Passions and Perspectives

I’m going to share something profound: “It only has to work for you.” I said this for the first time a few years ago, as I consoled a friend under criticism for the way she looked. She was proud of herself and liked who she saw in her reflection, but society (specifically an acting coach) told her otherwise. She wanted to be successful as an actress, so she listened to the feedback and decided to try and see things the coach’s way. I witnessed her trying to implement changes that just weren’t sticking, plans that she didn’t want to prioritize, and worse, I noticed she wasn’t as joyful as she once was. The goal wasn’t properly aligned with her core values and the coach didn’t explain how outward appearance could help her career… and would it? After a few daunting weeks, over two cocktails, we decided on another perspective for her, her career goals, and her overall well-being. I wasn’t coaching at the time, and as a corporate career girl, I noticed that, I too, felt the need to prioritize things that really didn’t matter to me. Looking inward, I saw certain things I did for society, not for me, and I really didn’t understand why I gave these activities so much of my time and energy. When girlfriends get together, we really can save the world!

Back to my friend, she didn’t love her new self and didn’t see much additional success from the effort. She missed being comfortable in her skin, she missed her evenings, which now consisted of “workout #2,” and she missed sweets. She missed her friends. We decided she can be a successful actress by sharpening her skills and being her best self. This included being herself and letting her confidence and pride in herself shine through. good friends_winnie the pooh

If you’re calling me a hypocrite right now, because my profession is to motivate, challenge, encourage clients toward living a fit and fun lifestyle, hang with me a bit longer. As a wellness coach, Advocare nutritional advisor, and part of the Healthy Housewives team, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with a diverse group of people. I’d venture to say that each of my clients has a different set of priorities, passions, and perspectives. They also have varying obligations, work schedules, diet preferences, and personal beliefs. Some don’t believe in working out, some don’t like supplement companies, many are on budgets that demand creative solutions, and some feel like the word organic equals over-priced. Can you believe that some of my precious clients feel that pageants give women a bad name? (GASP!) How does one find success as a wellness coach with so many varying opinions swirling around? It’s only possible with a foundation of respect, understanding, and flexibility. I’m prepared to welcome the whole person and personalize our work together according to personal passions and perspectives.
What does this mean to you, and why should you care? Well, do you have wellness goals for yourself? My opinion is that everyone should. Are you afraid that since your lifestyle doesn’t allow for a certain way of fitness, exercise, or nourishment that’ll you’ll never reach those goals? Let me encourage you by saying you are awesome just the way you are, from right where you stand/sit today. There are so many activity and nourishment resources in our world today and guess what… there’s something that fits your perspectives and passions.


For example, among the Healthy Housewives team, you have experts in strength training, Pilates, yoga, distance running, and you have ladies who are experts at “child aerobics.” (Basically jumping, dancing, and playing with your children as a form of exercise.) You have career women who have to create pockets of time for exercise and glamorize the “messy bun” hairdo. You have women who don’t eat meat, who love meat, who enjoy dairy treats, and some who get nauseated at the thought of dairy.

Just for fun, do a friendventory in your circle of influence. What perspectives, passions, and awesomeness do you have among your group? Did you just get creeped out or do you feel peaceful knowing it is okay to disagree? It only has to work for you! Respect varying opinions and do what’s right for you, for your life, and for your goals. Above all, be kind to yourself and to others.



If there was any question, RUNNING is my passion! Message me if you want my perspective on something. Until then, I will respect you, honor yours, and send only positive your way. Enjoy your Wednesday! Lacey


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