Energize Your Cells, Energize Your World

EnerChi System

EnerChi System

A year ago, I wouldn’t have known the words Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and today, it’s a technology I use daily to maintain great health and wellness, and stay on my “A game” despite my hectic, stressful, chaotic schedule. Through my travel as Mrs. Texas United States, I visited Lectro Life Technologies in Lubbock, Texas, and experienced both low-level laser technology and ionic detoxification. I’d like to share a little about what I learned and why I believe this technology is a necessary component in a well-rounded health and wellness regime.

The Lectro Life Technologies founders recognized a need in the health and wellness field for nutraceuticals, natural detoxification, and innovative technology. They strive to meet the expectations of everyday consumers by providing a simple approach to healthy living through natural detoxification and the convenient use of integrated technology. Their products include: EnerChi Laser Systems (LLLT), ionic cleansing foot spas, and a line of nutraceuticals providing premium results for cell repair and immunity strength.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a light source treatment that generates light of a single wavelength. LLLT emits no heat, sound, or vibration. Instead of producing a thermal effect, LLLT may act via nonthermal or photochemical reactions in the cells, also referred to as photobiology or biostimulation. Without getting too scientific with you, this type of technology may alter cell and tissue function. Why do you can about this? If your cells are repaired, nourished, and vibrant, YOU are the same. Your body (made up of cells) will feel, look, and perform its best. Who doesn’t want that?

Low Level Lase Therapy

Low Level Lase Therapy

Ongoing research is suggesting that LLLT stimulates collagen production, alters DNA synthesis, and improves the function of damaged neurological tissue. This means that our skin will be vibrant, chronic pain will subside, and injuries will heal quicker. The same goes for the ionic cleansing treatments. Detox your cells and you’re left with more vibrant, optimally-performing cells. Also, when your body is cleansed and workingproperly, you’re digesting your foods better. Chances are that you’re feeling better and are motivated to continue making better diet choices.

Plus, the list of studies conducted on the benefits of LLLT and ionic cleansing is ever-growing. So far, there are proven improvements in patients suffering from pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, migraines and tension headaches, low-back pain, tennis elbow, and even menstrual cramps.

Helps repair tissue and inflammation

Helps repair tissue and inflammation

Do you see the full circle we’re creating to better health and wellness? Take care of your “inner terrain” and you’ll start to notice a difference in the way you look, feel, and perform. To begin your journey toward pain-free living, efficient cell rejuvenation, and overall better health and wellness, message me. I’d love to get you started on the path to a fit and fun lifestyle.

For more information on Lectro Life, folks can go to: http://www.lectrochi.com.

Lacey Pruett


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