though it was risky, we did the right thing.  We’ll keep you posted on the outcomes. The possibilities seem super exciting but we know it’s a long process ahead. I am very thankful for this amazing experience and to those who included me in this project. No matter what happens, we will keep pushing forward.


I hope you had a great week! 

Loren Silas